Guitar Hero: Metallica Full Track Listing

Dan Webb likes to spoil all Activision's fun these days and yesterday was no different as they broke the news of the official track listing of their upcoming Guitar Hero title. When I say the official track listing, I mean every song; both theirs and their "friends."

So here is the tracklisting in its entirety that will ship with the game on March 29th in North America and some time in May in Europe:

Metallica Tracks

All Nightmare Long
Creeping Death
Disposable Heroes
Dyers Eve
Enter Sandman
Fade To Black
Fight Fire With Fire
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Hit The Lights
King Nothing
Master of Puppets
Mercyful Fate (Medley)
No Leaf Clover
Nothing Else Matters
Sad But True
Seek And Destroy
The Memory Remains
The Shortest Straw
The Thing That Should Not Be
The Unforgiven
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Wherever I May Roam

If you downloaded the "Death Magnetic" album for Xbox and PS3, those ten songs will play in their entirety in the full game mode. PS2 and Wii versions (coming in the Spring, most likely in early May) will include "Broken Beat & Scarred," "Cyanide" and "My Apocalypse" since they are not compatible with the Death Magnetic downloadable content.

Other Artists

Alice In Chains - No Excuses
Bob Seger - Turn The Page
Corrosion of Conformity - Albatross
Diamond Head - Am I Evil?
Foo Fighters - Stacked Actors
Judas Priest - Hell Bent For Leather
Kyuss - Demon Cleaner
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesdays Gone
Machine Head - Beautiful Mourning
Mastodon - Blood And Thunder
Mercyful Fate - Evil
Michael Schenker Group - Armed and Ready
Motorhead - Ace of Spades
Queen - Stone Cold Crazy
Samhain - Mother of Mercy
Slayer - War Ensemble
Social Distortion - Mommy's Little Monster
Suicidal Tendencies - War Inside My Head
System of a Down - Toxicity
The Sword - Black River
Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back in Town

  • That is by far the best list I've seen in a while so buying this
  • Nice setlist
  • I'm not a huge Metallica fan, but hopefully the game will please all those Metallica fans out there. My only thought on this list is that is does seem very small when compared with even other Guitar Hero games. But it's nice that if you bought Death Magnetic it will be added for you to play on this version.
  • I like the Other Artists list a little more; but not much. Seems rather generic and "Top Radio Songs"ish.
  • Awesome track list, can't wait
  • Not bad, but I have to agree with #5, the other songs are pretty generic
  • YEAH MAN I LOVE METTALICA!!!!!!!! My only worry was that i would kill off most of my fave songs but some of these mettalica songs are songs that werent that popular so i dont need to worry (and does anyone know if you can use vocals and drums for it aswell?)
  • An awsome list :-)
  • The friends list may actually top the metallica list.
  • cant wait
  • this list blows. no good bands, fuck metallica. *cue trolls*
  • Am I Evil? is on there =o I'm wondering whether they have remastered No Leaf Clover just for the game or if it'll be the same as the S&M track with crowd noise and the orchestra.
  • This is sik bare gd setlist well done defienley buying this game!!!!! METALLICA!!!!!
  • Metallica equals long songs equals hand cramps. LOL!!!! Nice list though. I will own it.
  • Yus! KYUSS in a gmae finally im buy this for them alone and such a great song
  • this is extremely disappointing... where is the metal? finally, we have a metal GH here... with metallica... yet... the bonus songs are fucking typical, generic GH songs... WTF? i listen to deathcore, death metal etc. doubt anyone knows em, but i want to see Suicide Silence on here, Children of Bodom, Pantera etc.. im sure these bands would be hard as fuck on here, but so what, maybe DLC ... im tired of these shitty generic songs, every GH and Rock Band keeps choosing songs that are easy and generic.
  • Very nice.
  • I'll probably get this for the sole reason that Battery, Nothing Else Matters, and Sanitarium are on this. Secondary artists aren't that interesting on this one (aside from SOAD). Aerosmith had some better alternatives on theirs.
