Mass Effect DLC & Mass Effect 2 Details Aplenty

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As part of Mass Effect's upcoming Platinum Hits edition, gamers will get the chance to check out some other features that come bundled with it on a separate DVD. This second disc contains a documentary titled "The Future of Mass Effect" in which Project Director, Casey Hudson and Principal Lead Designer Preston Watamaniuk discuss the upcoming Mass Effect DLC whilst Drew Karpyshyn and others discuss the sequel.

The upcoming downloadable content is set to prioritise combat over story with an arena or fight club (that was present in KOTOR) although they have some "exciting things" they want to do story wise to set up the game's sequel.

Midway through the feature, Watamaniuk comments, "Things we're working on right now, for the Mass Effect universe next ... we had something in Mass Effect 1 that again, we weren't able to pull off just because we didn't have the time and we didn't think we'd be able to do it well enough, which was a fight club or an arena. So we're actually working on that for our next downloadable content piece and we're hoping it'll be really special." Hudson continues to discuss the DLC mentioning that the it may take place on a "casino, gaming, fight club, space station."

In regards to Mass Effect 2, Hudson states that you will be able to take you character across from the first title and mentions that Mass Effect 2 will take place in a "darker period" where you're "really looking for answers." Hudson also mentions that there will be plenty of "twists and turns" and will be a "much darker experience."

Lead Writer, Drew Karpyshyn addresses the obstacles that they've had to overcome from the original with different players opting for different methods in how they went about achieveing their goals.

Karpyshyn places emphasis on the choices that a player must make in the universe and states that "if those choices didn't have consequences that carry on through the trilogy, there's no point in making them."

He continues, "Now obviously that has painted us into a difficult position, because we have multiple threads, multiple endings ... certain characters may or not be alive. It's created extra work for us but we felt it was necessary to really capture what we were going for in Mass Effect. The short answer of how we're going to deal with those decisions in Mass Effect 2, and going forward, is that we're creating alternate versions of all sorts of scenarios. We're almost creating, I hate to say 2 full games, but we're definitely creating more content that what a person will see on one playthrough."

Wow ... Ambitious much? Sounds fantastic. Different gaming experiences depending on choices you made in the original? Looks like I'm heading back to make multiple saves in the summer.

Mass Effect 2 is pencilled in for a Q1 2010 release with the DLC to be confirmed at a later date.

