The Division Season Pass Detailed: 3 Expansions Incoming

The Division Season Pass Detailed: 3 Expansions Incoming

Lee Bradley

Ubisoft has detailed The Division’s post-launch content, the core of which will be three expansions available either separately or as part of a Season Pass.

“The development team has a complete post-launch plan to keep the experience fresh for all players, including several free updates, new features and functionality, as well as 3 major expansions to provide a renewed gameplay experience after launch,” said Ubisoft.

“The free updates to be released for all players will add new game modes such as challenging group-oriented operations to test players’ abilities in co-op mode and win unique rewards.”

The three premium expansions are outlined below, along with the precise contents of the Season Pass. There’s no prices or dates just yet.

The Division hits on March 8th.

The Division Post-Launch Expansions

Expansion I: Underground

This first major expansion opens up a new area to players as they explore the uncharted underworld of New York City with up to 3 friends for intense co-op action.

Expansion II: Survival

In this expansion, players will have to survive as long as possible in a very hostile environment that will challenge even the most talented agents.

Expansion III: Last Stand

Stay tuned for more information.

The Division Season Pass Contents

  • The Division Expansion I: Underground
  • The Division Expansion II: Survival
  • The Division Expansion III: Last Stand
  • Exclusive Sawed-off Shotgun, a unique sidearm customized for short-range destruction.
  • Full set of exclusive outfits and weapon skins
  • Special monthly benefits including exclusive content drops and special events.
  • Sounds like decent lineup of DLC. Ready to try the beta tonight.
  • i hope they add central park and boston, would add so much lifespan to the game, and some very interesting scenarios in the park or surrounding museums, it looks like the areas have been mapped ,just not in the game yet ::/
  • You really are the most predictable set of idiots in the world. Cool to hate star wars - "season passes suck" Cool to hate destiny - "dlc sucks in games" Cool to like the division - "well actually..." Set of...
  • "You should stay out of England. I hear there is a casino in Venturas that is just like the rest of the world, only with better toilets and full of MORONS like you."
  • @3: Paying in advance for content of unknown quantity and quality is a poor consumer decision. Is that the consistent voice you were looking for?
  • Depends on the price but it doesn't sound enough for me. It's all intentionally vague. I bet the exclusive weapons are useless after level 5.
  • Don't see the fascination with this game. Good graphics are all I see. Seems to be a generic co-op shooter?
  • @3. Did you not see that the Star Wars dlc continues til next year? Dumb. Especially when Battlefront 4 will probably be released then. Destiny's dlc has never been worth its price and is a dark day for gaming. The Division is at least telling us what's included. And it doesnt sound so bad.
  • I miss the days when not every single game had the need for a season pass. Yes, some games warrant it but the days of a full stand alone $60 retail release are long gone.
  • Season Pass sounds decent. Not $40 decent but I'll definitely pick it up when its on sale for half that. I'll be ok with the base game until then.
  • @2 The map in the full game IS bigger than the Beta map.
  • @8 the star wars dlc may continue for ages... But that's only because there was barely fuck all maps to start with! Its not like they are bein generous or anything! Do Ubisoft publish/develop anything that doesnt have a season pass anymore?! I bet it will be £25-£30. I can never understand buying a season pass straight off the bat after dead rising 3 released more dlc after the season pass and borderlands 2 did it by not including the extra characters in it and charging for them. Devs are such greedy bastards nowadays its unreal. This game will sell alot anyway not against dlc just think season passes are a piss take
  • @10 I have a feeling it's going to be $40.
  • @3: I got the pass for Destiny and it sucked. Battlefront seems worth it. DICE has done good with DLC in the past. They give us an idea of what to expect. It's a gable like any other season pass, but it has potential.
  • Pre ordered the Sleeper edition so get this included with it, Bonus! :) Played the Alpha and have played some Beta today, really looking forward to this as mates I play online with are getting it too so it won't be a solo grind
  • Yep....this is going STRAIGHT in the same direction as destiny Screw this
  • @ 13...You are probably correct on that price of $40.00...When I went to Gamestop the other day, to preorder this, they had the Gold Edition which had the season pass included and it cost $99.99...
  • Best Buy will give you a $10 RZ cert if you have GCU and preorder the game, and they also sometimes have like $5 off the SP for some games during release week. If word of mouth is good I'll pick up my preorder, if not, fuck it, my backlog is out of control anyway.
