Final Fantasy VII Remake - “More Work” to be Added to Story

Lee Bradley

The much-requested remake of Final Fantasy VII was finally announced during Sony’s E3 2015 press conference earlier in the week, much to the pleasure of long-term fans. And thanks to an interview with the game’s director Tetsuya Nomura, we’re now learning a little more about what the remake will include.

Speaking to Japanese publication Dengeki (via a Siliconera translation), the Final Fantasy VII remake will be more than just a graphical upgrade. According to Nomura the classic JRPG has been “vastly evolved” and new story elements are being introduced by original writer, Kazushige Nojima.

“I can’t share too much for now, but it won’t be a simple remake,” said Nomura. “If we were to simply just make the graphics look pretty for the new generation consoles, I don’t think it could surpass the original version. If that’s what you wanted, I think it’d be enough to just play the original International version on PlayStation 4, and it would be satisfying enough.”

“We’ve yet to show any screenshots from the game, but it has vastly evolved, so please look forward to it,” he continued. “Again, this time, since the story is being handled by Nojima, that also means that there will be more work added to it, so please look forward to that as well.”

Nomura added that more info will be shared on the Final Fantasy remake this winter. “At the very least, I believe that we will announce the official title, but we’re currently thinking about how much other information we’ll reveal, too,” he said.

“I understand that many of you are waiting with great expectations, but we were finally able to announce it. It will be a little while longer until we can reveal more information, but we’re working hard to be able to meet your expectations. Please look forward to the next announcements.”

Final Fantasy VII hasn't been explicitly revealed for Xbox One, but the announcement did say that the remake is coming to "PlayStation 4 first". We're going to go ahead and presume it's coming to PC and Xbox One too, eventually.

