Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Getting New Achievements, Alex Skin Added to All Versions

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Getting New Achievements, Alex Skin Added to All Versions

Lee Bradley

Mojang is adding a woman player-character to every version of Minecraft, as well as slotting in some new achievements on the Xbox 360 edition of the game.

Speaking on Mojang’s official website, wordy bloke Owen Hill said, “When most players begin their Minecraft adventure there aren’t many looks to choose from. In fact, you only get to play as our blue-shirted friend. Now, everyone loves Steve – he’s probably the most famous minecrafter in the world, and has excellent stubble.

“But jolly old Steve doesn’t really represent the diversity of our playerbase. For that reason, we’re giving all players opportunity to play with an Alex skin instead. She brings thinner arms, redder hair, and a ponytail.” You can see her below.

In addition to this, as you may have already noticed on the site, new achievements are being added to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. “Until now, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition has included more achievements than 360 Edition,” said Hill. “That’s a bit silly when you think about it. This update will add 30 new achievements to the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, boosting the potential gains to a smooth 1000 gamerscore.

“Hunt them down but don’t let them rule your playtime. And don’t forget to eat or go to the toilet.” You can see all of the new achievements through here.

Oh and last up, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is also getting a “bundle of new music tracks.” Lovely stuff.

  • A long time in the making. More excited about the achievements rather than Alex.
  • Why is this listed under Halo 5: Guardians ?
  • random they add it now but hey it's more easy gamerscore in one of my favorite games!
  • #2 the admins wanted to test us
  • Obviously there's a character named Alex in the next Halo illermanerti confirmed
  • when is it out? I was just on about an hour ago and it wasn't updated yet.
  • @2: Because Lee likes to create more work for me. @6: Supposedly the TU is out on Wednesday.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Any word on when these achievements are going to be earnable?
  • LOL just when I completed the original 400.
  • @9: As I mentioned above, the TU is supposedly due Wednesday.
  • Might go back to playing for the achievements B^)
  • Alex, Alex who the f**k is Alex !!!!
  • Wait... so now I can play the game as a... "girl?!!" Sorry... still not interested (actually... the "Halo" add-on ALMOST got me to get into it). It's just too much work, but I am VERY impressed with some of the worlds people have created. I've seen some AMAZING videos on YouTube. Three cheers for all you creative people out there! Honestly, I don't think I would come up with anything even half as good as what I've seen done.
  • well... wasnt expecting that
  • that 100 days play is really making my stomach churn.
  • This developer made the Banjo and Perfect Dark ports. Why couldn't these motherfuckers just port the rest of the Rareware games, no they had to sell their souls and stick with this minecrap SHIT for all eternity
  • #16 u realize its 100 in game days right?
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Amazing news. Super easy 600g. Hopefully they're retroactive too 'cause I'll get some of the more time consuming ones like killing the Ender Dragon and playing 100 days.
  • You sons of bitches,i hated this game,only rented the 360 version for easy gamerscore and now i have to go back to it.Fuck you mojang.
  • Here's me wanting to get 100 games 100% complete after hitting the 100K gamerscore milestone, and now here I am, down a notch, and on a game I didn't want to play again unless with my friend who only plays on creative mode to begin with. Sad face time. :( I do hope there's some kind people out there that'd be nice enough to help out on these new achievements where possible, I just can't get into the game the same way I did with Terraria (wouldn't complain if Terraria received some new achievements rather than their requirements being updated to keep in line with the games expansion).
  • @21 kill yourself
  • Did they not say there was no gender in the game? and Steve is neither man or woman? why change that now? Also anyone know if these will be obtainable in creative mode? can't remember the other ones, getting 30 emeralds looks like the worst one for me, after hours of play i have only found a total of 4 or 5, and the villagers only take my emeralds for rubbish like 2 chicken!
  • #21 #22 I feel your pain, I don't get the hype with this game, and just can't figure out how to do anything in it! Someone helped me get the easy GS and now I have to jump back in for this shit. Great for those who enjoy this but for me a giant pain in the arse.
  • I only have an Xbox One, but will be using my stepsons 360 to try grab these new achievements. Honestly don't mind as its Minecraft. But it bugged the hell out of me earlier this year when Ryse and Zombie Driver got extra dlc to make both games 2000g.
  • game score whores xD lol
  • All you little bitches, moaning about 100% GS on MC 360. I'm pretty sure that if you don't apply the title update, it doesn't update your achievement list, so it will still be 100% with 400gs. So if you don't load the game, it won't bollocks it up! But on the other hand, get an Xbox One you cheap bastards!
  • #28 Sorry for being poor after paying the bills. Also, whilst on my console the list hasn't yet updated, my list on this website sadly has and I also know they exist, and there's no way for me to forget. Also, so you know, most games I've played that later received new achievements added to the list usually get updated whether I start up the game/download the update or not, guess Minecraft joins the minority of my experience so far. And what's with the abuse to begin with? Don't follow our achievement hunting or perfectionist ways in gaming? fine, no need to be an arse to anyone. Makes me sad knowing that so many gaming communities have such abusive people rather than everyone being accepting and respectful to each gamers unique tastes and styles in gaming.
