Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to Introduce Legendary and Retired Loot Classes

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to Introduce Legendary and Retired Loot Classes

Lee Bradley

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Supply Drop system is getting a few changes soon, introducing two new loot classes called Legendary and Retired.

Due to hit on June 9th, following the launch of the Supremacy DLC, the Legendary class loot “kicks off with the uber-rare Sentinel CI (Counter-Intelligence) Gear Set,” says Activision.

“There is currently only one set in existence, awarded to the very first Grand Master Prestige player in Advanced Warfare, and this is now your chance to collect the rarest gear in the game. This set of eight pieces can be unlocked via Supply Drops and Advanced Supply Drop and each Item is highlighted purple in the Armory with the highest redemption value in the game.”

As for the Retired class, the name relates to gear which is being remove from the loot table following the release of Supremacy.

“If you have this gear in your Armory, you’ll still be able to use it in-game, but for those that don’t, they will no longer be able to be earned in game,” explains Activision. “Think of this gear as being decommissioned and the rarity of these items with also be going up." 

"Unlike Legendary, however, if you redeem these after June 9th you’ll never have access to them again.”

  • I remember when CoD was about how good you were at the game and not what weapon you happen to pick. Miss those days.
  • Meanwhile: in the land of who gives a shit!
  • PMSL @ #2 That Made me proper laugh that did.. Wish you could post memes on here..
  • Yeah the loot system was great in theory, but it hobbled the experience in the long run. BAL-27, ASM1, and AK12 is all I ever get killed with so yeah. Having a handful of superior weapons kills the game. I mean if u can earn them without selling your soul to the game theN THAT can work but the randomness of it all just kills it for me.
  • WTF is the deal with the achievement guide and roadmap??
  • lol? fix your pathetic game first sledgehammer...that emberassment of a game freezes every 10 minutes and they don't give a crap ecause they're to preoccupied with counting all the money
  • @6 it only freezes on the 360 version which is ported by High Moon, has nothing to do with Sledgehammer. Works perfectly fine on the One. Yes this game has been a broken piece of crap. Still better then Ghosts. Can't wait for Black Ops III and Titanfall 2.
  • Fuck call of duty. Will not buy black ops
  • I actually give a shit for this, I am happy that for once that a COD Game is active and don't die after 4 months. I think Sledgehammer games did a great job on COD AW, people wanted some new stuff for the franchise, still not good enough. I don't protect COD AW, I still hate MW3, that game was a disaster, but Sledgehammer learned their lesion. But people are still complaining about a fresh new game, "just another COD with jetpacks" heard that line a 1000 of times. And that is not true, I bet that all the people who says that never tried COD AW not even once, I respect people opinions I really do, but demanding new stuff and later on wants the old stuff back. Make up your mind. Thank you. And have a nice day! ;)
  • @9 I don't know what planet your living on! Every COD has had a huge following and over 12 months of people continuing to play every yearly game. COD AW took so much from other shooter then ever before, your jet packs are lifted from Titanfall, this very thread about equipment is a lame ass attempt to copy Battlefields "battle packs". A huge part of game play was always steeped in reality, another lost element to the series. All this criticism is coming from someone who has LOVED COD, but AW is not what COD is or was. COD use to set the standard not follow trends. Treyarch became the top developer of COD after Infinity Ward was disbanded but that was always their thing to take what works and build upon it. So with that said I hope BO3 is a good game. But their is no need to follow blindly/fanboyish COD AW ain't your mate! It told me your mom gave it a hand job in the back of her bloody jaguar!
  • SO they are trying to add loot depth to a game like cod? the hell is that?
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