Mafia 3 Not Shying Away From Race Issues Says Blackman - Video Interview

Mafia 3 "Not Shying Away From Race Issues," Says Blackman - Video Interview

Richard Walker

For Mafia 3, 2K Games and Hangar 13 are taking a somewhat different approach. Still a tale of family, albeit in a very different vein, it tells the tale of Lincoln Clay on the mean streets of a fictionalised New Orleans (name still pending) in 1968, a troubled time in American history.

As such, it's a rich setting and time period for weaving some incredible stories, as well as giving Mafia 3 a truly kick-ass 60s soundtrack, consisting of Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and an array of other classics. We got into the nitty-gritty with our first look preview, but we still had plenty of questions.

Fortunately, we got to quiz Mafia 3 Creative Director and Hangar 13 Studio Head Haden Blackman, talking about the game's time period, the presence of Mafia 2's Vito Scaletta, Lincoln's brutal, no-nonsense approach to conflict resolution, and being careful not to shy away from issues surrounding race.

Check it all out in our video interview below. Mafia 3 is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2016.

  • I hate to admit but I giggled at "not shying away from race says Blackman"
  • @1 Blackman's not black like Barry White, he's white like Frank Black is.
  • @1 Ah shit, I completely missed that and now I can't stop laughing.
  • Thats good considering the time and place this game is showcasing. I appreciate their commitment to the story.
  • This is good to hear. 2k said political correctness can kiss their ass. I like historical accuracy. Ppl want to sugar coat everything today.
  • Historical accuracy FTW
  • You know that girl in the pic is all about the BBC, if you catch my drift.. You know.. the British Broadcasting Corporation :p What did you think I meant? ;)
  • I need a release date!
  • Mafia 2 was rife with racial slurs and it was hilarious. Every other word was "Mick" or "chink" or "dago". Got into a firefight with some Irish thugs and they would yell out " DIE, YE DAY-GO FOOK!". I'm sure all the white cops in this game will be using "nigger" liberally.
  • Just realized how bad that joke bombed. It's not even based in the UK. It's set here in the US. Some people are so sensitive sheesh. Didn't meet to offend. Lol, man I failed hard. If it was in bad taste my apologies :)
  • I think the delivery/punchline needed some work. Otherwise you probably got downvoted by some dudes packing chodes
  • @2 nice Bloodhound Gang refernce there. OT: So looking forward to this game. the first 2 were great.
  • I'm not sure about this. I just hope they do it right and it doesn't turn into some SJW garbage.
  • @11 I agree. I posted that during my lunch break. Since it's only 20 min, I couldn't really flesh out the punchline. Maybe someone thought I was bashing the UK, which would be absurd. It was meant a play on words, which mildly hinted at inferred innuendo.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • I got you Baki man. I gave u a thumbs up and put you at 0. That joke ducked though. Lol
  • Good Lord Ducked..... *SUCKED. Punk ass auto correct.
  • @10: If it's any consolation I immediately thought of Red Dwarf when you typed out British Broadcasting Corporation. When I was young that series only aired on BBC, so thanks for the nostalgia. :)
  • A black man killing white cops, it's a nice change, not that I support this in real life, but in a game it's a nice change.
  • @19 I'm curious how this is supposed something new and radical in video games or even real life...
  • All I want to know is Will they beat there FUCK record?
  • i just hope we get to play as vito too if not in the main game maybe as dlc vito was a great character im glade there bring him back he was a bad ass
  • Funny, all I think of now when someone mentions BBC is paying an annual fee for TV presenters to shag a bunch of kids in their backstage dressing room.
  • @23 For me it's (despite the poorly received joke above), Benny Hill and Doctor Who. Benny WAS the man. Only our 3 Stooges could match his humor I think. Benny was a natural at what he did and could always make me laugh. The Stooges while funny, had some cast members that didn't have the same impact as the original cast. I haven't seen a Benny Hill show in 20+ years, but still remember the impact he had on me. The music that played when he did the fast motion chases, is still being used today. Ususally it's to highlight some outrageous situation, but the music fits very well for any wtf, comedic situation. I'm not sure about Monty, as I could never get into that one. Wish I could get the I player here :(
  • Appx release date??
  • They're doing it to appeal to angsty white kids who are bullied by minorities.
  • @14 Yep she's all about the BBC alright. Everyday more and more American women discover they are about it as well. It's all good.
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