“I Don’t Know Anything” About GTA V Single-Player DLC, Says Michael Actor

“I Don’t Know Anything” About GTA V Single-Player DLC, Says Michael Actor

Lee Bradley

GTA V actor Ned Luke, who plays Michael in Rockstar’s crime epic, says that he knows nothing about any single-player DLC for the game.

“EVERYBODY wants single player DLC… I know NOTHING about that,” said Luke on Facebook. “Don’t know when it’s gonna happen or even IF it’s gonna happen.”

Luke’s words come following an Instagram post from Shawn Fonteno last week. Fonteno is the actor who plays Franklin in GTA V. The post showed the actor in full mo-cap gear at what appeared to be a Rockstar studio.

The pic set tongues wagging. Fonteno had previously suggested that single-player DLC was on the way, so it was suggested that the image offered some kind of confirmation that content is currently in the works.

However, Luke’s Facebook post would appear to  have pissed on that particular bonfire…. unless of course he’s contractually obligated to deny the existence of the content, in which case: GTA V SINGLE-PLAYER DLC CONFIRMED!


  • Maybe Trevor killed him and he has not been told, add that to the pile of rumours. Come on Rockstar you would make money
  • Good guy Rockstar will probably release it for free anyway :) more content has been added to GTA V than maybe 2 or 3 call of dutys combined? and not a season pass in sight!
  • Apparently they have scrapped all planned single player DLC to focus on Multiplayer ON X1PS4 and PC only, all plans for last gen have been scrapped also. And this is why I am glad I ditched it.. The single player on this game is superb and R* give us the middle finger by saying NO.. If ou want more, then play multiplayer.. I thought the MP on GTA V was shite if I'm being honest..
  • Why would Michael's voice actor know anything about story DLC? It would make no sense for him or trevor to feature in story DLC based on the decisions of the player. Another "no actual news here" article. The past few months has shown how bad this site is. Webb, you want respect...EARN IT
  • Genuine question, what's to say the picture the Fraklin actor posted isn't years old from the original development of the game?
  • @4 "No actual news"? Both Michael and Trevor survived in my story, so there's always the possibility that they would feature in the DLC. In fact, it'd be more logical to make DLC assuming both survived instead of both died, as there was an option to keep them both alive, and IIRC, the other options would only leave one dead.
  • Am I the only one who read his quote with Micheal's voice inside the head?
  • @7 - I totally read his quote with Michael's voice in my head too ! I think we can, unfortunately, put the single-player DLC wish to bed. I'm not sure how soon the DLC came out for GTA IV, but it's been a LONG time since the original release of GTA 5. Years? And with them pumping our MP stuff regularly, I don't see the single-player stuff happening. It's getting to the realm of Half-Life 3 proportions.
  • @4: Tone down the salt, man. It's not like other gaming sites get better news.
  • @3 Agreed, GTA MP is tacked on shit that should have never been added. No one asked for it, but because it's here they shove it down our throats. Poor business decision to alienate players on xbox 360 and alienate all fans by focusing on bad MP.
  • @7 You are not alone.. I would love to see the story expanded like with Lost and Damned and Gay Tony. I think the Michael/Trevor/Franklin story arched enough already. Anything added to it would feel just that, tacked on. I think different playable characters would be neat.. But won't hold my breath.
  • Yeah we have been hearing about this since day one I don't think it will happen although it would be cool if that storyline that was leaked about Trevor trying to stop the detonation of a bomb in city of Los santos. I can Bly imagine how funny it would be.I could see it as a "Run Lola Run" clock ticking with Trevor flipping out,but agan that was rumor but damn it would be a great DLC!
  • @ 10 It's just a kick in the nuts to loyal fans who play this for the story. They tack Mp on nigh on every game now so people won't trade it in (well.. Thats the plan).. If they would have had at least 2 confirmed pieces of story Based DLC.. I'd buy this digitally.. GTA IV's LatD DLC was amazing.. Gay Tony not so much, But I still got them as they were single player story based content.. I'm surprised they ain't added a Zombie Mode to GTA V (reference from the movie lets be cops).
  • As soon as the support ends for GTA V, the sooner we WILL get a new Red Dead.
  • Some people may have killed Michael or Trevor, so imagine there would be no DLC including those characters. They could however use Franklin, and if the rumours of Liberty City coming to GTA 5 are true, we could see the comeback of Niko Bellic or Packie McCreary who is in storyline as a heist character. I for one want to see this as online is getting boring now.
  • Wow! No one even has mentioned Niko! Easter egg in game where Lester mentions him him during your first heist level. The DLC, when and if it happens will surely have to feature that character. Dont know why people complaining about multiplayer, its ok apart from the stupid loading times. I'm sick of being in the cloud! People expect too much too soon these days. Its not like this game is trying to make you buy stuff all the time. And its got its single player and online play ratio to a tee. Not like battlefront.
  • @15 - it's not a problem. for me great dlc would not what happened later, but before. stories of three characters before main campaign, especially Trevor. he had some awsome life between north yankton and los santos. speaking of north yankton, would be great as well to see what happened after they split up, how they escaped, what they did while hiding after the heist etc. Niko is the least of all possibilities. why? the actor who played his role. his cooperation with R* is far from good.
  • I laugh at the people who saw the words 'Liberty City' in the coding and immediately thought that they were adding Liberty City in the game and then went and made YouTube videos about it. If you looked closer you would've realised it was the special t-shirt you could get! I don't really care about single player DLC at this point. Online is still fun. But some people just think that they're entitled to everything.
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