Marvel Ultimate Alliance Digital Versions Now Include Previously Delisted DLC

Alan Pettit

Update: The news boys will have this listed in the proper Deal of the Week post tomorrow, but I figured I would bump this article with the relevant information we discovered late last year, as the games are now on sale for $9.99 each (75% off) for the rest of this week, February 8-14. I missed the sale back in December, but I've got your back this time!

Original article: It's been a long time now since the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games had DLC available on the marketplace, leaving many people unable to complete the games. So long, in fact, that it was sold using Microsoft Points (remember those?) when it was delisted for good back in 2010. Originally delisted because of a licensing issue, the first game has a physical "Gold Edition" out in the wild that contains the DLC, but it was a limited run and can be a bit pricey (usually $45+ on eBay). The second game had no alternative.

While technically there still isn't any DLC available on the marketplace (for individual purchase), the Games on Demand versions of both games now include the DLC, allowing all 2500 Gamerscore betwen the two games to be earned. This information has been discovered by those who purchased the games when both were put on sale for the Xbox Countdown daily deal yesterday. The release date for this version on the marketplace is listed as September 8, 2015, so it's possible this has been sitting under our noses for months. Unfortunately, the daily sale is now over, and the games have reverted to their somewhat pricey full value of $39.99 each.

Click here to purchase MUA1 and here to purchase MUA2.

