Resident Evil 6 For Xbox One and PS4 Rated in Korea

Resident Evil 6 For Xbox One and PS4 Rated in Korea

Richard Walker

It looks like Resident Evil 6 could well be the next in line to receive the remaster treatment for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 alongside Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero, if ratings from the Koreans Ratings Board are to be believed.

Originally released to a decidedly lukewarm reception back in October 2012 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Resident Evil 6 told its story from the perspective of three different characters, with Resident Evil 2 and 4's Leon S. Kennedy, Resident Evil 1 and 5's Chris Redfield and newcomer Jake 'son of Albert Wesker' Muller all getting a piece of the action.

It's worth noting that the Koreans Rating Board also previously leaked the HD version of Resident Evil Revelations for Xbox 360 and PS3 before they had been announced, so it's entirely possible that Resident Evil 6 for Xbox One and PS4 could be a legitimate thing. We'll just have to wait for an official announcement from Capcom.

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  • no body asked for this :)
  • If they do a good upgrade, I will enjoy this.
  • Many say RE6 is a big disappointment in the series. I played it and at least I didn't hate it.
  • RE4 aye. But I'm just hoping for BC for it
  • Absolutely hands down agree with #1
  • I quite enjoyed the RE6 campaign, but there is absolutely no way I want to sit through all that MP stuff again.
  • Go home Capcom, you're drunk! Nobody wants/needs/asked for this!
  • Give us Resident Evil 2!!!!!
  • Who wanted resident evil 6!? WTF!! lol. Imo that was one of the worst RE games made. They tried to bring in a bigger group of people by making the game easier ( walk and shoot , ninja giden type movement ) but failed. Keep it old school, killing authentic zombies is easy already. Having to stop and shoot makes RE more intense and enjoyable. Looking forward to the Resident evil zero remake!! that was my fav back on gamecube
  • It may not have been a great Resident Evil game, but I really enjoyed it for what it was.
  • Why don't they start from 0 and do them in order? I want 5!
  • didnt asked for this but 6 was pretty fun imo not as fun as 5 and not nearly as good as 4 but still pretty good
  • Hello, Hi all huge Resident Evil Fan Paralyzer where to begin First off to the guy shouting give us RE2, it's already been confirmed, they are making it. We asked, they listened, just sit back and wait cause it's gonna be a while. Also Um I asked for this. RE6 remasted um yeah I would enjoy playing this game again. Not sure why everyone gives it so much hate. It was pretty damn long and pretty damn fun. Make an improved version of it and maybe some more Characters for mercenaries this game is gonna be amazing. To the guy saying they should start from 0 and work their way back to 5.... Check out Resident Evil Origins Collection this January, you get 0 HD, and REmake HD all with neat new goodies, a new control scheme and some pretty fun achievements. Don't forget RE2 Remake has already been given the green light. No idea how far they are on making it but it's being made. Okay, so I think I got everything. Don't forget RE4 and Code Veronica have already made it to Xbox 360 a while back. Code Veronica does an excellent job on the classic style of RE Wish we could get an RE5 remaster. That was a good game. Enjoyed that one a lot... So yeah everyone have a great day and continue to be Resident Evil fans and for those who want this Remaster get pumped! For those who don't want the remaster it's cool. Nobody is making you buy it :)
  • If the price is right I would play the shut out of this. Especially with a friend.
  • Long as it doesn't have any of the DLC, nothing but very grindy online achievements. I'll stick with my 1k thank you very much.
  • If they throw in the Mercenaries No Mercy and Left 4 Dead characters from the PC version, I'd buy this for sure. It's a great coop game online and splitscreen. 4 decent length campaigns too. If it's the same price as the other 2 HDS I'd love this
  • *sits and waits for RE: 7*
  • Xbox One must have more HD ports than original titles... Still, if people missed out on this game that costs roughly a fiver, i'm sure they could pay triple for it on Xbox One. Still waiting for a Star Wars Battlefront HD collection that'll never happen.
  • biggest disappointment in the series so far for me this one, just felt far too cliche even for a a res title, i felt like it was a grind rather than fun to play, i even enjoyed 5 for what it was a fun co op blaster..... IF this is really cheap il pick it up, otherwise il wait for a sale , i feel this franchise really needs to go back to its roots, ditch the 7 for the next one and just start again , zombie survival horror, have it along the lines of 1 3 4 or veronica. even 4 worked in a step away from the franchise, but now its just mediocre at best action set pieces.
  • i really liked RE6 and would mind playing through it with updated graphic and suck just as long as they get ride of the mp modes as imo they were not needed and very boring
  • In my opinion, if they released Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 in one compilation for like $30-$40, I think that would be totally worth it.
  • Well I am ready for this then again as my XBA brethren know...massive RE fan as I am, I cannot pass it up.
  • HA! Why six, at least port 4 or 5.
  • I didn't actually mind this,just hated the bolted on multiplayer.Like resident evil 5,there was no need for it.
  • I actually hated playing thru 6; chris' campaign was a poor gears clone. I only enjoyed 1 of the 4 campaigns. I would rather poke my eyes out with a pitchfork than play 6 again!
  • @13 Dude chill. Your not the only one that loves RE. I have the umbrella & s.t.a.r.s tattooed on my shoulder. It was the first horror game i played when i was young. Im just saying 6 didnt even feel like RE at all. It felt like a action shooter, more then a horror survival RE that everyone loves. RE6 was a slap in the face to the hardcore fans. Its not bad, it just doesn't have that RE feel to it. I mean come on! Its been how many games with chris? And now all of a sudden hes a kong fu master in RE6? lol
  • Never finished this tripe on last gen
  • Much rather they announced REmake 3 coming out beside REmake 2. Then Code Veronica with yet another RE4 port, and were good.
  • Wait a minute! Capcom is re-releasing the same exact game with only very minor tweaks? I would have never guessed they would do such a thing!
  • Capcom is struggling with money remember? So these remasters are a way to build funds to develop future games. Mainly RE2 REmake.
  • Seeing as how RE7 may be coming sometime soon, this is just a way for them to port their engine and make a profit from it to build more funds for the next game. Most will say RE6 is a bad game, but to me it's one of my favorite co-op games. We can all agree it's not really a Resident Evil game, but it does have some of the best co-op features with quite a bit of replayability due to the asymmetric levels where one player goes off and does one thing while another does something else.
  • These remasters will continue to be released until Sony copies the Xbox One's backward compatibility feature. Feel sorry for Sony though, throwing all that money away on the Gakai streaming service or whatever it's called when they could have just used that money to buy up some studios and actually have some worthy exclusives.
  • remaster?!! this game only came out recently it just seems all these companies want to do now, instead of releasing a new game is just tweek the graphics a little and re-release on the newest gen. i cant support titles like this, if they old like resident evil 1 or 2 then fair enough but this game only just came out recently!!! please stop this nonsense!!
  • just add it to the backwards compatible list
  • The best RE gets a remaster wooo hoooo(!)
  • @35 Have to agree. I already own it. I won't buy this until it's cheap as hell. Still haven't bought the DMC4 remaster.
  • nice
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