Borderlands Triple Pack Heading to Xbox 360 This Month

Borderlands Triple Pack Heading to Xbox 360 This Month

Richard Walker

2K Games will be releasing a Borderlands Triple Pack later this month, bundling Borderlands, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel in one bumper box that also includes all of the DLC for each game.

It follows the release of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for Xbox One and PS4, which brought together remastered versions of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel with their respective DLCs. The Borderlands Triple Pack features all three games.

The Borderlands Triple Pack will be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and is set to launch on 17th November for $49.99/£39.99. 2K Games also recently released the Evolve: Ultimate Edition for $60, bundling Evolve with its Behemoth expansion and two Hunting Season Passes.

  • Got my hopes up for a second there until I read 360, lol. Borderlands 1 with updated graphics, 60 fps a new achievement list for old fans to earn again and possibly 4 player split screen would sell like hotcakes. Doesn't look like it'll happen though.
  • No, 2k. No
  • I can't see this selling to many people. Just a dirty cash grab from 2K.
  • I would buy if ALL DLC was on disc. So far, I don't know how they are including the DLC.
  • Go home 2K you're drunk again. Really need to go to those AA meetings.
  • ....Why?
  • nope
  • @4 I was afraid when I bought the Handsome collection from a pawn shop. Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition on Xbox One screwed me over, since you needed a season pass, which was already used in my case. But with the Handsome collection it's all there for realsies, without having to purchase anything before hand whatsoever. :)
  • Really they can't be arsed adding tales to this or even bringing borderlands one as a cheap add one to the handsome collection this is poor 2k book up ur ideas an start work on borderlands 3 or a new ip
  • @9...battleborn? a new IP? very similar in artstyle to borderlands? ever heard of it?
  • @9 And they have already announced Borderlands 3 is in early developement.
  • See, tho is the real collection they should have re-released foe the Xbox One, what happened 2k? You used to be cool
  • I'm confused why people are mad about this. It's just a bundle of the games for those who haven't played them, or maybe played them and didn't buy the DLC. $50 for three games and a dozen DLCs is a bad thing? Not to mention 4,745 Gamerscore in one shot.
  • [Comment deleted]
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  • People tend to forget that there are many other who just joining the world of xbox. I bought my 360 quite late and for me it was a huge help to find such releases of older games. I bought the complete or goty edition of almost all of the bigger titles. Why is it hurting that others can catch up with a reasonable price? It is not like they stop developing new games because of these re releases. I would love to see a pre sequel goty, too, next to my BL 1-2 goty editions. Oh, and don't forget about the convenience having DLCs on a disc.
  • I just would like ONE THING : for 2K to separate Presequel from Borderlands 2 on X-One, so people could buy just one game. That's it.
  • I sense this pack coming to XOne really soon! ;)
  • Hoping the 360 BL2 is backwards compatible on the Bone soon, I got the season pass the xmas just after it came out but never got around to playing any of the DLC.
  • @13 It is because they have rereleased these titles a total of 7 times now. P.S. Pants, way to delete comments cause you simply disagree. You must be the most unprofessional staff I have ever seen.
  • Honestly I'd pay extra to NOT play Borderlands PS...
  • @#13 - I know a reason to be mad. These motherfuckers still want $30 goddamn dollars for the Season Pass for Borderlands: TPS despite giving the DLC away on the One with the Handsome collection and now it's included in this cash grab which I'll have to pay $50 to get. They are absolutely fucking over those of us who supported the game from day 1 on the 360. You know, the system they originally announced would be the only one getting the game? Who can forget Randy Pitchman's bullshit about the 360's "install base" and whatnot that lasted until they just magically pulled the One version out of his gaping asshole 4 months later? And I'm not even being "entitled" and asking for the Season Pass for free, I just want a discount. And you know what? You try to start a thread with this suggestion on their forums and the mods remove it. People hate Ubisoft and EA, but for some reason Take-Two Interactive's devs just get a free pass to do any underhanded bullshit they want and everyone acts like it's cool.
  • @20: Only thing I've deleted from this thread was a reported double post. It looks like maybe someone else deleted the other one before I took care of the double and now they're both gone? Not sure what it said. I don't delete anything unless it is reported. If I disagree with you, I'll discuss it with you. That's half the reason people dislike me, because I have no issue telling them when I think they're wrong. If I just deleted posts when I disagreed, half our comments would disappear. Instead, I calmly and rationally state my opinions. How dare I, right?
  • @13 Because people will literally complain about anything. Nothings ever good enough ever. No one has a positive attitude towards anything anymore they just want to criticize everything cause they think thats how their opinions matter.
  • @20 how does releasing these titles 7 times affect you, unless you were dumb enough to buy them 7 times.
  • Dear 2k- Borderlands 3 with Tiny Tiny and Mr. Torgue as playable characters.
  • @#24 - I have a very good reason to complain, but you've ignored it. Not everyone is just bitching to bitch.
  • I think it's great. Breathes new life into the servers for those of us still trying to finish them off.
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