Rise of The Tomb Raider Season Pass Detailed

Rise of The Tomb Raider Season Pass Detailed

Lee Bradley

Microsoft and Square Enix have shared more info on the Rise of the Tomb Raider Season Pass, detailing all of the extra content you’ll be able to get your hands on.

Among the offerings is the single-player add-on, Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch, a trailer for which was released during The Game Awards earlier this week (I’ve embedded it below). Endurance Mode and the Zombies-sounding Cold Darkness Awakened, meanwhile, provide their own standalone challenges.

In addition to this, the Season Pass also includes Expedition Card Packs and a batch of new outfits and weapon skins. You can find details of all of it below, along with an indication of release dates. The Rise of the Tomb Raider Season Pass costs $29.99.

  • Endurance Mode – Releasing December 29: Lara will be tasked with surviving extreme conditions by scrounging, scavenging and crafting during the day. You start with nothing, and must find everything Lara needs to remain alive. She will also face threats from both man and beast by night. It’s basically woman-versus-wild and players will need to survive as long as they can. The DLC comes with a new outfit and weapon and a spot on the leaderboard.
  • Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch – Releasing in Early 2016: You saw the trailer from The Game Awards 2015 pre-show, which featured Lara exploring a “forbidden forest” in Siberia. It’s the area where a Soviet expedition vanished without a trace. Lara is looking for a missing man in an area called the Wicked Vale, but instead “finds a nightmare that she cannot explain.” Baba Yaga is rumored to be haunting the forbidden forest, but there may be more to the legend. The DLC features hours of gameplay which expands the story of the main campaign with an all new tomb filled with puzzles. It also comes with a new duds and a bow.
  • Cold Darkness Awakened – Releasing in 2016: A Cold War research base with dormant weapons has been breached, and it causes a “serious affliction” to spread through the wilds of Siberian. It has caused both man and beast to become “blood-thirsty, mindless killers.” Lara will need to survive waves of the infected while gathering their equipment and crafting additional gear on the fly. It features new enemies and challenges along with Lara needing to find a a way to stop or reverse the catastrophe. Includes a new outfit and weapon.

Expedition Card Packs

  • Silver Expedition Card Pack – A set of 5 Expedition Cards, guaranteed to contain at least one Uncommon Card.
  • Gold Expedition Card Pack – A set of 5 Expedition Cards, guaranteed to contain at least one Rare Card.
  • Advantage Expedition Card Pack – A set of 5 Expedition Cards, each of which will give Lara a distinct advantage while playing.
  • Challenge Expedition Card Pack – A set of 5 Expedition Cards, each of which inflicts a restriction on Lara or another modifier that makes gameplay more difficult. Overcome challenges to earn bonus credits.
  • Wild Expedition Card Pack – A set of 5 Expedition Cards, each of which will have a highly unique impact on gameplay. Cou;d contain “creative, crazy, or even Rare Cards .”

New outfits and weapon skins

  • The Siberian Ranger Pack (available now) – Includes the “Siberian Ranger” outfit which increases Lara’s carrying capacity of all special ammunition, the “Accipiter Nox” Semi-Automatic Pistol skin, and a card pack with two guaranteed rare cards and three other cards that have an increased chance at being rare.
  • The Prophet’s Legacy Pack (available in 2016) – Includes the “Immortal Guardian” outfit that reduces Lara’s damage from Greek Fire, the “Piercing Truth” dagger and a card pack with two guaranteed rare cards and three other cards that have an increased chance at being rare.
  • The Ancient Vanguard Pack (available in 2016) – Includes the “Ancient Vanguard” outfit that reduces the delay before Lara regenerates her health, the “Guiding Light” Bow skin and a card pack with two guaranteed rare cards and three other cards that have an increased chance at being rare.
  • The Wilderness Survivor Pack (available in 2016) – Includes the “Nightshade” outfit that gives Lara the chance of looting an exotic animal resource from a common animal, the “Deathsong” Bloody Hatchet and a card pack with two guaranteed rare cards and three other cards that have an increased chance at being rare.