  • Nice
  • If I knew I would've bought them... I own the games on disc but not the DLC.
  • I purchased both for my son, he will be happy to hear this, thanks for the update
  • aww man I should have bought these yesterday when they where on sale :(
  • Wow. Would've liked this news when it was relevant. -.-
  • Bit late now!
  • guess I'm late & still cant finish this :(
  • Yeah, would have been great to hear about this... YESTERDAY! Come on guys, try to be timely with these things. Sale price would have been great; $39.99 is way to much for each.
  • You can't blame for not knowing. One would have had to buy the game to find out the dlc is was included. They probably 100%ed these games back in 2008 and never looked twice. Though it's still nice to know. I had to find a friend who had bought the dlc to get my 100%s
  • @9: Thank you for that. I heard the rumor late last night, posted on Twitter for confirmation, and only received a response back this morning when the sale was already over. If I had known about this yesterday, I certainly would have posted it when the sale was still active.
  • oh shit, nice! I bought MUA 2 for both my godson and I, nice to know we can both shoot for the full 1250!
  • Nice! I picked up UA1's Gold Edition a few years back from GameStop and then picked up the second this weekend. Nice little surprise.
  • while we're all here, I have a question. My cousin has the vanilla version of MUA 1 and I have the Gold edition. Can we play together online despite having two different versions?
  • I wonder if the DLC is just part of a patch now. If that's the case, then you would be able to play the DLC from the non-gold edition retail versions. Can anybody test this out to see if it works?
  • These deals just keep getting better and better.Hell, MS themselves could have given us a heads up.Ah well, back to an awesome sale.. -__- I probably would have picked them up had I known about the dlc. MS for the mfl.
  • but can you play these on Xbone?
  • @16 Only backwards compatible games can be played on the One.If its not announced, no it cant be.It may come in a future update though.
  • I don't think this is fair. The description for the game on XBL should TELL YOU the previous DLC is included. I post on several different gaming site and many people say they would have bought a copy yesterday if this was common knowledge. It almost feels deceptive on Activision's part, I won't blame MS for this. I'm going to bitch and complain on Activision's Twitter account, the sale for both games should be go on for another day at least!
  • I'm in with all these other guys: own the disc version, gladly would have paid the $12 for it had I known in time. I refuse to pay $40 for 6 characters, however. This sucks. I feel cheated. There is no other way to get this now. Ridiculous.
  • Guys, I was just thinking (hoping?) we may have another chance in a few months. Captain America: Civil War is based on the story that was in the comics AND MUA2. Maybe there will be another sale around the time the movie is released, as a kind of tie-in. Maybe, maybe not, but can always hope.
  • @20 Actually the Captain America Movie is completely different from the comic version of civil war and the game version is different than both too
  • You'd think Activision/MS would've mentioned it yesterday, smh.
  • No point telling us this now, it was on sale YESTERDAY
  • This is actually quite good news for people who haven't finished the game to 100% before the dlc came out. Though the price tag is quite high at least the game can be completed once again for those who didn't manage to get a copy of the gold edition of MUA 1 which is insanely expensive and for MUA2 which didn't get the gold treatment. Overall this is great news though unfortunate no mention of this update was ever made public.
  • @23: It's still a valid piece of information. I didn't get to it in time to save anybody money, but considering there wasn't ANY way to get the DLC until this was found out, I think the more hardcore achievement hunters will still appreciate it, and now everyone knows in case another sale comes around. I'm really confused at all the negative comments toward me here though. I get being upset that you missed the sale because we didn't know about this yesterday, but it's not like I purposefully held the info in my pocket until today to screw people over. :/
  • @25 Don't beat yourself up over the negative comments or think too much about them. People get angry and look for others to place blame on. When they are angry, they don't think straight and say things they don't mean. I don't mean to excuse their behavior, but do not blame yourself or think there is something wrong with you. You did a good thing posting this news and hopefully they'll realize that later and take back what they said.
  • This is probably leading up to them becoming BC on X1 is my guess. Doubt Marvel or Activision would do this just to be nice.
  • $40 it a little too much. I think I bought the DLC when it was was still available.
  • If I knew that I would have bought it
  • I wonder if we'll end up seeing one (or both!) of these as Backwards Compatible in the near future. MUA2 borrows heavily from the Civil War comic storyline, as does the new Captain America film. And who knows, maybe they'll show up as Games With Gold. Then I could get rid of my discs.
  • I still have both games on disc and downloaded all the DLC day one years just need to getaround to finishing them.
  • Might have to pick up these two games again when I get my 360 next year.
  • If it goes BC would anyone that has the original discs get the DLC God version
  • @33: That's a great point! BC games download whatever version is on the marketplace, so everyone would have access to the DLC even with just a vanilla physical copy. :)
  • @26: Very well stated, my negative comment (and probably the others as well) was just out of frustration for missing out on a good deal. This was definitely NOT directed at Pants personally. @25: And Pants, like he said, when we're mad we say things we don't mean. I was more mad at myself for missing out on a good deal. Please don't take anything said personally; you and your mates have been doing a great job with this site for years. Thanks for all of your hard work. Cheers.
  • Does anyone know if these games are backwards compatible and when you get them on the One does it have the dlc after you put the physical disc in? If so I'm going to get the physical versions of these two games and just BC them on my One and it should have the dlc's with them.
  • @36: This has been discussed a bit in the comments already. They are currently not on the BC program, but if they do get added, you would receive the digital version with the DLC included when you insert your physical copy.
  • I picked up MUA2 since I own MUA1 on disc. Too bad the developer didn't announce this, I'd have bought digital MUA1 in a heartbeat had I known. Hopefully it goes on sale again!
  • One thing I found out is that if you get the digital version of MUA 2 and you put the disc in, the DLC will be disabled for as long as you have the disc in. I tried loading a save that had some DLC characters in my team and they were replaced with non DLC characters and it said that downloadable content couldn't be found while the disc was in.
  • How is the second game compared to the first one? I, like many people, got a free copy of MUA1 on disc (along with Forza Motorsport 2) with my 360 Elite way back when, and played a little bit of it way back then... but never finished it. I have the "Gold Edition" now, but is the second game worth picking up if I liked the first one?! I paid $29.99 for the G.E. MUA1 on disc, new... but $9.99 is a great price for these, and I'd pick-up the second one if it's more of the same fun.
  • @41 I had a lot of fun playing both of them. If u enjoyed the first one, then u should like the 2nd game.
  • Man... I REEEEEEEEALY want to buy these on the off chance they will be added to the Xbox One B/C list someday in the future. Its probably worth the gamble.
  • Got the Gold Edition of UA back in the day before it was known to be rare, and managed to buy the DLC for UA2 when it was briefly brought back to the store. Still, this is great news for anyone who doesn't own these games or missed out on the DLC.
  • I see it's been posted quite a bit, I didn't see an answer... Any chance these going "Backwards Compatible"? I really did love this game back in it's day and I would love to replay it. Especially at a beautiful price tag of $9.99 I tweeted @Activision to try to get an answer. Doubtful of a non generic reply. I know when BC was announced Activision wasn't on the list, but with BO1 in the works for BC, it's safe to assume they are in now??
  • @44 I did the same thing! I'm curious, even though it won't affect me, but if you bought the digital version years ago, would you be able to now download the game again, but this time it include the DLC.
  • Hooray! Hope they bring back Marvel vs Capcom 3 again with DLC!
  • This is great news.. now I have to find those old saves. The first was awesome.. don't know about the second one.
  • Now, do I buy them and wait for them to go back cat or do I leave it?
  • Can confirm I just purchased these on the GB site both for £7.50 each. That was Gold Exclusive price. Now to check if they are backwards compat XD
  • Please keep me informed
  • I wish they would let us use our xbox balance on the website.
  • To answer everyone's BC question: the games are not currently BC and neither Activision nor Microsoft have given any indication that they will be.
  • I want Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 or remade / reboot for Xbox One. MUST MUST!!!
  • #54 yes yes yes! We need another UA game on current gen consoles.
  • @48 I was wondering the same thing, and was told the second game is worth it - if you liked the first one! @52 Right?! Why doesn't our Microsoft account balance - especially when funded with those Xbox Gift Cards - show-up as a payment option??? I noticed the same thing when I went to buy MUA2 from that link above. So (unlike those who did NOT keep their Xbox 360), just logged into my console and bought it from the dashboard... so I could use my MS funds! Seeing how much the disc copies of the Gold Edition of MUA is selling for online... I may just buy the digital version of MUA1 and sell my game for 4-times what the digital ones are selling for this week!!!
  • If they where backwards compatible, I'd pick them both up in an instance. TBH, I'm really surprised they've not, as it seems like an awful lot of trouble to go though to get the DLC back on the marketplace, when a lot of people have moved away from the 360 now and are on either X1 or PS4.
  • Do they still have the dlc as of today? I know the sale price is over?
  • Dammit I missed them on sale AGAIN! I'm never getting these games.
  • They're on sale again.
  • the second game is on sale does it still come with the DLC?
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