Handball 16 is Out Now For Xbox One and Xbox 360

Richard Walker

Youn can tell it's been a slow news day when we're devoting an entire news post to Handball 16, but here we are. No offence to the sport of handball; tis a fine sport, but video game renditions of it are rather few and far between. Until now that is. Handball 16 is available this very minute on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

"Play with all your favourite teams in Handball 16, the first handball simulation. Discover a realistic game system, using a new physics and rendering engine, and enjoy fully redesigned controls for a more accessible game experience," the Xbox.com description reads.

"Use all the real handball moves and tactics: the spin shot, hip shot, fake, dodge and jump shot. Play with all 68 teams from the three biggest European leagues, with all the players, kits and official statistics of the 2015-2016 season. Learn how to play with a help system that adapts to your play style and evolves as you progress."

Handball 16 is handling its balls (sorry, but these things write themselves) now on Xbox One for $59.99/£44.99 and Xbox 360 for $34.99/£29.99. Balls.

  • no.1 game right here.
  • Ball off
  • Video game renditions are few and far between...so dedicate a whole week to it.
  • My wife should be in this game.....SHE'S THE BALL BUSTING CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!
  • 59.99 lol what were they smoking when they came up with this price
  • $60?.... LMAO!!
  • @5 hands, balls and a bunch of sweaty dudes. Price is justified
  • I was partially interested until I saw the price
  • The stadium isn't even full lmao
  • I wonder what the rules of handball are
  • The very first word is misspelled.
  • I love how the goalie has no face at all. This is pretty damn funny.
  • Youn can tell when an article hasn't been proofread.
  • Always proofread to make sure you don't any words out.
  • I initially read "Hardball 16" and thought the Xbox One was finally getting a decent baseball game.
  • I would have been interested until I saw £44.99. Wow, just wow. That's gonna bomb so hard. If it was half that, then I would have considered getting it.
  • $59.99..? Sales goals must be pretty low then. Who would pay that price? Here I was thinking I'd give it a shot at $12 to $15.Sometimes I have to question these guys sanity. Heck, I'm waiting for a good deal on the Rugby games.Im not sure I'd even want to rent this.
  • 10/10 says ign. (Please note sarcasm) ..... But seriously, £44.99 for this? Thought this would have been at the most £30.
  • GOTY!!!
  • I predict huge sales, just check out TA, there are already a whole 12 tracked gamers who have played it! 12!
  • $79.95? No thanks, I could get a hooker to play handball with me for less than that.
  • The stadium is more full in the game than it is in real life......and yet they forgot to fill the stands. lol 68 teams from 3 European Leagues?! WTH Million dollar athletes no doubt!!
  • If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. Game on!
  • As many have said. The Pricing is an issue. Handball is popular in europe, would say more popular then Ice Hockey for example. But if you have such a high price for a niche title im not sure it will be successful
  • Why would I pay for this I can just get my girlfriend to put her hands down my pants for free
  • @24 - if by 'popular' you mean that at least the player's family come to their games, then yes, it is very popular. No but seriously, Handball is nowhere near popular in "Europe" (which is still 47 completely different countries)
  • This is a thing?
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