  • The survival mode sounds interesting. Could either turn out being really cool, or....
  • @#1 Didn't have any issues at any point in the game
  • Can't wait for the story DLCs :)
  • @5 I always wait for sales.
  • $60 for the main game and $30 for the DLC, seems like an original idea to me and what's sad is people will be standing in line to pay $30 for the rest of the game. This is why we have over priced DLC, because idiotic people jump all over it, instead of forcing companies to either charge a lot less for the DLC or put the complete experience on the damn disc to begin with.
  • Love the game. Shit, it's the reason I got an XB1 when I did. But this... eh, I'll pass until some crazy sale. Endurance Mode might be okay. Temple of the Witch sounds cool. The last one is just another Horde mode... no thanks. Maybe in the summer when it goes on sale for $10-$15 I'll think about it. But, most likely I'll wait for the inevitable GOTY Edition on PS4 next year.
  • Basically, they've added a zombie mode. Starting to get bored of zombies now. The rest sounds OK but I'll wait to see how many of these additional 'hours' the Baba Yaga DLC adds before I see if its worth the cost or if I'll wait for a sale.
  • I wait for a season pass sale. Great idea though. It's been since the first Castlevania reboot (2011) since I've seen Baba Yaga appear somewhere else. (For people who are not known with the story: It's a witch from Eastern Europe/Russian fairy tales who lives in a house on chicken legs, and who flies on a mortar instead of a broom)
  • I haven't played the game yet (only bought it last week) so I don't really understand how the cards work, nor if getting new ones is particularly valuable, but at a glance the only thing I consider worthwhile is the Baba Yaga content, so I'll probably just wait for the standalone DLC to go on sale at some point.
  • @7 - it would be hard for them to put the it all on the damn disk as it won't even be completed yet. The whole game is on the disk. The DLC is value added. It's not all just sitting there waiting for a date to meter it out. That's not how software development works. It's a crunch just to get the game make the date to press media, then any last minute bugs/optimisation in the 4-5 weeks between that and launch/patch. If you bought the game then you have the experience they set out to give you. If you want more, get the DLC. If you don't, then don't and look down upon the idiotic people. It's not like all of a sudden the game just stops with a black screen with insert DLC here in bold letters and then carries on disjointed if it isn't there and you're wondering wtf happened there? The "put it all on the disk", "give us the whole game" usually with a "Fuck You EA" somewhere close by is ignorant and tiresome by this stage. Now price of season passes and quality of content are *entirely* different matters. If you are charging in headlong to get a season pass with no details a la Battlefront then it's buyer beware. I got burnt with the Hardline season pass based of the exceptional value I got from the BF3 and BF4 premium. I haven't even downloaded a single piece of content for Hardline because the game had no longevity for me (a month). But I did have an idea of what to expect and still got burnt. The benchmark for a while to come for poor quality/value is going to be Arkham Knight. And the benchmark for escalating cost is going to be Battlefront. The costs are escalating because the games are getting more expensive to make. GOTY versions come out once the tipping point is reached to maximise recouping costs. If you want your "whole experience" on the damn disk wait for that. You are going to be the one that determines how quickly you need to play it, and if by virtue its around release and you can't wait 12 months for a GOTY then you are shoulder to shoulder with the idiotic people you point your finger at.
  • #12 - agree with every single word you wrote! This mindless, uneducated "DLC is content they withheld from us"-BS must stop, it's not even funny at this point! Granted, there might be games where this is/was the case (AC 2 with it's "missing chapters" comes to mind), but it clearly isn't the case with this game (I am at 10 hours and not even 60% completion). People must understand that Triple A games are getting more and more expensive and it's only natural devs and publishers are looking for new ways to make money. But as long as it's optional and "added value" (as you wrote) people should chill! I swear, gamers are the only group of people complaining about MORE options!?!
  • Baba yaga looks good, i really like the sound of endurance though
  • Defending season passes is idiotic unless you enjoy paying £80 or more for every big hitting game; and people defending devs saying they need to get money back are you having a laugh?! Fallout 4 has made a fortune already. Do you really think they need another £20-£30/$20-$30 for a season pass?! No its pure greed and its ruining the industry. I mean call of duty all makes a insane amount of money and has a £40 season pass! That is just a slap in the face in MY OPINION to anyone who supports the game, if they gave a shit about their customers they could give some of these as free updates
  • Hmm the endurance mode just sounds like the valley of the yetis tower defence bit from farcry 4 and no idea why they add extra outfits months affter the game is out, who is going to use them? does anyone really replay a game a year later just to use a different outfit?
  • Triple-A games don't -need- to get more and more expensive, is the thing. Quality games can and still are being made at a fraction of the cost. Dark Souls, for instance. So, 'games are expensive to make' is not a legitimate excuse to leech customers for extra money for extra content that's sometimes developed and finished before the game launches. If you need 6 million copies sold to not be a failure, then the real failure was budgeting and needless spending during production.
