BioShock Remains “A Really Important Franchise For Us" Says Take-Two Boss

BioShock Remains “A Really Important Franchise For Us" Says Take-Two Boss

Lee Bradley

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick had some interesting things to say about the BioShock franchise last week, revealing lifetime sales for the series while hinting that maybe, just maybe, we haven’t seen the last of it.

Speaking at the Technology, Media, & Telecom Conference, Zelnick said that the BioShock franchise has sold over 25 million units since the first game launched in 2007, with an impressive 11 million of those units coming from sales of 2013’s BioShock Infinite. All of which is pretty interesting on its own, but the really intriguing bit came in the form of Strauss’ accompanying statement.

Addressing conference goers, Zelnick said BioShock is “a really important intellectual property for the company. And while I don't have any announcements to make, yes, it's a really important franchise for us."

The inference is clear. BioShock is one of Take-Two’s flagship franchises, with a glittering critical reputation and more importantly, a strong sales history. It remains important to the publisher. With this in mind it’s likely that we’ll see another. Because it would be kind of crazy for Take-Two not to commission more BioShock games, right?

That’s what I’m taking from Zelnick’s statement, anyway. A new BioShock game could sell a few million just off the strength of the name alone. But the real question is: if Take-Two did commission another BioShock game, considering series creator Ken Levine has now moved onto new projects and disbanded Irrational, would it be a true BioShock game or just an odd kind of cover version?

We’ll see what happens in the future. In the meantime, let us know what you think. Would a new BioShock game be a good thing or a bad thing? And just as importantly, who would you like to see develop it?

  • There was a rumored Bioshock but it ended up being a XCOM game. I really want a Giant Xbox One Port of all 3 Bioshocks. Like in the beautiful box the Bioshock 1-2 game with all DLC was but this time add Infinite. Seeing as how HD remakes of 360 games are trending right now they might as well get on that boat. Then when a part 4 ever comes out we'd all be up to date on next gen. Especially those who haven't jumped into Bioshock yet.
  • I'd be down for a remaster trilogy, but the turret boosting in 2 could be a dealbreaker. 1 and Infinite were all solo if I recall. Infinites Clash In The Clouds were a blast as well and not as hard as people made out.
  • I don't think you can make a Bioshock game without Ken Levine. We saw this with Bioshock 2. Unless it's a remastered package, any new Bioshock game will likely be poor
  • As much as all these re-mastered games are annoying me, I would really enjoy this. I haven't started this franchise yet and would love to do so on this gen.
  • i imagine a new bioshock would be alot like 2 a good game, but not quite as good as we want it to be
  • REMASTER! If they do I hope they have an awesome collectors edition for the diehard fans.
  • I really hope we gamers get to enjoy another Bioshock game in the near future, I would love to see Bioshock Infinite 2 but even if it was Bioshock 3 I would love that just as much too. Either way, more Bioshock is always welcome.
  • BioShock Infinite REMASTER reveal at E3... Guaranteed!!
  • I'd love to have 1 & 2 remastered, Infinite optional.
  • Would prefer a new Bioshock over a remake or remaster.
  • Why does everyone like Infinite so much? IMO it had the worst gameplay of the series, sure the characters and atmosphere are good but compared to 1 and 2 Infinite lacked that crucial and satisfying gameplay that made 1 and 2 so fun for me.
  • 2 wasn't as bad as people made it out to be. I think had 2 been 3 people would have loved it. It was just impossible to follow the home run that was Bioshock 1. I'd love to play through all of them again. Specifically 1 but hopefully we get a remaster and a 4 in late 2015 or early 2016.
  • Just imagine it now, the Xbox conference at E3 opens with a Bioshock Trilogy remaster for the current gen systems and announcement of a new game in the franchise being developed. Phil did say it was the biggest E3 ever for Xbox....however, I don't see this happening in the slightest. I can dream though right?
  • A remaster might be good but I really think that Infinite closed this series. Maybe they can do a "Mass Effect" and start with other stories in the same world but then why not just create something new instead? Loved Bioshock but I'm starting to think that it is impossible to just finish a game series these days.
  • So in other words...we gotta milk this shit until the cows teets are dry. And when that happens, we'll try some more.
  • I want the Bioshock 2 DLC to come back to the Marketplace before another game.
  • I would love for telltale to make a Bioshock Game. Anyone else with me?
  • "Amidst the praise for the IP, however, Zelnick was disappointed that there wasn't a perfectly timed sequel that straddled console generations upon which the company could capitalize. "'With both GTAV and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, we were able to lie about not bringing the title to next-gen consoles and we knew many players would still buy them twice ignoring our deception,' Zelnick mused, 'BioShock definitely has that same type of fanbase, we were just not in a position to exploit them with this IP.' "'Do not worry BioShock fans', he added, 'we will come up with a way to take your money.'"
  • @20 agreed, perhaps after they finish all of those.
  • Meh, Bioshock 2 was a let-down. Having to protect the Little Sisters whilst they harvested was far too much like tower defence for my liking, one of the genres I hate the most, alongside strategy (whether turn-based or real-time). I'd rather they came up with a new IP, but that's not really likely.
  • Remaster all 3 Bioshock games, but kill the multiplayer side of 2. It's completely unnecessary. I just want the single player side of things. But for the love of sweet Monkey Jesus include Minerva's Den. That DLC made Bioshock 2 worth owning. While I didn't hate 2, it's definitely the weakest of the series.
  • I would love to see a NEW bioshock triology that branches off the first 3, new characters, and obviously a new location.
  • @23 I'd say Infinite is by far the weakest of the series. OT: I wouldn't mind an HD collection of the three games, but I don't feel that we need a new game.
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