ICYMI - The Walking Dead Season One is Free on Games With Gold Now

ICYMI - The Walking Dead: Season One is Free on Games With Gold Now

Lee Bradley

It’s very possible you’re already aware of this, but just in case you’re not, the latest Games With Gold title is now available on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Up for grabs is the celebrated Telltale episodic series The Walking Dead: Season One, which asks you to make some tough decisions as a surrogate father in a world populated by zombies. It’s available to download for free by Xbox Live Gold subscribers until the end of the month.

Still available from this month’s offerings is Valiant Hearts on Xbox One. A wonderfully touching tale of friendship during World War 1, it’s another strong adventure game. Albeit one with a decidedly different approach to The Walking Dead. Well, well worth a look.

There’s also a chance you might still be able to grab Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on Xbox 360. It was supposed to drop off Games With Gold yesterday, but is still showing as free on Xbox.com. If you forgot to, try and jump on that now. it's dead good.

  • According to my Xbox, TWD needs 131052.2GB to install? Anyone else getting this?
  • #1, nope, says 4.65GB for me.
  • @1 That's a known issue at the moment, obviously a mis-read. Are you on the new xbox one preview?
  • [Comment deleted]
  • @3 yeah. I assume that's causing it?
  • Dang, i was hoping they would give as an even older game then this.. oh well maybe next month.
  • Well gives me an excuse to replay this, shall download it on my xbox one now, see how much my other half enjoys it, been meaning to play through it with her there for an age.
  • I've already completed it on both, I hope that next month there will be a good game that I haven't already got. :-)
  • Already done,might replay on second account but there's no rush.
  • ...but but I already 1000 points in the game :(
  • have* oops.
  • @4 i'm pretty sure 360 game saves transfer to xbone via cloud. but i think that's only for backward compatible. I don't think a 360 game save will load on the xbone version of TWD... but honestly, the game didn't take very long to beat and it's another free 1,000 points. I'm excited for this. 100% on 360, soon to be 100% on XB1
  • As far as @1, if you're a member of the preview program, that is an issue in the "known issues" section. Games saying they need TB when it's really just GB. I am regretting updating my OS on the console. There is a lot of errors and issues. But that's what it is there for, so we get issue, report it, and they fix it for final release. I cant watch TV via TWC TV app, I can't play DI:2.0 with my son, it says can't find the USB base. Reported them and I'm sure soon they'll be fixed. Sorry for ranting
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