  • where is ride the lightning & and justice for all?
  • There is queen a metallica game. Now i've seen EVERYTHING.
  • @#15 i'm with you one this one, lets see some real hardcore music on a GH
  • Complain about the 'generic' bonus songs, but remember they actually want to make money with this. Metallica is the most mainstream metal band out there, so not everyone interested in this game is that into metal. Hence the foo fighters. I'll rent this, personally
  • Hey 22. Metallica covered Stone Cold Crazy, as well as Tuesdays Gone and Turn the Page. All pimpin. Get your facts straight. This looks like a great list. I can't wait.
  • Looks good.
  • if the game was rock band,i would buy it,but it's guitar hero,i will rent it,do the achievements,and that's it....
  • @#15... I agree. List is pretty disappointing.
  • Even though it's great to have this game, the song list could've been 3X better! Dang it. Metallica has almost 200 songs and then they put only like 20 or 30 songs in it! I expected around 50 songs. I would've rather seen the guest songs replaced by Metallica songs, even though I don't mind having them (as long as we have enough Metallica). Activision was probably so greedy or something and put only a few songs into the game because it will sell anyway. Where's Whiskey In The Jar song for example?
  • Bob Seger and Metallica? Am I missing something here, or are the developers out of their minds?!
  • what's the point of including all nightmare long as the only death magnetic song if you could just buy the whole pack?
  • @29 Developer had nothing to do with it, Metallica picked who they wanted And it's about time we get some Mercyful Fate / King Diamond, a tad disappointed though that Evil is already a part of the Mercyful Fate Medley...
  • The "Other Artists" songs are a huuge letdown. But this is an epic list for any MetallicA fan! I really hope Neversoft didn't f*ck this up!
  • @30, if you notice, a few of those songs Metallica covered on the Garage, Inc. album, which included Turn the Page by Bob Seger.
  • Bonus songs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Metallica songs Mastodon >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Metallica
  • damn. no whiskey in a jar???
  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i agree with #15, wheres the metal bands...children of bodom, bullet for my valentine etc
  • I might buy it just for Toxicity.....
  • very nice list, but despite already having the metallica dlc for rock band, isn't it kinda wrong that they left out "And Justice for All", "Ride The Lightning", and "Blackened"? Those are some of their best songs. Meanwhile, they're gonna make us play "One" again? also, with what #15 said, Rock Band and GH have a major lack of metal. Screw Jimmy Buffet.
  • where is blackened? but other than that good list. war ensemble and ace of spades are also good non-metallica songs but overall, this will be pretty sweet
  • I'm buying it just for Master of Puppets, I have been dying to play that song. @#41, Toxicity is downloadable on Rock Band, has been for awhile, 2 bucks is a lot cheaper than $60+
  • This list could have been amazing! Metalica is metal, i was expecting the back up bands to be metal as well... Lynyrd Skynyrd???? Not saying they are a bad band, infact i love them, but why are they on guitar hero METALICA??? Also the Motorhead song, they pick there pop song, Ace of Spades, good song but Motorhead have some far beter ones. Guess i'm still in waite for Guitar Hero: METAL
  • best. list. ever.
  • I agree with 25 where the hell is whiskey in the jar?! I know they covered it but it's a kick ass song! I quite like Metallica but I'm buying it 50% because it's Guitar Hero and 50% Metallica.
  • Droooool This is gonna be awwwwesome.. Already have mine pre-ordered
  • Woo Queen!
  • @ PPL complaing about the other bands not being metal, they chose songs and artists that have influenced Metallica and who have had an effect on their career.
  • Finally the set lists is here I'm so buying this. Now they have to put GH: Queen and I'll be happy P.s: Will Rock Band 1 instruments work on this?
  • Meh...I'll stick with the other offerings. Good list of rock though.