  • Another crappy season pass, half of is Expedition Card Packs and weapon and outfits. At full price its terrible value, sadly some will just mindless buy it. Also a horde zombie mode? Season pass could be great but most developers find any old shit like looking down the pack of the sofa for items
  • I'm waiting until next year when they release the GOTY edition with all the DLC.
  • Some games could do with season passes. Dragon Age Inquisition comes to mind with its 3 £12 dlcs. Thats 36 right there. If they knew they were going to do that much content, why not do a season pass?
  • my post should of been "back of the sofa" (as you may of guessed!)
  • Hmmm DLCs ... i love videogames since the 2010s cause i really love to pay 100$ for a game. No i m not a hater, i REALLY SERIOUSLY think it s great to pay more for games. If I dont spend more money in games i would be spending that extra cash in booze or with some of you guys moms, so that s awesome to ahve DLCs. In my case, what i like the most is paying for contents released within a month and a half after the game release, I dont understand people saying it should be in the disk. I also like to pay for stuff in like 8 months, it s like a little surprise, i dont understand people saying it s money raising for pure promises. I want more DLCs and more expensive please, and Santa please, i wish all games endings come with a DLC. [Retard Mode OFF]
  • @12 & @13 just keep drinking the Kool-Aid sheep and keep making excuses for the devs to be greedy assholes, or maybe you are greedy assholes who work for these devs who rip off their customers. the DLC was worked on at the same time as the main game so is it too much to ask to have that part of the game put on the same disc that people paid $60 for? the video game industry has become totally fucked up because you idiots want to make excuses that in turn fuck over the rest of us. like I said, keep drinking the Kool-Aid sheep, maybe some day you'll realize that there is cyanide in it.
  • some of the dlc seems good, but fuck me thats not worth $30, why do greedy game companies think they can charge so much for DLC. Downloadable content.... not a fucking full game, some dlc that usually is hyped up then sucks anyway. id rather die than be a tosser who pays that much for a season pass. And if your one of the idiots who defends the price, ive only got one thing to say to you.... fuck you, you people are the reason this shit happens. I dont mind a season pass if its like $10 maybe $15 aslong as its beefy content with a good amount of playtime. No way will i ever pay $30 for a season pass of shite that lasts a few hours id rather buy another damn game
  • i like how they add a bunch on new skins and card packs into the season pass list to make it seem like your getting a good value where in reality your being ripped off. most season passes from ubisoft are a rip off, they give give you a couple missions and then fill the rest of it with useless crap that does not add game value. if a person was to buy just the actual game playable content you would probably save a bunch of money instead of buying the season pass
  • @12 & 13: I think what you are both missing is that many of us feel the developers are deliberately shipping unfinished games or omitting content which could have been included in the base version in order to charge us for it later, i.e. charge us $90-$120 for $60 worth of content. One of you mentioned the "missing chapters" from AC2 and claimed that "deliberate omission" did not apply here, but you're drawing that inference from your time played, which has nothing to do with whether or not content was deliberately cut. Season passes and pre-orders are ways of duping consumers, and as you can see from this thread, most people are on to the game companies' shenanigans. As we all band together and collectively avoid DLC or wait for GOTY editions, it sends a clear message that we want completed products, not piecemeal offerings and inflated prices. Hopefully you'll get on board.
  • @Frankie - It was me who wrote about AC 2 being a negative example, and yes, in that case it was almost criminal behaviour, because it was content clearly cut from the game! But this a news message about Tomb Raider, and clearly you get a full game there. I never even once pre-ordered a game, and am an advertiser waiting one or two years for the GoTY edition, as I did with the Arkham games for example, no matter how much I wanted to play them. Of course, when a new game releases and someone writes "I will wait for the Goty edition" he gets downvoted as well, so it's not like gamers who are against DLCs are all for being patient. It's really like buying a new car, for this amount of money you get the car with 4 wheels and a working engine, you get a working product, but if you want to pay for leather interior or a GPS system or other extras, you have to pay more! How come no one ever complains that there are extras available when buying a car, or getting quicker delivery with Amazon Prime, but if games have DLCs, people complain? I stand by my opinion, gamers are the only group of people complaining about more options!
  • The prices they charge are of no value to me.I would never pay $25-$50 for ANY season pass.I'd rather wait for a sale or complete edition.You could argue the semantics all day, but it all boils down to what you're willing to pay.I think its a rip off, you don't.There's really nothing more to be said.
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