  • Take as much time as they want I'm happy there making a remake finaly
  • Hoping to one day own a ff7 themed PS4 console (since I don't have a PS4 yet) when this first launches and replacing my day one xbox one console with a ff7 themed xbox one when/if it launches for us too :) That's only if bethesda doesn't unveil a fallout 4 themed console hehe
  • Was about to be all "Hey take this Sony shtako to the other site" then I read might come to PC and Xbox one so meh lol not the best FF game but for the right price ill buy it. If its a PS4 Exclusive I still wont be buying one.
  • Im quite happy if they don't change too much gameplay wise, but it will be interesting to see/hear how the occasional "bad" language is handled
  • Hopefully they don't change it to much or add character voices. It might destroy this classic for me.
  • I'm glad ONE of these achievements sites has mentioned Final Fantasy VII. If it were only coming to PS4 and PC (like the Final Fantasy VII port) they'd have mentioned it or said "console exclusive" or something. So, just like the World of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy XV games, it's obviously coming to Xbox One, too. Unless Square is treating Wii U to this gift.
  • I've heard that there will be voice acting and that they have the guys from the advent children film to do it. Don't know how much truth there is to that though. Either way I'm chuffed to bits with this announcement. Really good to see that that have the original writer working on it too.
  • Oh please let this come to Xbox One, even if Sony gets it first I am fine with that ad long as we see this on Microsoft consoles as well. This was one of my all time favorite games and I'm sure a lot of other people feel this way as well. I was so disappointed that we did not get the X/X-2 remakes I really hope we don't get the shaft on this one as well.
  • lets hope square enix realeases it on xbox one and its not yet another shity sony only game like FF 10 remake
  • @8 it will come to Xbox One. With the amount of times that Sony mentions the word EXCLUSIVE in every announcement (I think they even said "Exclusively coming to PS4 with Exclusive content" at one point in the presentation and followed up by more "Exclusive" announcement for the same thing) you can bet that had this been exclusive to PS4 they would have said so, even if it were "Console Exclusive"
  • @[email protected] It's game that's coming out in 2016+, of course it's going to have voice acting.
  • I have a feeling that FF15 for 2016, KH3&FF7 for 2017. I hope I'm wrong, but I can't see this game coming out next year.
  • as long as this game comes out to Xbox One, even in a year after it's release at PS4, I won't mind waiting.
  • ff7 was always the ultimate for me, it started me on my gaming journey back on ps1 when i borrowed it off my brother, i was about 13 then, wow..... i feel old lol. so happy for a remake and the fact the best ff (i cant include ff1-6 as never played them) i ever played since is being remade is awesome. :)
  • Additions to the story are great, but I really don't want it to change to much, I just want t avoid the eyesore that is early PS1 polygons... and the "PC" version doesn't help that, or come to my X1.
  • Absolutely adore this game, so I hope it comes to X1, but I'll buy a PS4 just to play this if it comes to it. I'm hoping the games additions come in the form of an ending. If I had one complaint about FFVII is how abrupt it's ending is, so It'd be nice if they could expand on it, maybe even work Advent Children into it.
  • @12 I cant wait till 2017 for KH3, I'm not getting any fucking younger.
  • im hoping this does come to xbox one, but if it doesnt, i will buy a ps4 to play this, love this game to bits, hope this remake does it justice.
  • I just dropped some Brown Materia in my pants!
  • As long as they keep this to its true gameplay and don't turn it into FF13, I will be happy. Keep the large open explorable world, materia system, and the main story (they can add it, but I want to see the majority of the scenes that I remembered exactly how they were, but in HD now). Played the original a little bit a few years ago and was blown away with how well the game has aged compared to other games on the PS1.
  • Ah this is what the Sony fans are stating as how Sony wiped the floor with microsoft, oh wait its not an exclusive, hmmmm, so what wiped the floor with microsoft again?
  • @21 I seen that too,I was like how the fuck does one game blow Microsoft away? Microsoft won e3 when they announced backwards compatibility alone,never mind the what? 10+ exclusives?
  • It better not come to x bone , it's best to stay on ps4
  • @10: They even got a little carried away. During the Sony conference, they had World of Final Fantasy marked "exclusively for PS4 and Vita". But, the next day at the SquareEnix conference, it was now coming FIRST to PS4 and Vita. Whoops. @23: You're the worst kind of people.
  • @5, it'll likely be fully voice acted, my guess is they'ed try to use the cast from 'Advent Children', or use their voice's as the base for the characters. I personally think it'd be better if it was fully voice acted.
  • Why are they even bothering to release this on X1? 80% of its sales will be on PS4. It will run at 12fps like the X1 demo of FFXV does in some spots. Also no one on Xbox cares for proper games like this. They will just carry on playing their shitty shooters like Cod, Gears Halo and Battlefield. It's ill suited for this shallow American dudebro platform.
  • Most of the people on Xbox don't even know what Final Fantasy VII is as their first game was Halo 1 on Xbox - aka baby's first game. I can really see the Xbox fanboys cursing and swearing online playing shit like Halo, Gears etc thinking they're the best in the world because they got a Kill Death ratio of 20:5 playing a game like this too. Suuuurrreee. I guess it was a financial decision for Square Enix to release this on X1. Even though they already know they'll make just a £30 profit by releasing on X1 lol.
  • I hope they change the gameplay up seen as it's very dated now. From what I've played of FFXV I could live with it's gameplay so long as materia is worked in and they make it a big open world with all the classic locations
  • I always told my wife that I would never buy another Playstation console unless they made a FF7 remake....well played Sony, well played.
  • @26 27 how selfish and narrow minded can you be. do you speak for the entire xbox community? no i dont think you do. i fucking love FF7 i still have my ps1 copy before it went platinum which i have had since i was 6 damn years old. this game is my childhood id probly buy a ps4 just to play it there and then when it comes to xbox you know what il do? yeah il fucking buy it again. way i see it people who grew up with this game dont have to feel forced to buy a new console just to play a game they love so pull your head out of your ass and just be happy that we are all finally getting a remake of this awesome game
  • @21 + 22 - You probably find the Shenmue III announcement alone destroyed Microsoft.
  • I can't see why they wouldn't release it on xbox one aswell, they are doing with Kingdom hearts 3, only makes sence to release this on it too. Square enix realise not all of the original fans for both ff7 and Kingdom hearts own a ps4, so they open it up as simple as. Normally I'd say "can't wait for this" but I can as long as it's done right. Just imagine the gym scene is hd.
  • This is good news for everyone but some of the fanboys here are ridiculous. MS didn't win E3 at all from just backwards compatibility lol. Who the hell uses this feature after a new console comes out? Minus the achievement whores here this figure is statistically very low. It won't really benefit them much in the long term it's just a goodwill gesture to stop people jumping to PS4 from 360. No one really cares for BC and in the past its proven the same (Wii u/GameCube etc). Sure it's better than nothing but E3 was very average for MS. They showed absolutely nothing new or anything I want to play. Same old boring Halo. Gears 4 had a terrible reveal - I thought it was a bonus level in the remaster they were showing. Not that I care for Gears because just like Halo it is a terribly overrated franchise and is just a bit better than all the other Xbox games. There's no real benchmark to compare it to as the bar is raised so low in the first place when it comes to their meagre selection of first party games. Face it they've always been producing 7/10 games. They don't have the rich history and heritage or quality that come out of Japan or been around long enough to understand we just don't want shooters all the damn time. They hide their first party exclusives behind clever marketing tricking people especially on here that they're actually amazing games. The IPs they have are lame shooters or racers. I mean just compare the reveal of Rise of the Tomb Raider to the Uncharted 4 showing at the conferences. U4 blows it out of the fucking water. Rise of the Tomb Raider isn't even a proper exclusive and while the original was good - this one looked like an expansion more like a 360 game at times too.
  • @33 i like how sony themselfs and fanboys are so quick to shoot down backwards compatibility yet they have a playstation now service to play old games which is pretty damn expensive for what it is. they also said playstation is looking forward with stabilty is xbox. there is a major UI revamp on its way so its not like their sole focus is BC. as far as games go that all based on opinion really. personally i think each and every conference had a couple games im interested in so i dont who actually won just that there are a ton of games to look forward to. btw just saying what playstation exclusives are coming out this year? horizon looks great, FF7 so excited for {which isnt exclusive} uncharted 4 is oryt but il just play it round the corner at a friends.
  • @33 gizmo monkey....ur username really describes u best....monkey!u wanna sit there and talk so much shit about M$ why? because you fuckin suck at the games that come out for our system? because in reality u just like all these other sony fagboys finally realized ur system sucks compared to the xbox? ur press conference this year was fuckin shitless first off....2nd we kicked ur ass with all our announcements/exclusives/free backwards compatibility...etc. for someone like u to come on here and tell M$ fans who most likely played PS before in their lives and own games like FF7 which i still have the fucking original discs of ff7/8/9, for u to sit there and say we dont deserve them on xbox is selfish as fuck...u know damn well square wont make it a sony exclusive because even they realized sony lost this damn year thats why 24 hours later they said first on ps4/vita... how many franchises has M$ stolen away from u sony fags? hmmm....metal gear, final fantasy, tekken, and many others i have lost count already....why dont u take ur sorry ass back over to ur gay ass sony fanboy camp and just die along with ur ps4 while we sit here on xbox one and watch us take over....i dont vent like this often but u sony fags who think ur "entitled" to shit is getting annoying when ur system sucks ass!
  • I opened up Internet Explorer today to see the wonderful news! FFVII!! Woo!
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