  • Awesome setlist! Fade to Black will be epic!
  • man oh man
  • Besides the lack of Ride the Lightning (which really needs to be on this list especially sense they teased it on the fucking trailer) this list is pretty cool. Can't wait to get and make my fingers cramp up for weeks on end.
  • Hell yea, this list is fantastic. FINALLY we get something from Corrosion of Conformity. This is a definite buy for me the day it releases =D
  • mettalica suck shit out of maggots arseholes
  • #39 couldnt have put it any better
  • No Excuses is an AWESOME Alice in Chains song. Probably my favorite.
  • there are still missing good songs like the four horsemen and motorbreath
  • OH MY GOD!!!! such a good list!!!
  • cant wait for this game: one question thought do u have pay death magnetic via XBL or import via CD?
  • Its a real shame that its not coming out till May here. That is the best set list I've seen for a GH game.
  • Thank god I'm a vocalist because I think my hands would fall off playing non stop 5-9 minute long songs.
  • the list is small but remember the songs are long for the mos part
  • Yea!! Awesome track list but WTF with the Damn same songs that are on other GH games!!?? That pisses me RIGHT off.
  • to #20, those songs are one of the very first track packs for rock band including, blackened.
  • List Is actually good. Just Wonder what song will be the hardest?
  • Hmm, wherewith is my Call of Ktulu, Jump in the fire and Ride the lighting (that was the logo for God's sake), Four Horsemen...that's not an awesome list, but it doesn't meh, I'll probably think about it.
  • Oh my God this is awesome, cannot wait to get it, Dyers Eve will be very fun.
  • This is bulldick. I was hoping they would put songs from the ...And Justice for All,Master of Puppets, and Ride the Lighting albums. I wanted the four horsemen,jump in the fire,and metal militia. Damn you and fuck you GH for putting system in this game and gh4. They're my favorite band and now im gonna be called a fag at school for wearing their shirt because they probably think i listen to 3 songs.
  • Really good setlist. Looking forward to it :)
  • NO RIDE THE LIGHTNING, AJFA, BLACKENED oh well i love metallica, this is gonna be epic
  • Albatross and Demon Cleaner = HOLY SHIT! Ace of Spaces = not this fucking song again. They might as well just make Guitar Hero: Motorhead and have this song as the only one available.
  • Well these three songs are already in Rock Band 1 and 2 metallica585 so... Blood and Thunder is gonna be fucking epic on the drums.
  • YES! FADE TO BLACK! GH:Metallica is the last GH game I will ever buy, because its the greatest.
  • this list is fucking incredible
  • I want Thin Lizzy! And Stacked Actors s an awesome song. Other than that, I'm over this list.
  • @#73- Did you not notice that most of the Master Of Puppets album is on there? I'm definitely getting this one. It has Samhain on it for chrissakes!
  • This Game Is going to be sick
  • im impressed by this. Especially Blood and Thunder!!!!!! kick ass song. I really hope they fix some of the band mechanics otherwise this will just be a rent for me
  • What I don't get is people complaning about bonus songs? Aren't they supposed to be related to Metallica? It's not GH: Metal, it's GH: Metallica. I doubt they listen to Bullet for my Valentine. I hope you can export songs to World Tour though, that would be cool.
  • I'm definitely going to buy it, only for the guitar though unless they change the drums because guitar hero: world tour was embarrassing on the drums like when you can do whatever you want it sounds like retarded drum set rock band is still a couple steps ahead when it comes to the drums
  • Ok they sold me with Mercyful Fate's evil and the Mercyful Fate medley. I would rather play King Diamond then Mercyful Fate,but its a step in the right direction. I just wish i could use the RB drum set cause the GH one is crap.
  • Just like aerosmith... less songs than a normal gh/rb but the same price. When this game is $40 or $45 I'll get it. $60 is still too much for an extension of world tour
  • Wow im actually really excited for this game now!
