Hitman Pre-Orders Get Blood Money-Themed DLC

Lee Bradley

Io Interactive has detailed the pre-order bonuses you’ll get for slapping pre-release cash down on Hitman. It’s Blood Money themed.

Pre-order any of Hitman’s various packages (Intro Pack, Full Experience or Collector’s Edition) and you’ll get the Requiem Blood Money Pack. The pack contains a Requiem Legacy Suit, Blood Money shirt, tie and gloves, a silenced pistol - the ICA19 Chrome, and a white rubber duck explosive.

There’s a sexy new trailer below too, setting up Hitman’s “World of Assassination”. Hitman first content burst arrives on March 11th. There’s more info on the odd episodic format here.

Speaking of which, Io Interactive has further explained and attempted to communicate the advantages of releasing the game in chunks.

On the PS Blog, Io said, “Hitman will launch on March 11th as a truly episodic game experience with a major live component. The episodic nature of Hitman allows us to craft both individual stories centred on Agent 47’s targets as well as longer season stories involving 47, Diana Burnwood, the ICA, and an entirely new main cast.”

“The structure is inspired by contemporary TV series’ and will unfold over multiple seasons. To begin with, the overall story and the individual mission stories run in parallel but as the first season progresses, the tracks will merge and become one.”

So yeah. That help?

  • Hitman in season format? Pass, I really wanted this but what a stupid thing to do.
  • C'mon IO/Squeenix, do you really expect this to get us to look past the way you're releasing this game? Get the fuck outta here.
  • If this gets good reviews and has 4 hours or so of content then I can justify picking it up. I'm not against the episodic format. But paying in advance for the full game, especially when it's been delayed and has had the content reduced multiple times, is a recipe for disappointment.
  • Someone at IO/SE is steering the good ship hitman on to the rocks with this bullshit release idea.
  • Excited for this game but ill be waiting for the full package at the end of the year.
  • Nobody willing to give this a chance? Before we have even played it?
  • I love the Hitman games but I'm hoping they tweak the AI so that they can't instantly see through every disguise. It seemed no matter how careful you were they ALWAYS instantly noticed you were a hitman in a disguise and spoiled the perfect rating for the mission. Maybe I just suck at the game, but I never felt like the perfect assassin even when things went perfectly. And they need to show more gameplay and what's included in the 'Full Game' before most can decide which to purchase or purchase at all.
  • Don't pre-order, buy Hitman Blood Money on 360 games on demand for £2.99. Cheaper and your not signing up to a 6 month contract of unknown content from a company that has made some seriously bad choices with this and many other games recently.
  • Don't pre-order, buy Hitman Blood Money on 360 games on demand for £2.99. Cheaper and your not signing up to a 6 month contract of unknown content from a company that has made some seriously bad choices with this and many other games recently. Same with buying this game episodically. Wait 6 months for the full release when we know what the game will include. I'm really hoping it will be good ... but im sorry i wont buy or pre-order a piece of the jigsaw with promises of the finished product to come later. Great game hidden behind sneaky marketing techniques.
  • Isn't there also exclusive missions for the ps4?
  • Was one of my most wanted games but episodic release?! No thanks. I'll wait for the disc. The way of releasing this game is stupid, and the thing is if earlier segments dont sell enough or make them much money you may never get the rest of the game.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Awful way of handling this. Pass until its either on disc, on massive sale, or I know its worth buying....Terrible
  • @10 Yeah PlayStation gets 6 exclusive contracts. I hate exclusive content to a game that everyone is getting. I hated when Microsoft did it consistently last gen, I hate it now that Sony is doing it.
  • Welp, hopefully this stuff comes with the retail disc. I prefer physical and can wait for it.
  • Going to wait to see how the whole game turns out after the mess that was Absolution. Having it has download (before the full game is launched) means you are screwed if the game is bad or the developer gives up etc Blood money was a great game and worth playing still (it has aged quite a bit as it was ps2/xbox era game!
  • Never buy season passes anyway. plus I don't wanna play like two missions of a game just to wait 6 months to carry on with it.
  • I wait for the complete or definitive or whatever version. Because this tactic is fucking bullshit. Telltale doing this: Fine. It's great for the biggest part. The fun is there, the stories are good. But with a game like this, you want: Mission, another mission, another mission. Continue tomorrow.
  • I'm not really sure why everyone is freaking out about this so quickly. Yeah, I would prefer to get the whole game at once too, but It's nice you can try the game beforehand, as well as play it way earlier too. I don't know. I guess I'm just more hopeful about this than most people. I'll be picking up the $15 version soon.
  • Go. Fuck. Your. Good .Self
  • @19 me too i dont understand the hate, its a great economic model games are expensive to make and not enough people buy them new so bitching and then saying your going to buy at $20 to spite them is why this model is so good to be honest and if this is as good as revelations 2 im all for it.
  • @20 Is it really asking too much for a finished game? I don't know how well you know square, but they are notorious for trying to rip people off and milk as much cash as they can, so people are understandably worried. Yeah games are expensive to make... but square enix have more then enough cash to cover it. Fair enough if this was a small up and coming developer, then I'd totally agree with you, but they aren't. This is simply another way for them to try and get more cash
  • Even though the Hitman franchise is one of my all time favorites, I also refuse to give them money on their stupid episodic releases. I'll unfortunately have to wait at least until December of 2016 to actually get the full game. But on 3-9-16 I'll be playing Alekhine's Gun which is pretty much exactly like Hitman in almost every aspect. It looks very promising from the gameplay I've seen so far. It was suppose to be out this month on the 9th but it got delayed until next month for some reason, either way the Hitman franchise might actually get some competition, which could only be a good thing.
  • I'll check this out once it's a complete game.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Honstly no matter how big of a fan of hit man you are preordering every episode of a episodic game is just a terrible idea
  • Anyone know why it can't be pre-orderd on the official website for Xbox One yet it can for PS4 and PC. I'm confused!
  • This annoys me, rather just have the whole game on disc, free for me to play whenever i want, rather this episode stuff. Makes me wait, just incase there is a complete edition one day.
  • What is really going to change. They obviously haven't finished the game yet, so even if they weren't doing episodes, you would've need to wait since it would have been delayed anyway. In the end whatever the case there is a full disc release later down this year. I'll just pretend there were no episodes and tread this like a usual release that just got delayed (again). I'm not too angry about delays. I rather have a delay than a buggy game.
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