Star Wars: Battlefront - Double XP Weekend Incoming

Star Wars: Battlefront - Double XP Weekend Incoming

Lee Bradley

The Star Wars: Battlefront community has completed the latest challenge dished out by DICE, unlocking a double XP weekend for all players.

The double XP weekend kicks off on February 12th and runs through February 14th, making your route to the current level cap a little easier.

DICE challenged the community to complete 3 million daily challenges to earn the double XP weekend. They smashed it, and completed more than 4.3 million.

Earlier this year, EA finally outlined its plans for the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass. You can get all the details through here.

  • Been rinsing the shit out of this recently. decided to take a break from it and work on back log. guess I'm just gonna have to go back on for a bit.
  • Level 50 no longer feels so far far away.
  • No thank you already done.
  • @2 good stuff
  • *sigh* I got to level 50 a few weeks after the first double XP weekend and I only played about 2 hours during it, I swear I have not played it THAT much, come on Dice! raise it too 100 or 150 please :)
  • Any word on new achievements for new DLC or is the season pass a £40 loss for achievement hunters?
  • #5 *sigh* people twist when a game is too long, too short, graphics pap - game play AWESOME and vice versa. I also smell porkie pies that you got to level 50 after only a couple of hours play last XP weekend. My bet was that you were close to level 50 anyways. People always can't spend 20 hrs a day playing games (certainly not me) so when a level 50 cap is there to get better stuff, stick with it I say.
  • I got to level 10 and am already bored to death
  • Pissed that I missed this on sale by a couple of days. Ah well, will wait for next time.
  • I get to max level on barely any games. 50 seemed so easy to get to when completing challenges. Hope everyone else get's theirs finished during this event. They will have to raise the level cap though if they want people to participate in XP weekends. Most people I see have the shadow trooper.
  • Why is it listed as Remember Me on the top line?
  • @11 So you don't forget about the double xp weekend.
  • @12 Haha nice one
  • #7 20 hours!? I work a full time job thank you very much sir! about 10 hours play a week if I am lucky! Getting to level 50 is way to easy though, compared with the likes of Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline I played them a hell of a lot more and never got to the top level! I love this game by the way, just hope the level cap gets raised :)
  • I've been playing other stuff recently, but this will reel me back in. I moved up pretty quickly during the last Double XP weekend. Then I'll probably move on to Garden Warfare 2 until some of the DLC starts coming out for this.
  • It took me awhile to get to level 50. Just take time and get as many multi-player games and missions for individual and group levels done and learn all the weapons and card traits. You will get to level 50 sooner that u think. Good luck everyone and If any of you need help in your missions or multi-player team ups, please add us to your friends list. Love to play with teams and groups. Game tag: supergameboy74 See u soon!!!!!
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