  • I'm definitely pumped for this game now, a hell of a lot of good metallica and almost all the other bands are good. and those of you bitching about no whiskey in the jar, metallica covered it off the thin lizzy version, and we get the boys are back in town, a more recognizable thin lizzy song. i'm even pumped for the foo fighters, just b/c that's probably their most hard rocking song. great setlist, maybe GH will finally redeem themselves.
  • Holy shit, Mercyful fucking Fate is on there TWICE (yes I count the cover song medley by Metallica as one). Plus WAR ENSEMBLE!!!!!!! I've never been this excited for a music game (except maybe when I heard about the Beatles game).
  • I don't actually play the game. but where the heck is Testament? :)
  • awsome list!
  • cant wait im deffo gettin this metallica & gh fan so why not i think theres gonna be a expert + aswell im still gettin 2 grips with expert lol
  • Why the hell do you you put "Ride The Lightning 2009" and then not put ride the lightning in the game, wtf? and where is and justice for all?
  • i love rock but i seriously HATE METALLICA!!!
  • No Call of Ktulu?
  • they forgot my favorite metallica song: Don't tread on me.
  • best guitar hero ever better than 1, 2, 3, aerosmith, encore, and world tour i love metallica!!!!
  • just about anything could be better than aerosmith
  • A few complaints: Where is the Trivium, Pantera, Bodom, Stryicon, Arch Enemy etc. Who is the douche that allowed Frantic in this game? On the plus side: They included Battery, Dyers Eve and Creeping Death which instantly justifies my purchase.
  • wow cant wait now!
  • Love Metallica but now I worry that all the GH nerds are going to wear Metallica shirts. Oh and they finally put Master of Puppets on a Game. I've been waiting for that song for so long. (Same with Nothing Else Matters) But I think the list could have been better.
  • War Ensemble. o/
  • I just saw the SOAD song and im pissed, they could have any SOAD song and they choose the generic one- what about CUBert or Ego Brain or Vacinity of Obcenity rather than that generic shit.
  • Wish they would stop putting stuff from other games in the these games. One - GH3 All nightmare long - DLC Enter Sandman - Rock Band Battery - Rock Band 2 I mean wtf, out of all their music you still pick 4 songs that I can name off the top of my head that are on other games and if I actually liked the music I would know more of the names that I am sure are on other games. Good setlist overall and the second set list (non metallica) will be way better it seems. As said before though, very "radio-ish"
  • Pfft no point grabbing this sept for metallica fans.
  • way more balanced than aerosmith but why put in a song already in the series
  • RB has RTL, AJFA, Blackened, Battery. They also have "Are You Dead Yet" by Children of Bodom. Quit wining, RB has more metal and heavier metal that GH (Try to prove me wrong. at the gates is heavier than any GH song) Metal fans can get their fix, while us normal people can play Rush, The Cars, and Boston. To bad they got Turn the Page.
  • @ 107 Because money bags (Activision) figures less dev time = more GH games = more money It all went downhill after Harmonix left.
  • On there website it says that setlist is subject to change so i hope that it means they will take out all nightmare long and put in ride the lighting, and justice for all or blackend.
  • Pretty good setlist. I thought it would lean more toward their new stuff, but I'm glad Orion, M.o.P, etc. are on there. Where the hell is The Four Horsemen at?
  • Hmm...I'm not too upset with the setlist at all. Some of the songs will be boring to play, but what can you expect? Not every song is going to suit everyone's tastes. I'm was kind of hoping for a few more songs from Load, to be honest. Bleeding Me or The Outlaw Torn would've been great. However, I'm curious to see if No Leaf Clover is a new recording or just a rip from the S&M album. March 29th can't come fast enough.
  • OMG if you guys are gonna bitch at least spell Metallica right...M-E-T-A-L-L-I-C-A. I myself am a little disappointed to not see any of the following: Whiskey In The Jar I Disappear Ride the Lightning Blackened And Justice For All Four Horsemen ..but i do have the Death Magnetic tracks and I love Metallica so I'm ready for this.
