Rainbow Six: Siege's Operation Black Ice Operators Leak

Rainbow Six: Siege's Operation Black Ice Operators Leak

Richard Walker

Set to arrive as part of Rainbow Six: Siege's upcoming Operation Black Ice DLC, two new Operators have recently leaked online, offering an early glimpse at their loadouts and unique gadgets. The two new Operators are part of Canada's Joint Task Force 2 CTU, and boast new weapons as well as new gadgets.

Introducing Frost and Buck, two new Operators that will be included with Operation Black Ice, the first major expansion for Rainbow Six: Siege. Frost is a defensive Operator who comes armed with the Welcome Mat, a "mechanical trap to incapacitate enemies", while Buck is an attack Operator packing an "under-barrel shotgun attachment on his main weapon" called Skeleton Key.

Operation Black Ice will be heading to Rainbow Six: Siege on 2nd February as part of the game's Season Pass with a new map, weapon skins and more. You'll be able to unlock new Operators in-game with enough Renown points (about 25 hours worth in gameplay terms).

[Rainbow Six: Siege sub-Reddit via GameSpot]

  • Great game.
  • They look and sound great. Wonder if they'll bring achievements and I can't wait to see the new map.
  • If Buck isn't Ryan Gosling's video game alter ego, I don't know who is.
  • not really sure if i will play as buck often, but frost sounds interesting.
  • I'm gonna be playing the shit out of Frost. JTF-2 FTW!
  • I dunno there have been a few times that I go back and forth between taking a shotty or an automatic, having both sounds pretty useful to me.
  • Canada Ftw
  • Not liking the sound on how much Renown they are going to cost..
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