  • @29 How can you justify that statement when most of the people on this thread are complaining about getting a free update with MORE achievements in it. Since MineCraft came out on the Xbox 360 and everyone got the 400gs out of it. All I've seen on every article about MineCraft on this site, is PLEASE add more achievements. We want MORE achievements. So Mojang have finally done as requested and made it a nice 1000gs and all they get in return is abuse from the people that requested this! Also, I used to be an achievement whore and getting as much GamerScore out of my games as I could on the 360. That's where well over 150k of my GS came from, so you can't really say that I don't follow your achievement hunting ways. In fact, you clearly don't follow your own ways, if you are complaining about the opportunity of getting more achievements from such an amazing game!
  • #30 I mostly read comments from people like me, who hoped not to play this game again with such goals on their minds, but will likely go ahead and play this game which I find, unless in creative mode, is long and boring, difficult when not in peaceful mode, and with 3 control styles that just do not suit the game in my opinion, would really love to be able to customize the button layout to my tastes than be stuck with these preset controls. I imagine the same thing would happen with Terraria... except Terraria have had their current achievements requirements updated to be in line with the current content of the game... though unlike Minecraft, I can enjoy Terraria in every respect against Minecraft (the reason for buying Minecraft being to compare it to Terraria). And to be honest, reading on the posts of this news article, the first person that truly complains is #17, and that's against Minecraft in general, not the achievements - #21 is the first to get abusive against the achievements - #22 (me funny enough) complains about being knocked back a notch against my 100% completed games number (back to 91 now), but there's nothing abusive in my message, rather I wonder if there's anyone nice enough to help me out on this game - #23 is being nast to #21 - #25 Showed sympathy for those of us who are not looking forward to doing this, they mostly spoke against the game than the achievements - #27 is pointing out the obvious - #28 you pop in and give those of us who are 'complaining about our 100% status' a ton of abuse, to which in total, that could potentially equate to 4, out of 27 before you come along, only 1 of which has swearing in it, but not even in an abusive manner and all of us potentially sounding like we're all gonna accept that it's happened and go for the 1,000. And one of your abusive comments being to upgrade to the XBox one, which has nothing to do with the game or the achievements, so completely off topic and unnecessary. But... "that's where well over 150k of my GS came from" - So as your score on the left states you have 157k, your statement suggests you've got up to approximately 154k from the 360... just how little have you done on your XBox One I've been lead to believe you have (and going by your desire to see people to move to the X1 to begin with, I would presume you've had from its early days)? Hardly sounds worth the money if you've not made that much use out of it that you've barely gained 3k's worth from it... Anyway, your gamerscore aside, I think what I said is well justified going by what I've said now based on what has been posted by people on this news article alone on this website, and no other source.
  • But like I stated, people have been wanting this update since MineCraft was release on the 360 and now that it has, it causes conflict. It's impossible to please everyone and but they have still implemented this HIGHLY requested feature to please the people that play the game for the enjoyment and not just a few gamerscore. There are many other games on there that are easy to 100% and will increase your overall completion rating. In response to your question about me owning the Xbox One, yes I've had it since release in November 2013. Also, I don't know why my GamerScore has stopped updating on this site. But feel free to check that it's not 153k, it's actually just below 175k. May want to do a bit of research before making comments that will only make you look silly. My GamerScore could be a lot higher, but I've found that with the Xbox One, the games are just that much more detailed and satisfying, that you lose the interest in only playing games for a digital number that has no purpose. I have probably about 10 or 12 games on the One that I've not even started yet, so I'm sure that I could get that up to nearer 200k without much effort, seeing as all the 'Arcade' titles now have 1000 GamerScore associated with them. Also, if you feel that MineCraft is hard, unless on peaceful, just switch to peaceful as you are still able to get the majority of the achievements without having to kill anything. Only difficult achievement (and time consuming) is killing the Ender Dragon. Easiest way to find the portal is to get the seed from the world you're playing and create a new world in creative mode (using your world seed) then just smash all the blocks underground til you find it. When you know where the portal is, write the co-ords down and go to them in the survival world. Saves A LOT of time.
  • You're avoiding the fact that you're the wrong here for being abusive in more than one way for no good reason to a minority of the people who have commented on this news article, most of which weren't being abusive to the developers, and didn't suggest that we weren't willing to go ahead and get the achievements, just that we aren't looking forward to it (which you said was most the people on this thread by the way, try a little counting). I did clearly state that I was basing things on what I can see on this very page right here. With such little information, I was able to deduce that you got your X1 early on. If I were to research something... well.. let's not go there, as things can just go WAY too in depth when I bother with something to that degree. It's not so much surviving I find difficult, hell, not being on peaceful mode means hiding away safely til morning (or until a bed is procured) which helps towards the 100 days achievement. I find the controls, UI and crafting difficult, especially compared to Terraria, more so when it comes to collecting materials which is tedious and long, which is even more of a pain when some materials have similar colours for some of us who have Colour Vision Deficiencies (yes, I may prefer Terarria, but it was also hell with some of the colours). I am slowly getting used to the controls, but left stick in is still the bane of my experience in this game, last thing ya need is to mix the sprinting controls of Minecraft with the sprinting controls of Borderlands (and so many other games).
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  • Does anybody know if these achievements will unlock on a previous 360 save? Don' really think I want to do the ender portal again...
  • Looking forward to go back and get the achievements on the 360!
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