  • @ 15, 21, 28 and anyone else who agrees with them bands that scream thiere lungs out is not music. So thats why theres no song like that. if u want a game for songs like that wait for screaming hero..... but as for this game its should be good and all but could've been so much better if it was GH: Megadeth
  • Any song after their album And Justice For All, except for a few, pretty much blows. I like Metallica but, their best work in my opinion was their older work.
  • The Queen song is in there because Metallica like Queen. Thats why ALL the guest bands are there. Metallica actually covered "Stone Cold Crazy". song choice. I Like South of Heaven best though. Mercyful Fate...damn...that is wicked surprising! Now that took me back YEARS!
  • if this had all those bands all you metal lovers want i would probably have to shoot myself. i cannot stand bullet for my valentine, children of bodom or whatever it is. im glad they mixed up that way it appeals to EVERYONE not just metal fans.
  • i love metallica and toxicity are great and i will get this game for achievements but why are people complaining about other metal bands not being on here? i know they could have put a few more good metallica songs on here but i mean it is guitar hero metallic right ? not guitar hero metal with ove half the songs being metallica. this in my opinion is going to be a good game cuz i pwn gh and this will have nice solo songs . on gh world tour there was no song i didnt 5-star on my first run
  • This makes me want GH. I've never even played a single GH game before, but this may change that.
  • orion, MOP, for whom the bell tolls FTW!!! my god i just splooged my pants reading this setlist
  • can anyone say hand cramps?
  • awesome, getting this for sure
  • think im gonna pass on this one
  • *Looks at Metallica songs, pulls down pants* *Looks at Toxicity, has orgy*
  • I'm so getting this. I love Metallica.
  • I will probably get this, but was it really necessary to include One when it's already available on GH3?
  • yea very generic songs for the most part but the metallica songs r good
  • This is going to be FUCKING killer! How could ANYONE pass on this?
  • I just looked at this setlist for a second time and caught something. Why would they put Motorhead - Ace of Spades. That song was on the original GH which started on the ps2.It makes no sense to have a song thats already been done......are we supposed to play freebird again at the end thats total crap to use the same song twice. they couldve use any other Motorhead song but no just use an old one nobody remembers.....fucking GH's been sinking and stupid acts like this dont help.
  • ha and they put One again wtf is wrong with people these days!!!! Ima do a Dave Mustaine and just punch metallica in the face ***MEGADETH*** - 4LIFE
  • Damn!!!I really wanted The Four Horsemen, that song would've been great but no they have to put songs people played in the past for example One.I'm still buying it though but kinda disappointed.
  • @38... You should probably be shot if u think bullet for my valentine is a "real metal band" compared to METALLICA. Bullet is the gayest band known to man. This game looks amazing. Great metallica songs, alive in chains, soad, queen, slayer. Incredible.
  • @44... U spelled Metallica wrong. Please shoot yourself and stop pretending like you know anything.
  • I just noticed something...where the hell is "Hero of the Day?"
  • @94 please kill yourself.
  • #15, never ever speak again. Suicide Silence is a huge travesty, and they are even worse live than on record. However, Bodom would have been a huge plus.
  • @104 ur retarded
  • There's probably going to be a Kill 'Em All DLC. If something so logical is not there, it's for a reason, specifically so they can pork consumers with it later. Like a 1600 Kill 'Em All partial album DLC.
  • I want Call of Ktulu. #102 yeah CUBert would be fun to play. SOAD is my favorite band. Metallica is my second. and bullet for my valentine sucks ass
  • Not liking this setlist, that doesn't look like a 60 dollar game to me. Hope this is a cheap game.
  • Mercyful Fate !!!! That's just one step away from putting a solo King Diamond song in a rhythm game soon :D Kyuss, and Thin Lizzy would rock to play. Too bad every other song on the setlist isnt creative. Looks like a 12-year old white suburban boys iPod playlist. Can we get a game that isn't overflowing with Metal derivatives?
