Remedys Next Game Will Likely Continue Alan Wake and Quantum Breaks TV-Inspired Storytelling Technique

Remedy’s Next Game Will Likely Continue Alan Wake and Quantum Break’s TV-Inspired Storytelling Technique

XBA Staff

Remedy Entertainment’s habit of borrowing presentation techniques from television has lead the developer to create some truly unique action games.

It’s an approach the studio followed for 2010’s well-received Alan Wake, with its episodic structure, and evolved for the upcoming Quantum Break, which incorporates a live-action drama that threads through the game’s narrative.

With Remedy’s next game, Quantum Break art director Saku Lahtinen believes that the tradition will be continued, as the studio looks to build on the expertise it has amassed. 

“We have always wanted to push the storytelling in games,” Lahtinen told XBA. “Games are for fun, but are also a medium that is tremendously powerful and capable of telling great stories and conveying experiences.”

“Alan Wake taught us to take inspiration from TV shows. Quantum Break builds on that foundation and we have taken many steps in the field of character and face technology to be even better at relaying the story. We have learned to work with international stars, bridging storylines and an actual live-action element. 

“In a way it’s even more of a journey towards what is good in a TV show, while actually taking a step towards embodying what is a good action game at its core,” Lahtinen continued. “My hunch is that our next game will be an evolution of these lessons learned, rather than attempting to conquer even more new ground.”

Lahtinen is just one of many Remedy staff we spoke to recently about Quantum Break’s past, present and future, as part of a huge interview we’ll be publishing in full later this week. For a sneak peak at some of content from that interview, check out our story on the evolution of Xbox One’s most ambitious exclusive.

Quantum Break hits Xbox One on April 5th.

  • It's always scary to put down 60 bucks on a game that's so new and different. Afraid that you won't like it or you will beat the story in 10 hours and there is no replay value. But a company that puts this much time and dedication into their games and puts story telling on par with gameplay. Will have my support day one. I really do have faith in this project and hope this title is a success and hopefully a lesson other developers can learn from.
  • I got all excited for nothing reading "Remedy’s Next Game Will Likely Continue Alan Wake".
  • Im hyped for quantum break, but already talking about there next game makes me think quantum break is gonna be a fast game, with little replay value=(
  • Yeah..........let's just wait until this comes out first before talking about another game
  • @3: How!? This game has been under development for quite a long time, plus they are more than likely putting finishing touches on it. Talking about future projects is fairly normal at this point. I completely agree with #1. I respect the love and dedication that Remedy puts into their games.
  • YES PLEASE!!!! We fucking want Alan Wake 2. Hehehe we want see Alan making comeback. Cannot wait for Quantum Break. 8)))))
  • First put alan wake playable on the one
  • @7 it already is! OT: Alan Wake 2 would be very welcome. The first was in my top 10 games of last generation.
  • Sorry for the double post. I would even be happy with more arcade size Alan Wake instalments. Anything to continue the story.
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