DOOMs June Release Date Seemingly Outed By Retailer

DOOM's June Release Date Seemingly Outed By Retailer

Richard Walker

The latest in a succession of leaked dates by retailers, it looks like Amazon France has leaked the date for Bethesda's DOOM, previously tentatively scheduled for release in 2016. According to a product listing on Amazon France, DOOM will be out in June 2016.

Twitter user MasterGamer24680 took a screengrab of the listing before it was removed. It's also worth noting that the same retailer also posted a 28th January 2016 release date for Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC, which turned out to be right on the money.

Whether or not the 30th June 2016 date is a placeholder is unknown, so as ever it's worth taking this with a pinch of salt. But then again, June might be the perfect time to launch DOOM. Last we saw of the game was in October's alpha, but we'll undoubtedly be seeing more from the hellbound FPS soon.

[Via ShackNews]

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  • No chance. Barely any games ever get released over summer months(june/july) more likely aug/sept or oct/Nov for x-mas rush
  • New Doom game look great and fun with classic forms returns this time around from class Doom games (not that gimmicky Doom 3). Bethesda promised Doom releases this Spring and Doom got some delays so now another delayed if true game come out this June. :P Anyway look forward this game. :)
  • ooo I hope so, its a huge cap in the market around summer that any big game will sell well in due to the lack of competition. I'm looking forward to this :3
  • Bring it, id.
  • @2 The Last of Us came out in June, as did Arkham Knight. There's probably some other notable ones I'm not thinking of right now but it's not too uncommon for there to be 1 or 2 good games in the Summer now.
  • Played the beta. This game is the shit! When i wqs playing it, it felt like new old school gaming. It has that doom feel that made the game amazing.
  • I honestly don't understand this site anymore I'm just giving an opinion and get downvoted constantly. The reason that not many big releases come out in summer is because lots of people are on holiday/half term etc and you know most people are out in the sun/pub/socialising when its hot.
  • @8: People may have taken your first comment as completely dismissive and negative. Doom is made for die hard fans of the FPS genre so it might not matter to ID when they release it because they know people will buy it because a huge crowd have been waiting for a new Doom for years.
  • Out of all the leaked release dates this is the only one I believe to be true.
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  • @#7 good to hear that from someone who's played it, can't wait for this game, looks insane
  • I played the alpha since there hasn't been a beta yet @7 but I thoroughly enjoyed it. At first I wasn't a fan but after a few matches I wished for a longer alpha. I had a few other friends get alpha codes as well that weren't interested before but said they'd be ordering it now.
  • @7 You mean the alpha? Beta isn't out yet :) The alpha was sweet though, although it was on multiplayer, it was awesome. Good to see them going back to the oldschool formula
  • So you got downvoted on a website? Big deal...
  • As nice as the rehashed graphics have been with Doom/Wolfenstein reinventions... is Heretic really that bad a game to give similar treatment?
  • @16 I like your style, sir/ma'am. Granted, how many people do you think have played Heretic and operated a computer with MS-DOS? :P
  • when ever I see someone complain about getting down voted, I down vote the comment they are complaining about
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