  • im actually surprised Aerosmith beat Metallica to cashing in with a full game in praise of how "awesome" they are. both bands need to die and go away.
  • Master Of Puppets should be good!
  • Wow. MUCH better than the original preview setlist I saw. So glad they put in Seek, Whiplash and Battery and Creeping Death. A little Dissapointed that they didn't put in The Four Horsemen, Motorbreath or Metal Militia, but now I'll fell like I'm buying a game worth 60$.
  • only good if your a big metallica fan, i'll rent it & not buy it cuz i think these games are starting to get stale. Rockband 2 was good, but this should of just been DLC for GH3. GHWT sucks ass.
  • The funnest part of this will be watching all those ppl who can FC most songs on expert in GH3 play this.
  • meh......its alright. The extra songs suck though or have already been featured in a previous game. I'll try this out though....possibly buy.
  • The 'other band' tracks certainly are disappointing, except for Diamond Head - but then that's only for the novelty really! Meh, I'll buy when it's £20 or less...
  • lmao Theres more songs by other artists I'd prefer to play than Metallica songs on there, Guitar Failo
  • One, Master of Puppets, Fade to Black, Orion and Ride the lightning. All my favorite songs, and their on this list! Can't wait to play this game
  • I'll rent this just cause of Foo Fighters, Queen, and the Achievements
  • im with #15. but i like SOAD
  • Blood and Thunder = Win But isn't this like the 4th game with Ace of Spades in it?
  • Even though One is on GH3 it did not have vocals/ that's probably 1 reason they have it on GH:M...and the fact it is one of metallica's most popular song.
  • @ #12: Amen.
  • AWSOME!! definetly buying this
  • Thats cool. I know what would be better though GUITAR HERO MEGADETH!!!!!!!!
  • Can't wait to get this
  • I'm sad that this might be the only way I get Foo Fighter's "Stacked Actors". I guess I'll never get to play it... :(
  • they should make guitar hero avenged sevenfold
  • Lol at 15, your unique and different with you're unheard band choices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 But wow, so many metallica songs, that's really weird!
  • such a gud list, i hope they also do dlc as GH:WT's dlc sucks donkey dong
  • Well, they kept the Metallica garbage down to only 4 songs. I guess that is a big bonus. Too bad some of the "Their Friends" tracks look like stuff from RB, not to mention not very good. Good call with Slayer, though.
  • Wait, One is on GH3 & GH:M? OK...
  • at 40 - HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT TO PLAY ONE ON THE DRUMS?????? Sorry just kinda had to get that outta my system. I thinks its a pretty good list. But I think they could have chosen a better Foo Fighters song (aka The Pretender). And why couldn't they have just included the Death Magnetic DLC for preorders or something. Spending $60 for a relatively short list of songs will be disappointing for rock band fans that have bought the games for setlists with 80-90 songs.
  • guitar hero: blink182 :P nah it wud be way to easy lol mite pick this up
  • I've informed the hospital to be on stand-by if my fingers fall off while attempting some of the solos. I'm a big fan of the GH series, and I'm severly pumped for a heavy dose of Metallica. Pretty cool list of 'friends' songs, too.
  • wow.. that just totally blows GHWT's track list out of the water. lmao The GH series is revived!
  • cant wait metallica rocks. now we just need led zep on the next game!
  • hey why is st. anger not on the list? that was a really good song i m disappointed now that its not on there...wait a minute.....not even some kind of monster? i wonder if they are thinking about getting by with one song from the st. anger album.....that was really good and for the person who wanted to see ....and justice for all-- rock band dlc theres where you will find it for yourself
  • Yes no Death Magnetic. I hate thier new album and was worried that it would be included in the tracklist even if you didn't buy it but nope. yes!
