Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Raid Mode on Xbox One Now Supports Online Co-Op (Finally)

Lee Bradley

Capcom has finally updated Resident: Evil Revelations 2 to support online play in Raid Mode, two months after the first episode debuted in February and a month after the game completed its run. It feels like a long time.

Raid Mode is the game’s co-op run and gun mode, but up until now on Xbox One it has only worked in split-screen local co-op. Which is a bit arse. By way of an apology, Capcom is offering all Xbox One players who signed up for a Resident Evil account 20,000 RE points, which can then be used to unlock Raid Mode stuff.

In addition to flipping the switch on online Raid Mode play, the update also adds four new costumes; Lady Hunk and Rachael costumes for Gina, Mutant Pedro for Pedro and Lottie for Cipher. You can see them below.

Edit: Reworded some stuff, added context.

  • Finally? I've been waiting for coop on destiny raids over the net since day one. Still haven't got it
  • #1, coop and matchmaking isn't the same
  • How about some Raid mode achievements to go along with my completing it all?
  • after reading the article about res evil 1 hd selling 1mil copies and asking for the 2nd one to be remade, my brain glossed over the revelations part of the title and i thought it have been announced, I was therfore disapointed at this news as good as it may be to some.
  • I was just about to go to the forums to see if there was an update on this. I'm a little disappointed that Rachael, Lady Hunk, and Lottie are just costumes for existing characters instead of being new characters with new skills. As glad as I am that this is finally here, I literally just bought Final Fantasy Type-0... Guess I'll have to figure out a way to split my time between the two now OR just blow through FF since it apparently only takes about 20 hours or so to complete.
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