Halo: Reach Backwards Compatibility Teased

Halo: Reach Backwards Compatibility Teased

Richard Walker

With Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4 and eventually even Halo 3: ODST got given the remaster treatment for Xbox One. But could the same attention be one day lavished upon Halo: Reach? It doesn't look like it, if comments from Xbox boss Phil Spencer are any sort of an indication.

Quizzed about the possibility of a Halo: Reach remaster for Xbox One on Twitter, potentially as DLC for The Master Chief Collection, Spencer replied: "I'd like to see it come via back compat." That presumably rules out any possible plans for a Halo: Reach remaster job on Xbox One.

However, should you wish to play Halo: Reach on your Xbox One, it looks like Spencer will be pushing to have it supported as an Xbox 360 backwards compatible title when the added functionality (currently in beta for Preview Program members) hits Xbox One for all users in November of this year. Seems like a no-brainer, really.

  • I really, REALLY, want 343 to add Halo: Reach to MCC. My Halo collection on XBox One feels incomplete without it. Reach is Halo at its best and likely the last great Bungie game. Reach and all of its multiplayer maps totally deserve the remaster treatment.
  • Reach is top.
  • loved reach probably my favorite halo on 360 is great news, it doesn't need a remaster anyway, it's only 5 years old now give it another generation and 5 more years and i may change my mind
  • I don't mind not having a remaster for reach even tho I wanted one for all Halo games but reach is still a good looking game and people still play the online so we can still jump on it and get back to playing reach online without it stuffing up "MCC" and with it being the 360 one I get the pre-order items :P
  • It's dumb some people hate remasters. Just don't buy it. Reach won't even be remastered for half a decade IF it even does get rematered. I say bring on more halo achievements! And re-igniting the flame of reach would be great. Bring it to xbox one via backwards compatability so I can get all the achievements again. Then I can do anniversary. If you don't wanna do it 3 times or even 2 then simply don't buy em. Problem solved.
  • This and ODST shouldnt even be associated with the MCC. Master Chief Collection should be just the games with The Master Chief in them. ODST and Reach he doesnt appear in them because they are based on other UNSC teams, Noble 6 and ODST squad (Whatever they were called). Too late with ODST now but if this was to be remastered it should come out seperately instead of a MCC add on.
  • No thanks not until the lazy cunts at 343 fix the achieves on halo master chief collection until then they can stick all new halo games up there fucking ass
  • Microsoft has already said they are going to bring all first party titles to Xbox One via backwards compatibility, excluding the kinect only titles.
  • @8: What achievements are broken? Because none of them have been broken for me and specifically the LASO achievements have a work around with the checkpoints? You want them to just unlock for you when you load up the game? Sorry but its an ACHIEVEMENT for a reason. Btw, you are really mad aren't you? Honestly, with Halo 5 around the corner, I just want to see it come BC to XB1. Let them remaster it down the line because chances are if it is added to MCC, it would just be the campaign like ODST.
  • A HD one would be nice for achievments and better framerate etc, but hey, Back Comp is just as good
  • @10 Well I've heard the flipyap dialogue about 100 times now and still no achievement, at least that's one that doesn't work
  • Reach was definitely my second fav game in the series. I'd love to see it BC.
  • Isn't Halo Reach front and center on all of Microsoft's promotional images for backwards compatibility on the One? This isn't exactly surprising.
  • Wasn't a huge a fan of Reach, the campaign was excellent as always but the multiplayer was aggravating. I doubt it will be added to the master chief collection as any XB1 rereleases of 360 games have become redundant thanks to backwards compatibility.
  • @7 actually the chief is in reach. Just Google it to see him aboard the piller of autumn in the game. So it should be brought in as part of the mcc
  • By far the worst Halo ever made.
  • @17 halo 4 then this turd Bloom made this game a shit show and don't even get me started on "armor lock"
  • every 1st party microsoft game will be backwards compatible.
  • @16, I still say thats Linda, it makes far more sense if it was Linda rather then john.
  • @7 firstly its part of the universe and secondly it does relate to the main series
  • @18, you thought armor lock is bad? try jet pack. whats the point of having stairs and lifts in the first place? also, its not fun trying to take down a sniper who just jet-packed into a far, unreachable area who now can see almost 70-80% of the map
  • lol. So many Reach kids in here. Just go back to Call of Duty where you people belong.
  • How is this news? Every backwards compatibility poster shot has shown Reach.
  • @18 Says the scrub who doesn't know how to handle the dmr. It was1 shot per 2 seconds and guaranteed you head shots. Funny how everyone expects guns to act/behave the same. #10 year old mentality OT: I'd love for reach to come to X1. Whether it's the remastered treatment or just BC.
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