[Via Joystiq]
  • Brilliant :D, cant wait for ME2
  • First game was quality. DLC sounds good!
  • ME - was ight but im pretty sure ME:2 will be pretty much the same different name - like most games out there now.....unfortunenly
  • P.S. DLC looks slick
  • Nice...can't wait for the sequel now
  • @3 did you even read the article? I mean really. Sounds epic.
  • Yes! I've been waiting sooo long for more DLC! That's because DLC = achievements, and I already have the 1050 thatäs availabel now. :3
  • So excited !
  • maybe the dlc will get me back into mass effect, hopefully itll be pretty cheap.
  • i goota get this back from my brother
  • wait, so the new ME1 dcl will be released after ME2?
  • Gonna be god-like.
  • I feel relieved that I kept all my saves from Mass Effect! I'm
  • great game, played it through 4 times already, just about to start again for the achievments i didn't get before. fingers crossed for free DLC, i say that because it has been a long time now since this game has been was released. free DLC will really help with the games' profile!
  • do want
  • @ 11 - No, not at all :P
  • This reminds me that I need to get around to playing it through again, I only have 500g at the moment, I shouldn't have just played as a soldier first time through, I feel that I missed a lot... The DLC should provide enough incentive for me to start playing it again
  • oh yeah!
  • Time for me to play through Mass Effect again...
  • @19 Ditto.
  • Mass effect achievements rocked as they game rewards like exp and damage bonuses
  • Mass Effect is a top notch rpg because your decisions affected the game, this makes me believe Mass Effect 2 may just raise up there and become one of the few great rpgs that there is out there. This game WILL be amazing.
  • Looking forward to this!
  • Jeez... the thought of ME2 makes me wet...
  • DAMMIT!! i deleted my Mass Effect save data... but the sequel will be awesome either way.
  • Sick man, can't wait!
  • Don't care unless the combat, Mako controls, and framerate magically don't suck ass like they did in the first game.
  • Good thing I held off my second mass effect playthough. Still havent done bring down the sky so I will have a few new goodies to welcome me back.
  • I've said it before, and I'll say it again, ME is an IMMENSE game, probably one of, if not the, best game on the 360 so far. IMO it blows FO3 out of the water by a long margin.
  • BEST RPG EVER! Can't wait! MORE DLC!
  • Wow been waiting for some new dlc for this. ME:2 should be freaking awesome!!!
  • Never played it. Read you have to play through a bunch of times for the achievements. I'll play through a game 2x tops and it can't be longer than 10 hours for me to do so. I feel game companies are trying to make a game seem longer than it is by making you play through several times, so they can cut corners and create a small portion of a game, that feels like a full game.... to some.
  • Thats not a banana in my pocket ;)
  • I have a heroic do-gooder save and an evil ****ing bastard save from Mass Effect Ready to go :D
  • a must have for me
  • sounds great loved number 1
  • There had better be no achievements in Mass Effect 3 that require you to have made certain decisions in Mass Effect 1, that's all I'm saying. Do what they want with the story, but don't fuck with my achievements. lol
  • Three player co-op Live or fail. I like the darker setting thing though.
  • I want my DLC now!!!! : D
  • #32 how can you expect it to be a short game only lengthened by the achievements? The first game had achievements for playing through it different times and there's well over 20 hours for each play through and there's different things to do each time. Anyway I cant wait for the sequel, not so much the DLC though
  • Great way to start a day!!
  • I hope the second one improves all the first games flaws
  • Wow. They're still planning Mass Effect DLC?!? Who knew?!? Maybe they'll get it out of the gate before ME2 is released. Not holding my breath for that, though.
  • DLC sounds fun. Also cant wait for ME2. :)
  • Woot! Maybe I can get my Mass Effect fix again. @38: Mass Effect would suck with co-op, I personally wouldn't want three people running around and trying to command them all when I can tell the computer to do that for me, and I know that the computer will do what I tell it to.
  • MOAR DLC.. NOW!!!
  • "I hope the second one improves all the first games flaws" Flaws? FLAWS??! What flaws?
  • cant wait!!
  • I would be completely ok with them skipping that fight club DLC to spend more time perfecting ME2. @46 "NO MOAR POINTLESS DLC...NOW!!!" If it doesn't further the storyline or expand the cannon, then don't bother.
  • I just pooped a little! I can't wait!!!!
  • i enjoyed the first one, and its about time more info got released about the second.
  • ME does have flaws, of course, its not perfect, nothing is, but its bloody good dispite its flaws. @32, if you havent played it, you'll never understand, the game is HUGE without additional playthroughs, I am nearly 30 hours into my first playthrough, and I am already champing at the bit to do my 2nd and subsequent playthroughs. I have been gaming for a LOOOONNNNGGG time, and I can't remember a game that made me want to playthrough again as much as ME does.
  • Okay the excitement has worn off. The DLC should be out now, it's been how long? and 3 years between games on the same console, it's not like it going to be on the next gen of consoles. ME2 better be epic. DLC better be out soon, seeing as this Q1 has seen the most dlc releases. Bioware should take note, and release some vids or something because reality has kicked back in and I remember them promising us alot of this. Just the other day I say dev vids from 06 E3 about ME, from that to the final product was a big change.
  • Can't wait for some new DLC and I can only imagine how awesome the sequel will be now that they've learned from their mistakes in the first one!
  • Well, I just finished my second play-through and I got to say this was a mediocre game at best. I nabbed 25 achieves (590gs), and have absolutely NO desire to go after the rest of them. This game tried too hard to be the spiritual successor to KotOR, and in that regard I believe it failed. I would say ME is more like KotOR LITE, with a different (and totally uninspiring) story and somewhat better graphics. Yawn. Bring on Bioshock 2!