  • I did played The Division beta early today. There not much things to do around and missions felt repetitive, graphics look good but it's waterdown graphics like Watch Dogs and A.I. enemies were awful. Those 3 is my top issues with beta. I hopeful full release addressing all. I still preorder game because I enjoy beta but I still want those 3 to be addressed by update patch upon game launching this March. :) :) Season pass is optional yes but still stupid for Ubisoft to do it for ask you more money but still optional for don't have to anyway it is usually. I not support game for season pass but game itself yes. :) :)
  • So SW Battlefront is top bullshit of all games to be honest because high price season pass, half game with high price with not enough modes and no campaign. It is way way far worst than The Division and others.
  • i would rather they open up more of the map than have the stupid horde style crap like their expansion 2 survival. getting sick of devs always putting horde shit in the expansions
  • First expansion sounds good. A new area and more missions etc. The survival one doesn't sound all that interesting to me. I hope the third is more in the style of the first one.
  • I wonder what they mean by: • Special monthly benefits including exclusive content drops and special events. Is that for season pass owners only?
  • @7 Its an MMO... so co-op with a lot more people. Far from generic seeing as its one of the only games that is like this, and as big with regards to map size and amount of players in your game
  • For all the season pass haters. I got the full game and season pass for £36. Great deal, and I reckon I will stuck well over 300 hours into this, probably lots more
  • @23 One would hazard as guess that yes, it is for season pass owners only. They list it under what comes with the season's pass. I would imagine that it'll be much like the Warzone Requisition Pack in Halo 5 where you get a gift of random loot every month or something along those lines to pick up at the rewards vendor. After reading through the comments I honestly can't say that I've had any of the AI problems that people have said. In fact, I think the AI is quite good as it doesn't just let you sit in one spot cheesing it all day long like in Destiny. I can't say that the missions felt repetitive either, considering that we only get a single mission to play lol and the ancillary side encounters/events are for the given wings of the base to fit around that wing's theme, which I quite enjoyed. The side missions were different as well, especially the 4 final 4 part side mission for Faye. All in all, I'm really loving the beta and I'll be getting the game day one. Also, if I wasn't getting the Sleeper Agent Edition (-20% GCU discount) then I would hold off on the Season Pass... I mean, it sounds cool and promising (looking at you Destiny) but why pay for something early when you don't know exactly what the content is or if the contents are worth it?
  • YES, ... operations / raids confirmed! Thank you Ubisoft.
  • @5 I do it all the time on apple TV for great shows. How is that stupid consumer behaviour? You calling people stupid for spending money on stuff they like, that is questionable in the intelligent-department.
  • @28: I didn't call anyone stupid. Also, the phrase you should have used was, "intelligence department." Your TV analogy is COMPLETELY WRONG because you can make reasonable assumptions about the quality and quantity of a show BEFORE BUYING. For example, if you know there are 5 seasons and 13 episodes per season, you already know they quantity. And if you've read reviews of the show or seen excerpts or read reviews you have a good indication of the quality. That said, if you paid for an unknown number of episodes of a show which hasn't even been released yet, I'd say that was a poor consumer decision.
  • Copy & pasted, wrote "Read reviews" twice. My kingdom for an edit button.
  • @29 well yeah, I give you that, it's not the same. But I can be pretty sure that Fargo will be awesome, so if it weren't on Netflix, I sure as hell would have bought the season pass on iTunes.
  • played the beta for a few hours last night went into it thinking the worst and come to find out the game itself is great it has a lot of the great thing from RPG's including skill trees and abilities to unlock and playing in the dark zone can be quite a bit of fun either it be working with friends or randoms online to kill bosses and ect. or killing other players and taking their quarantined items for yourself but before you judge based on publisher ect.. give the beta a try and see for yourself.
  • I'm on the fence for this game. I'm a solo player so I'd like to see a lot of content for that. I'm willing to do MP bits as long as its decent. I think it might just boil down to if there is any other games worth my money at that time.
  • @33 See how, like for destiny, they are being insanely vague about solo stuff and campaign structure/proper story? That is called a red flag.
  • @5, Seriously, I don't have to look any further than..OH Rainbow Six Siege. Fantastic game with a completely worthless season pass. I think I will cancel my Gold edition pre-order and switch to the standard release.
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