The Maw Hits the Live Arcade this Wednesday

Dan Webb

The Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday game release is back up and running after last week's no show. This time up, Twisted Pixel's The Maw, which is a wacky game if ever I've seen one. The Maw however isn't that much of an unknown entity, having been noted as one of "audience choice" winners at PAX last year and was also a finalist in the Independent Games Festival 2009. 

For more info, check out the short synopsis below and maybe more importantly, head on over to their site and watch a video or two. Seriously, I'm still non the wiser after doing all that!


"The Maw is a full featured 3D action/adventure game for Xbox LIVE Arcade! Returning from a routine mission, a Galactic Bounty Hunter ship crash lands on a strage planet, leaving the captured Frank (our hero) and a tiny glowing blob in a cage labeled "THE DEADLIEST ORGANISM IN THE UNIVERSE" (known as Maw) as the only survivors. Aware of the risks, but concerned about traveling around alone, Frank hooks the strange blob to a plasma leash from the wreckage. Making their way towards the communication tower in the distance, they must escape from the bounty hunters out to cage them, as well as the unknown dangers of the new planet they are on..."


  • cool. sounds fun
  • Sweet :)
  • meh. sounds ok, free stuff is always better!!!!
  • interesting
  • cool how much?
  • looks good
  • #3 This ain't gonna be free dawg. I'd bet 800MSPs.
  • it's about time we get a decent game with a price of 400 M$ points. remember jet pack refueled or geometry wars. it seems that every week more games are going for the 1200 M$ point mark instead going for less price. eventually we will start thinking the 800 point mark is the cheap one! i hate M$ when they get so damn unconscious over money
  • now that was some epic music for a live arcade game, graphically reminds me of Spyro on the PS2 and Xbox, looks like it could be quite a lot of fun, providing the controls dont suck ass
  • This looks fun.
  • Have heard great things about this game.
  • Looks like it could be entertaining. This will likely end up being 800 points if not 1200. I'd get it for 400 points but it seems like not too many games are that much anymore.
  • Hopefully it is cheap.
  • It's 800 points. They had one of the developers on X Play when they went "hands on" with it and he said the price. It looks nice, not cheap on the graphics side at least.
  • Sort of like pikmin, but heading somewhere instead of repairing something.
  • no price posted?
  • MS charges bandwidth on XBL to people release content. therefore nothing is free without corporate backing. just like how I am crashing into Gillete vans in Burnout Paradise after getting the free bikes. and why do people complain about price? isnt 1200points still like $10? thats cheap!
  • a 400 pt arcade game that sounds interesting........hmmmm
  • disregard my last post.
  • Cool. I'm getting it.
  • Demo please!
  • Nope. I want more pub games! lol
  • may get it at 400mp no way at 800 or more. its a recession! judgin by the website it looks ok
  • Looks like it's going to cost over 800, maybe even more than 1200. I'm not paying more than 1200 though.
  • nice
  • *cough 1200 cough*
  • idc
  • read he mans post he said 800 based on the developer saying it on x-play. I saw that segment too it will be 800. I for one am buying this tomorrow for sure.
  • Another site is having a completion competition with this game. I might check out the demo first thou.
  • picking this game up right away, i subscribe to OXM magazine and i get the issues early like most subers and the game is gonna be featured in the february edition of the magazine. It got a 7.5 rateing so it should be fun.
  • this game was so awesome lol. finally another good arcade game for a decent price :) didn't even get the demo. went straight to the full game. achievements were achievable along the way and it didn't hold the game back :D i recommend it to all
  • also after reading some previous posts. the game was only 800. not 1200
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