Dying Light To Receive DLC Support Throughout 2016

Dying Light To Receive DLC Support Throughout 2016

Richard Walker

It appears that Techland is far from finished with Dying Light, as hot on the heels of releasing massive expansion The Following and the Enhanced Edition of the game earlier this month, the developer has pledged to support the game with new content and updates throughout 2016 and possibly beyond.

"To make sure that every new or veteran player gets all the fun they deserve, we have decided to continue our support for Dying Light at least till the end of this year," CEO Pawel Marchewka announced. "We are already working on new unannounced content, so stay tuned for our future news."

With a view to building new stuff for Dying Light, Techland is collecting player feedback via social media it'll fold into upcoming content. Dying Light: The Following is available now alongside the Enhanced Edition, and you can get our review right here.

  • Nice that there supporting the game rather than making a sequel
  • @1 It is extreme likely that they are making a sequel same time.
  • Wonder if the season pass will go up in price again? Or am I being cynical.
  • Planes next :)
  • @3: Everything does not have to be in one season pass. They did what they planned on and anything else would be extra. I just hope the new stuff is more like the main game. Challenge modes and driving through 10 minutes of nothing for a 3 minute quest just didn't have the same spark the main game did.
  • @1: Is there any proof that they aren't making a new one? Perhaps the main team is working on the sequel while a smaller team is continuing to focus on the first.
  • I love Dying Light, but I fail to see any of the things they promised with the Enhanced Edition. There's been no new variety of guns in the main game for me, the AI combat with humans and volatiles is still absolute trash, they said they'd be adding in new methods/animations for movement and combat, but I haven't seen any of that. All of the stuff they promised sounded like it'd make Dying Light even better than all it is, but is there something I'm missing? Because I don't see any of it yet. (Haven't started the Following yet)
  • So, another season pass then?
  • That's awesome news. By far one of my favourite games! So glad to see it still being supported. Keep Em coming! : )
  • @7 I've noticed a couple new animations when vaulting, I beat the game a couple days before The Following was released so perhaps it's a little more noticeable to me. I know what you mean though, I was hoping for a wallrun feature to be added.
  • @ 2.6 - I'm not saying they ain't making one however seen they already put hellraid on hold for dying light imo that suggest there not working on dying light 2 yet
  • How about an update that fixes the ducking frame rate? It hurts my eyes if I play too long
  • @10 I'm mainly disappointed with the lack of fixing the human and volatile AI combat. It gets annoying being killed in one hit by a guy with a gun when it takes you about 7 shots to kill one of Rais's men sometimes. Also, Volatiles early/mid-game make it impossible to have any fun at night.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • @7 there's lots of new guns. Revolvers, SMGs, new semi-auto pistol, and pump action shotguns with 2550 damage. Immediately traded in my double-barreled shotgun with 900 damage. Once you get a couple of the Legend level upgrades on firearms, the pump-action shotgun kills everything! Draws a lot of Virals though.
  • @15 Oh, really? Is this in the base game, or in the Following? I've still only seen a shotgun, combat rifle, police rifle, German 9mm pistol, and American 9mm pistol (with the exception of a "desert" rifle and a "rusty" shotgun). Maybe later those might start appearing...?
  • @16 I actually picked up the new shotgun and the bow from the dealer in the Tower before I started the Following. Are you sure the patch downloaded for you?
  • @17 Yeah, I got a 16GB patch or so for Dying Light when the update/Following came out, and I've played it about 4-5 different times since then and I haven't noticed a difference. I play with two others, too, and they haven't run into any of the new stuff yet.
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