Tropico 5 Coming to Xbox One in Spring 2016

Tropico 5 Coming to Xbox One in Spring 2016

Lee Bradley

Tropico 5 is coming to Xbox One in spring next year, publisher Kalypso Media has confirmed.

“Citizens of Tropico rejoice,” says the blurb. “You asked, and your beloved leader listened. That’s right, the wait is finally over as El Presidente has declared that Tropico 5 is confirmed to launch on Xbox One in spring 2016!”

“Not only will fans of the bearded despot be able to get to their hands on the latest instalment of the highly acclaimed dictator sim for their Xbox One console, but they will also receive exclusive extra content.”

That extra content includes the Bayo del Ofato, Big Cheese, Mad World, Generalissimo and Joint Venture add-ons, the Waterborne expansion pack and “five new, exclusive Xbox One sandbox maps” as well as a new user interface optimised for controllers, “and of course Xbox Live Achievements”.

  • Why so long
  • Oh, spring 2016? I can wait. I've had this game for the 360 in my hand at gamestop on more than one occasion. Love these games.
  • i really want to enjoy one of these games, i tried it on the 360 ,but i honestly had no idea what i was doing, so may give it a go this time round then and try and get into it.
  • coolio
  • Been waiting for this. I heard the 360 version didn't run as smooth as it should. @3 I can see why this game is a bit hard to get into. Like in real life your actions sometimes take a long time to affect your city e.g. if you build a farm it usually takes 1 or 2 years in game before it starts producing and another year before you see profits from it. Also it kinda does a bad job of giving you feedback when you lose. One game I just lost without any message as to why. After reloading and whatnot I found out that El presidente had appearently been assassinated. I think they should tell you why you lost everytime probably with a few general tips on how to prevent that cause of failure and let you check your stats ingame and quit to the main menu manually instead of just kicking you out.
  • Finally
  • Bastards. Already bought on PS4. Would've preferred to buy on X1 because that's my primary console. Why oh why did they not do a simultaneous launch, idiots.
  • It was total shit on the pc, by the mid game the cap on your population made it impossible to do anything normally . . . It annoyed me so much it literally made me scream bad words at the screen before deleting it from my computer. Also many of the basic (in other tropico's) buildings were only available through bit of paid dlc!
  • yuuuuuussssss. I've moved on to basically only using my 360 for netflix while I play games on my XB1. I really wanted to get this for my 360 but I'm glad I waited.
  • @7 That's why I wait a little while after release unless a game is a guaranteed console exclusive.
  • Very excited, but it's somewhat tempered by the fact that this was available on PC for over a year by this release date. Come on Haemimont!
  • I wanted to enjoy it, but it was just so epic! I felt so lost lol Might give it another go, as it seemed to be a great game, just a very steep learning curve
  • Sweet! Played already on PC, would not mind playing again. Love these games.
  • So remind me why are we getting backwards compatibility again?
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