  • @20 Believe both of those songs are DLC for Rock Band 1/2, so they won't be on Guitar Hero anytime soon. And this setlist is weak and small...confirmed: Activision has pounded this franchise into the ground and is already 6 ft under. Rock Band will always be better just for the importing of songs from previous games.
  • Think this migth be the hardest GH-game xD Metalluica got hard songs!
  • blah... bad set list. Not even renting this!
  • I keep saying I'm done with rhythm games, more than likely I'll have this one too.
  • im quite suprised, much better than the aerosmith one
  • This is a must have game! But i have perfered it in rock-band edition
  • How many times are they going to put Ace of Spades in a video game? I'm tired of that song. I love these games but they are starting to get repetitive with the song selections. There are 5 songs in Guitar Hero Metallica that have been in other games.
  • wow, i think i have had enough of "ace of spades" seeing how it is in guitar hero 1, guitar hero 2 download, rock band 2 as well as ingrained into my thoughts
  • Theres some good songs. but there are so many other great metallica songs they could of put. the other artists are ok, everyone get used to it- sad but, dont get your hopes up on GH setlists, theyre always a little disappointing.. agree with a lot of people on here everyone has good points. idk why the developers and everyone making GH cant just make 1 phenomenal game with an amazing setlist that makes every1 happy? wellll, anywayz been waiting forever, buying this for SURE.
  • For those wondering where "Ride the Lightning", "Call of Ktulu", "Jump in the Fire", "Metal Militia", and "The Four Horsemen" are, keep in mind that those songs were co-written by Dave Mustaine. That raises a thorny issue that is easily dealt with by leaving the songs out of the game. Granted, it's misleading that they would use "Ride the Lightning" in the trailer and not the game, but eh, whatever. "One" is included for obvious reasons; it's one of Metallica's best and most popular songs. Leaving it off would be stupid regardless of where else it's been. "War Ensemble", "Albatross", and "No Excuses" are nice surprises. If anyone wonders why any of the "friends" are included, do a little research. Each one is easy to figure out for true Metallica fans.
  • Looking forward to playing Master of Puppets and Sanitarium. Good call on keeping that St. Anger bullshit to just 1 song. And Judas Priest in the bonus songs? It's gonna be the first bonus list that doesn't fail. Would've preferred Painkiller or Night Crawler, though.
  • @ #179 "idk why the developers and everyone making GH cant just make 1 phenomenal game with an amazing setlist that makes every1 happy?" You can't figure that out for the same reason you abbreviate everything. Whenever I see a post about DLC for either Rock Band or Guitar Hero, I click just to read all of the ignorant whining from individuals who think they should be catered to by Activision or Neversoft. A setlist that will "make everyone happy" is a dream that will never come true.
  • Thin Lizzy finally. I want Thin Lizzy in Rock Band though. I probably won't get this as I'm not a Metallica fan so yeah would be pointless. May rent it at somepoint though.
  • @ #15 They don't add those bands just for the sake of throwing them in. Metallica picks those bands and songs because those are bands or songs they have covered or have been influenced by or just worked with at some point in their career, thats why they are on there.
  • It's funny how some of these kids who heard Children Of Bodom at Hot Topic last week are crying they're not on the game or other trendy bands when I've been listening to them for years before anyone ever heard of them back when they were nothing to no one except for me and a few fortunate others. Now we have Bam Margera using these bands as a soundtrack to his shows and suddenly everyone is an expert on underground metal. I don't respect anyone who doesn't discover new things on their own terms and I don't respect any band who abandons their oldest and truest fans for the new crowd by recycling Lamb Of God riffs. With that said, if they wanna add a Bodom song to the game then it had better be Silent Night Bodom Night or something from that era.
  • @186 Wow, unnecessary crying eh? Your rant doesn't make sense. Finding out about music through a show or soundtrack isn't discovering music? You expect people to track down bands before they're famous and become fans instead of record labels recognizing them? Real weak dude, grow up. On topic, this list is excellent, though I'm sure Harmonix has exclusive rights to the songs not listed. Can't wait!
