Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition Now Coming in 2016

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition Now Coming in 2016

Richard Walker

Originally scheduled for release this year, Moon Studios has announced that Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition will now be coming to Xbox One and PC in spring 2016, with the developer promising to share more news on the improved version of the indie behemoth "soon".

"In official news: We want to let our fans know that you can play Ori Definitive Edition in Spring 2016 & will have more news to share soon!" the dev announced on Twitter.

Announced during Gamescom 2015, Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition will include all manner of extras, improvements and more, with Game Director Thomas Mahler stating: “We really went back, added more content, fixed ALL the things people have been asking for (not talking about bugs here, but actual design and content feedback) and we just want to give back and make it the perfect experience for people who loved Ori and those who haven't gotten to try it yet.”

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition is out in spring 2016, and is brilliant. You can read our review here. If you can't wait for the Definitive Edition, Ori is on sale now in the Xbox Store Countdown Sale with 50% off.

  • Any info yet if this will be paid DLC or an update if you have the game already?
  • Well fuck I bought this either earlier this month or late last month cause it was on sale, now it's getting a definitive edition :-( well shitfire.
  • Awesome, really glad to see this the day after I buy it in the sale!! :(
  • Was planning on buying this in the sale... but now I'm thinking I should wait for the definitive edition. Very strange timing to make this announcement!
  • I don't think it matters that you guys have purchased now. They still haven't confirmed if it will be paid or not, but it will be an update to the existing game, so you're not buying twice. This was also announced originally back in August so it's been known for a while there would be an updated version.
  • I'd still love to know whether this gem will make it also to the 360. Any info on that? Because in May (or March, idk) 2015 they said that it will be provided also for X360...
  • Wasn't it also supposed to be coming to Windows 10 as well? I remember seeing several titles listed, but I haven't really seen any other announcements other than the initial reveal.
  • @#6 Where did you hear that? I have been following this news (as a matter of fact I asked about it yesterday when I saw original game go on sale) and never heard this is free upgrade. Seems to me like you would need to pay twice for better version, which makes sense to me. Have a whole week to make up my mind, but unless they confirm if you buy it on sale you can upgrade to final version later for free, I will hold off altogether...
  • Honestly, to anyone waiting to play this, don't! Just buy it. Trust me, I am frugal as can be with waiting for discounts but the current price is plenty good for this gem of a game. I am curious to see what they add to the game as I really had no complaints throughout the whole experience.
  • @6 & 9 - According to Moon Studios, previous owners will be able to upgrade to the DE for a "comfortable price". What that means is pure speculation. Five dollars? Ten? Personally, I would hope for the $5 mark and gauge whether or not I'll upgrade based on the content offered. Being able to backtrack to the "boss" dungeons is a definite must to clean up any missed collectibles.
  • Physical I hope. Such a beautiful game deserves a beautiful cover art
  • I can't wait to play this game! I preemptively purchased this in the sale recently to play on my Xbox One I will be getting at Xmas. I have from many recommendations been told to absolutely buy and play this so it will be the first thing I start up after the inevitable console updates!
  • As this is a update for game, I'll just wait to play it.Paid or not, I'm getting the update day one.Sadly, I'll have to keep Ori backlogged until then :(. It's still $20 well spent though.
  • @9: I never said it would be a free upgrade, my post specifically stated I didn't know if it would be PDLC or not - the only thing I knew for sure is that it would be an update to the existing game and current owners would not need to buy the full priced DE. But #11 is correct, I found the quote where they mention it will be an upgrade for a comfortable price. https://www.facebook.com/oriblindforest/posts/1639912032959434
  • This is news?
  • @17 News is new information you didnt originally know, hence the name 'news', so yes, this is news.
  • Just bought it and I knew the definitive version was in the works. I didn't care. It's a blast so far. Worth the 10$ and whatever the upgrade price will be later on.
  • I really hope the upgrade lets you go back and get those last collectibles. As of now, after finishing the game, I can't even select the original save file, because it's locked. At least a New Game +.
  • @#11 & 16 Thanks for that. I might just pick it up then and decide later if I want to upgrade or not, depending on what extras come with that edition... This+Toy Soldiers and I should be set this week, outside of older exclusives I am still waiting to go on sale;-)
  • Just picked up the regular version for $10. Its a steal at this price :)
  • how do they remaster or make a definitive edition of a game thats under 1 year old? cash grab for sure.
  • No benefit in waiting. They said the upgrde fee will be a comfortable price which means $5 or $10. If its $10 and you buy now om sale then u spend $20 like the original cost. The DE will most likely be $20 if not a little more so buying now basically guarantees you spending the same price of $20 or if the upgrade is $5 then u get everything for $15. Dont wait
  • Heard nothing but good news about this game from critics, and newcomers alike. Will definitely be picking this up!
  • @8 Isn't the game on steam? So I'm pretty sure it runs on Win10, or do you mean they put it in the Windows app store?
  • Amazing game. Even in the original version. Pretty difficult but totally a must-have.
  • I must be missing something. What makes it the definitive edition? The game was released on Xbox One and didn't have any DLC as I can recall. I understand re-releasing a game if it is Remastered for a new console or is bundled with all the DLC but this just seems like they are going to try and charge for what seems to just be a title update. OT: I did love this game and will be keeping an eye on the news about it.
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