Dead Rising Studio Hiring For Ambitious Unreal Engine 4 Titles

Dead Rising Studio Hiring For "Ambitious" Unreal Engine 4 Titles

Richard Walker

Capcom has announced that Dead Rising studio Capcom Vancouver is hiring for two new projects utilising Unreal Engine 4, with designers, producers, animators and artists all required for "ambitious" titles involving third-person action, open-world elements, and online play.

“We have some ambitious visions for where we want to take our next games and while our previous proprietary engine served the needs for the projects at the time, shifting to Unreal Engine 4 delivers the right tools for our future direction," says Studio Director Joe Nickolls.

"Not only will we be developing on a powerful and versatile platform, we’ll also work closely with the team at Epic to maximise the capabilities of the latest and greatest technology. Using this industry leading engine also allows us to quickly integrate new talent onto our projects so that we can focus on pioneering new world class entertainment.”

Will the new games be Dead Rising related or something entirely new? For now, your guess is as good as ours. We'll have more when Capcom Game Studio Vancouver is ready to share more.

[Via Capcom-Unity]

  • Come on DR4, be awesome so my future planned user name takes effect!
  • @1 you better hope they don't do a Microsoft and skip 4
  • I'm hoping they do a better game then 3... that game was far too easy and had too much of an identity crisis.
  • @2. I dont think I get the MS joke but whatever. Whatever it is, I'm down. DR3 was great.
  • @4 Microsoft 7 Microsoft 8 Microsoft 9??? Microsoft 10 What's not to get
  • @5 Quite a bit as 9 is not 4. At least i don't think it is..
  • @6 No idea where you're 4 from. Unless you're referring to the amount that is there. (Then You're a pedantic twit) I'm just giving enough context for the joke. Which seems rather fruitless now.
  • I can see Dead rising 3 being a games with gold title this year
  • It'd be cool to see a Dead Rising title that has a huge open world like 3, but with areas like the Willamette Mall and Fortune City within it.
  • DR3 Was the best Xbone launch title for me, really enjoyed it! would happily welcome a 4th
  • Dead Rising 4 would be welcomed. The series has got better as its progressed.
  • I loved DR3 so much. I'd love more of it. ...also would love the originals hitting BC...
  • Dead rising 3: off the record & Dead rising 4 would be my guess......I'd welcome them both.
  • @6 You're looking at it too literally. They're implying Microsoft may skip a sequencial number. You know,like they did with 8.1 straight to 10.. What's not to get. It was a joke.
  • Sounds interesting, I would love a Dead Rising 4.
  • I want a DR4 or DR1 remaster. Either way, let's see Frank West make a come back. He's covered wars y'know?
  • An open world lost planet title?
  • @14 Just so you know they skipped windows 9 because the number 9 is widely seen as unlucky in Japan.
  • @18, then they could skip the DR4 as the number 4 is seen as unlucky in China. The reason they actually skipped 9 was something to do with the source code when changing the internal name from 9 to 10 that didn't happen when changing from 8 to 10, similar to the Millenium Bug
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