  • Mercyful Fate!
  • i hope the achievements will be as easy as Gh : Aerosmith !! lol but i dont think so as crazy guitar solo :P
  • dont think so as Metallica has crazy guitar solo * sorry lol
  • Needs more Call of Cthulu (you know damn well it does) and Unforgiven II.
  • Why put anything from St. Anger on there? Seems like an alright setlist. I am sure Metallica will be happy that someone actually payed for their music once this comes out.
  • Waiting...for a Pantera GH or RB. Wait scratch that, full album DLC would be cheaper.
  • I like the setlist for the most part. The presence of Fade to Black is a big plus for me. I'd have much rather had Met's version of Stone Cold Crazy and Turn the Page. I like No Excuses, but I'd have picked something better than that from Alice. I might not even be able to get through this game on hard! lol
  • ...and forgot to mention. Suicidal is on there, where is the Flotsam and Jetsam and Megadeth?
  • I cannot wait until this comes out. I'm going this Saturday to see them live. Some of the other artists that are on the set list I think shouldn't be on there, but otherwise its going to be a great game.
  • Gay rock is gay.
  • im buying this first day!
  • yes alice in chains is on there!!!!!
  • Pretty good set list, no Four Horseman though (probably to do with paying Dave Mustaine royalties) but yeah to Disposable Heroes (one of my faves). Why the delay for Europe :-(
  • I'm liking the list, but it sucks that they couldn't get Iron Maiden... Maiden was a huge influence on Metallica and it's just garbage their not in this game! But whatever this is still a buy in my book!
  • ROCK ON!!!!!!!!! looks freaking awesome. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • DEMON CLEANER!!!!!!!!!!
  • If you're a fan of Metallica, there's no excuse no to get this. It has all their classic hits, with fewer new garbage.
  • Machine Head FTW!
  • the new playlist looks brilliant
  • Guitar Hero: Metallica and the song's all nice and good, but... I WANT GUITAR HERO: LINKIN PARK or GUITAR HERO: SYSTEM OF A DOWN! (But I think it's only a dream...)
  • No Hero of the Day? Woot for Stacked Actors!
  • Queen's on this? Damn now I HAVE to play this...
  • lol i was just looking at comment #29 ... you never heard the metallica verson of turn the page? hahahahaha I knew before I even looked at this list that turn the page (the orig) would be on here.
  • and comment 209.... Linkin Park is my favorite band... yeah that would be cool if they made that game... but seriously the guitar and bass would be so easy .... they didnt get famous because of their insane guitar... like metallica
  • i wanna pre order this game but for the full game set like drums (2 BASS PEDALS!),guitar, bass and mic WHEN can i do this ive checked they just got the game that sucks when can i order the full game??
  • W00T! awesome set list definite buy for me and this should be a challenge unlike GHA
  • Why would they put "One" on there when it was already on GH3?
  • comment 20, ride the lightning and ...and justice for all are DLC for rock band...
  • comment 170 some kind of monster was an all live cd where they performed songs mostly from kill em all and ride the lightning i suggest you do some research before opening your mouth St. Anger was the shitiest album i ever heard from them and if Everyone goes and buys the 2 cd set of Garage Inc they will see where most of the bonus setlist comes from. Hardcore metallica fans my ass own all their albums listen to all of them and then talk until then keep your mouth shut
  • @216 Cause it's a Metallica song, maybe? In a Metallica game? Makes sense to me.
  • how can the motto of the game be "RIDE THE LIGHTNING" but the song isnt even on the setlist
  • cool set list i wish they have turn the page
  • @ #39. Bullet is a fucking metal band, not some fucking emo peice of shit. bet u dont know the diffrence from emo to metal, so stfu u stupid fuck
  • the should hav included death magnetic as on the disk content cause i cant be botehred to download the whole thing
  • Bullet is a great band..
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