Homefront: The Revolution Release Date Leaked?

Homefront: The Revolution Release Date Leaked?

Richard Walker

It looks like Homefront: The Revolution's release day has been outed at US retailer Target, with customer reservation cards spotted at the store bearing a May 2016 launch date.

The cards are issued to customers when they put down a $1 deposit to reserve the game, and grant a free $5 Target gift card as a pre-order bonus. With developer Dambuster Studios stating that development on Homefront: The Revolution is at "full speed" last year, May 2016 certainly seems like a realistic launch for the open-world FPS.

According to the reservation cards (pictured below), Homefront: The Revolution is set for release on 17th May 2016 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. For more on the game, give our hands-on preview a read here.

[Thanks, Kyle]

  • Can't wait hopefully I'm home when it comes out
  • I have been excited for this game for years. I love the idea of an open world game with day-night cycles and dynamic weather and AI, but in a first person shooter instead of the normal third person.
  • Can't wait for this one. I know I'm in a minority here but I did like the first one. I just hope it has a longer campaign this time round
  • Great news if this ends up being the case. Plenty of games for me to play early 2016 but things are looking a bit quiet between March and the end of the year.
  • The first Homefront was pretty cool. It played really smooth, the story was good. I really enjoyed it, can't wait to play this.
  • @3 I enjoyed the first one too, the only issue was that you couldn't buy it preowned as the MP needed a pass. I had to dish out another £10. Had a very strong single and multi player though.
  • wish they would do this in the UK
  • @7 Yeah same here, think the closest thing to that kind of deal here (ireland) is when argos have a spend 50 get a €5 voucher promotion running.
  • I'd be surprised if this release date turns out to be real. Were ment to be getting a multiplayer beta which we have heard nothing about since gamescom and still actually yet to see the multiplayer so really would surprise me if this is real.
  • @8 Tesco do it dont they???
  • I really liked the multiplayer and the single player was decent. I wanted it to be more of the average guy outgunned and skilled by the enemy but it was still fun. I liked the crazy alt history setting. I'll get this for sure.
  • Its kind of scary to think of the first game and the recent event happening in Korea right now.
  • @12 The hydrogen bomb claim? Clearly another fantasy. After all the trouble this game has had, I will be extremely surprised if this is any good.
  • I hope it's true cause I really want to play this game but I'll be very surprised if it releases that early. I wasn't expecting it until holidays.
  • A summer release is a great time to fill that void that's left so publishers can push their games out till the "magical" holiday season of overcrowded releases. I too hope it's good despite the craziness that the development has gone through.
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