Remastered Bioshock Collection Outed By Retailer

Remastered Bioshock Collection Outed By Retailer

Richard Walker

A listing for The Bioshock Collection on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has been listed by a South African retailer before being hastily removed, pointing to a remastered re-release scheduled for November of this year. is responsible for the listing, a screengrab of which you can view below (via PS4D). And although 2K Games has yet to officially announce anything on The Bioshock Collection, it certainly seems like it could be something legitimately coming to current consoles soon.

Will it release on the listed date of 27th November, however? That we're not quite so sure about. Presumably The Bioshock Collection will also include Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite, or at the very least the first two games remastered.

[Thanks, Jimbo]

  • Yay! First remaster I am actually glad to hear about!
  • please please please!!
  • Please be true and please have infinite it the collection that games just incredible.
  • @3 if this is legit infinite would have to be included, otherwise it wouldn't really be a bioshock collection. Hopefully once this comes and sells well bioshock 4 will be announced.
  • Take this with a GIANT grain of salt, but that site has ousted/posted releases in the past that ended up being legit.
  • I'm down, I would love an excuse to return to Rapture. Never got around to playing Infinite so hopefully that's included as well.
  • I'd be happier with just a Rapture collection. Infinite didn't feel like a Bioshock to me.
  • Probably one of the few games that actually needs a remaster as this series was designed for high end pc's and not 360. Loved the series but hated all the areas that did not have full resolution and appeared blurry. Hopefully this is true and they will make it closer to PCIe quality finally for the Xbone. Oh and you can just leave out the MP of part 2.
  • This is amazing. I have not really expected this although I have hoped for this. Day one for me for sure.
  • Hopefully this doesn't include infinite. Was good, but wasn't Bioshock.
  • i just bought the collection on steam, shoulda waited
  • We've been expecting you Mr Bond. Happy as Larry couldn't be happier. Never finished 2 and only scratched 3. Another one to November's list.
  • Ugh I know I'm going to be tempted to but it I'm just dreading those blue ribbon chalenges in bio infinite:( I could do without bioshock 2's multilayer though it was really a drag.
  • I agree, remove Bioshock 2's multiplayer and you have the perfect collection.
  • All 3 Bioshock games with dlc thats the remaster collection i have wanted the most other than halo!! Great news
  • Would be all over this. Fantastic games that would be fantastic to play remastered
  • instant buy if this is true
  • good idea but neexd to get rid of the multiplayer on bioshock 2 or get rid of the achievements for playing the multiplayer. As for bioshock the only problem I had with this game is the 100G achievement they added after game realease can't remember what the achieve was called but required you to download free dlc that added a extra option to turn off the revive tubes, in game, then complete the game on the hardest difficulty with the new option turned off. The problem is no matter how many times I tried to download the dlc the option to turn off the revive tubes was not there As for bioshock 3 only issue I have there is the clouds dlc is too hard maybe they can make that co-op or a little easier. If they can get that dlc on bio 1 to work and do something with the mupltiplayer achievs then I will get this game
  • @18: Brass Balls? i believe they had a brass balls ach on Bio 2 but it was for just completing the game without dying thank god lol. I was talking about this last night and the online for Bio 2 would put a few people off playing that one which would be a shame as the SP was quality. Either way a remaster of all 3 would be awesome (even though i wouldnt know how they would make Infinite look and play any better lol)
  • Really bad time to put this out. Fallout 4, Tomb Raider, Halo 5, and Battlefront are priorities, but I'll definitely pick this up next year when its $25 or less.
  • I actually enjoyed the bioshock 2 dlc but reaching max rank was a pain in the ass. I remember hacking turrets for the last few levels.
  • This is one of the few remasters I'll gladly buy. I would have been happy just to have them as BC, but this is better.
  • I haven't started Bioshock Infinite yet. Scared to because of the Blue Ribbons achievement. Hopefully it won't be in this remaster.
  • Won't these be backward compatible soon, anyway? :/
  • Surely its time to move past these re-masters now isn't it? Console has been out 2 years! Why not concentrate on pushing out new game changing games?!
  • I hope this is true. I still haven't got round to playing any of the games and would love to play a remastered version.
  • After the absolute laziness of the prototype port, zero improvement in graphics i'm not as excited for this. I'll be interested when there's proof that they are in 1080p
  • I think I can wait til it's backwards compatible, I love BioShock but its releasing at a bad time.
  • Don't tease my obsession
  • I wouldn't mind playing Infinite again on my Xbox One, but I really didn't like the first game and found 2 to be very repetitive and boring, also the unnecessary multiplayer clearly diverted resources from the core game.
  • Yes! The 3 games I've wanted to be remastered the most!!!
  • The first Bioshock was a true epic. The second one was average at best (with lot of crappy dlc and the utterly useless multiplayer)and the third one was a sorry excuse for a bioshock game (more crappy dlc and yes they will sell you plasmids one by one...). Dishonored is more Bioshock than Infinite will ever be. So save your money and time and go buy and play something else for gods sake!
  • Hell...its about damn time
  • hell yeh, best news this month!! day one purchase for me!!
  • Definately would want to visit Rapture in next gen graphics and 60 FPS :D day one purchase if true! :D
  • Yes Please! Take my money!
  • @27 please, get out. You are comparing activision who is the supreme commander of half assed shenanigans for a quick buck, to irrational. Grasping straws much?! They won't half ass this amazing collection. Ever since they announced BC and remastered games, we've all been thinking "Bioshock.."
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