  • sounds freaking awesome - not as excited about the dlc as the sequel, but pumped for both. i didn't love mass effect QUITE as much as KOTOR, but thats mostly because im a star wars junky, and KOTOR is one of my top 5 favorite games on any system (it definitely helped halo make the xbox worth buying). even the sequel was good, but with a goofy story (it would've been perfect if "Darth Traya" was REVAN like it should've been. anyways mass effect is a fantastic game that i think anyone who's a fan of shooters or rpgs owes it to themselves to try. it's (almost) always great when the team behind one of your favorite games ever takes the next step - even when they're owned by EA in this instance. can't freaking wait, fortunately lots of good games to pass the time. please don't suck, Sta
  • ...Star Ocean was how #54 was supposed to end, i guess i geeked out a little too much there and got cut off. what can i say, next gen incarnations of my favorites do it for me (mmm FFXIII/star ocean/.....KOTOR 3?!). and @#56... bring it on indeed *jump to see if bioshock 2 has a date yet* mmm fall of this year, hope it doesnt get pushed.
  • Can't wait for the sequel. Played the first like three times and still wanting to play again. Also looking forward to the new downloadable content.
  • It doesn't get any better than this. You would think it'll get GOTY just for being that complicated to make and how amazing of a story they've put together.
  • If they truely make ME2 dependant on your choices in ME... it would be a huge gaming breakthrough. I hope they set their sights and goals lofty and do so. I can see how this would be a massively difficult task but, its possible.
  • ME was awesome, Looking forward to the next one.
  • Good news .. Now I just have to figure out what I did on my last playthrough and see if I want to carry that over ....
  • That's awesome. I'd definently check it out
  • That's great! Can't wait for the sequal and dlc.
  • @32 and ppl that dont like to replay games multiple times: Don't let the achievments change ur mind about playing this game. ME is amazing. One of the best and most immersive games I have ever played. Please do yourself a favor and ignore the achievments if they r making u NOT play this game. Can't wait for the DLC. It will make me start another playthrough which I have been thinking of doing for a while. And of course I'll be buying ME2 day one.
  • WHere is the ton of DLC they talked about? There was talk about things bridging the gap between 1 and 2. There was suppose to be many episodes for DL but looky here we are finally getting the second. Beside that, I love this game. I have played through it about 12 times. And I cant wait for Mass Effect 2 and the DLC.
  • Love this game..Honestly probably done every scenario and still playing Cant wait!!! I have a feeling some DLC will be released this month (GDC)or the coming months for sure!!!
  • My bad GDC is in March.
  • ME2 is going to be AMAZING! Mass Effect 1 is still my all time favorite game EVER.
  • Game Sucked
  • I think I am in love....
  • mass effect 1 was fun but it is NOT the best RPG ever. the leveling system was a little sad, not really customizing the characters. and the framerate was balls. and everyone moves like robots. having female shepard jump bones with ol whats-his-name was pretty sweet though. why dont they complicate the COMBAT somewhat, cause it was a little yawn-worthy.
  • #72, This game development team HAS NOT grown since KotOR. ME plays almost exactly like KotOR did (minus the sabers), so don't expect BioWare to be making any great leaps or bounds in any category. They obviously like to make games a certain way, and it looks like they're going to stick with it. That's why the game suffered, and that's why it's sequel will as well.
  • Oh. Hell. Yes.
  • Awesome! Loved the first one and am currently reading the second book! Just hope it comes out after March, because all my time will be devoted to RE 5 in March and at least April!
  • Well this means its gonna take a long long time to make the third game. Imagine how many different story possibilities there will be for that game. Well it looks like my level 60 Vanguard is coming out of retirement! I hope they have a better villain this time round and improve the frame rates. I hope the ally achievements don't return (at least not six of them) because they were tedious. I also hope the side quests are better and the environments are more varied. I would also prefer more cities in the game like the citadel rather than having multiple quests on bare boring planets. Lastly, I hope the Mako controls are greatly improved and more and better biotic powers are available.
  • I loved the first ME, must of beaten it at least 6 times already. I love every game BioWare releases, they are truly the kings of RPG titles. If you guys have not tried out some of their other games, such as Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, and Neverwinter Nights, I highly suggest doing so, especially if you loved Mass Effect! Mass Effect is one of those games, much like all other BioWare games, where you do not mind going through again and again. CAN'T WAIT FOR MASS EFFECT 2/MORE ME 1 DLC!!
  • guess I shouldn't have traded it, oh well I could probably pick up a used cpoy for 20 bucks. Looking forward to me2
  • I gues now is the time to pick up the first one. :P
  • Fantastic news, the first one is brilliant
  • There are two main pivotal points in the story that I can see them changing in the Second Story... Man I can't wait to see what they are going to do.
  • Mass Effect 2 sounds like fun but i dont believe i will be doing DLC for ME1
  • Love this game! Hope the second one is even better!
  • I just hope there are lods more weapons, and an improvement on the powers as I personally didnt even bother with them because you could get through the game without them fine. That said still a totally amazing game, cant wait for the second :P
  • Count me in!
  • I still need to by th BDTS dlc, but i love mAss effect! best i own game on xbox aswell as oblivion!
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