Watchmen Movie Stars Lend Their Voices to the Game

Dan Webb

Warner Bros today announced that Watchmen actors, Patrick Wilson and Jackie Earle Haley, are set to provide their voices for the upcoming Watchmenvideo game.

Patrick Wilson will voice Nite Owl, who is a refined fighter, well-versed in martial arts and cutting-edge gadgetry, whilst Jackie Earle Haley voices the more rugged and brutal Rorschach, who is a feral, streetwise fighter who can disarm enemies and use their own weapons against them.

The upcoming Watchmen game serves as a prequel to the film that is due to be released on March 6th. Episode 1 of which will be available via the Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday March 4th.

  • soundz gd
  • wooopdy doooo
  • Hmm...not sure about this one yet.
  • im going to download it
  • well atleast its the same person doing voices, i hate when games and movies change voice actors. Bad example but its like WoW where in warcraft 3 he sounded cool then they changed his voice actor now he sounds like every other character. Warcraft was better in the good old days...
  • Looks pretty good for an arcade game.
  • Great that the original actors are doing the voices! It's the worst thign ever when you have bad actors doing terrible voices of your favourite characters... Peace
  • "he" being arthas or whoever
  • Anybody know if this is juct going to be a series of episodes released over XBLA, or if there are plans to put it all onto disk like an Orange Box type thing?
  • sweet
  • Not really looking foward to this...its not even a game game...its an arcade game =/....unless I hear somthing good bout this game...I don't think ill be getting this....
  • So Far, So Cash-In. I'm yet to be impressed, Hopefully I will be though.
  • id much rather play as comedian
  • Not sure if i'll get this one with so much DLC for games coming out. I know it has to be released with the movie but theres also so many games coming out around there, Halo Wars, H.A.W.X., RE5. Needed to be released earlier.
  • Yeah Comedian and Doc Manhattan in Vietnam, that would be sweeeeeeet.
  • lol
  • Anything Watchmen can't be bad ... or, let's hope.
  • never heard of it
  • That's awesome!
  • A watchmen prequel video game probably shouldn't exist
  • The game does look pretty awesome, let's all hope it is.
  • im not impressed with what ive seen so far and im not a fan of movie games anyway so i wont be getting this
  • It actually does look great for an arcade game.
  • looks ok
  • It's a prequel? That actually makes more sense...I was wondering how the hell they would make an action game out of a largely non-action movie.
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