Homefront: The Revolution 'Goliath Edition' Unveiled

Homefront: The Revolution 'Goliath Edition' Unveiled

Richard Walker

Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have today revealed Homefront: The Revolution's Goliath Edition, an insane collector's edition of the game bundled with a radio-controlled scale replica of a KPA Goliath Drone, with working lights and six-wheel suspension.

The bundled copy of the game also comes packaged in an exclusive steelbook, with a 32-page artbook depicting Resistance-themed concept art and Apex weapon and vehicle tech. In the Goliath Edition box, you'll also find the game's Expansion Pass and the Revolutionary Spirit Pack.

The Expansion Pass will grant access to single-player content, while all co-op Resistance Mode DLC will be released for free, adding new missions, challenges, features, equipment and additional items, over the course of 12 months.

"We’re planning for a dedicated team to work on additional single-player content for at least a year after release” said Game Director Hasit Zala. "We have some exciting ideas that we hope to develop further post launch, but the overall goal is to add some surprising  new experiences to the world of Homefront that complement our 30 hour single-player campaign. All additional single-player content will be covered by the Expansion Pass."

A number of pre-order bonuses have also been revealed for Homefront: The Revolution, which include access to the Revolutionary Spirit Pack with a Red Skull motorbike skin, and golden pistol skin for single-player,  and the Marksman Rifle, Snoper Scope and Remote Explosives for Resistance Mode.

Digital pre-orders grant the Liberty Pack with two pieces of rare combat gear for co-op, Liberty Body Armour and KPA Shock Trooper Helmet, while other retailers will also offer the Guerrilla Care Package with 5 'Resistance Crates' including weapon blueprints, attachments and more, the Wing Skull Pack with Wing Skull motorbike skin and silver pistol skin for SP. The Combat Stimulant Pack with boosts and limited edition steelbooks and steel posters are among the other pre-order incentives on offer.

Homefront: The Revolution will be coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC on 17th May 2016 in North America and 20th May in Europe.

  • Wow... THAT looks COOL!!!
  • Goliath Garbage Edition. Fix your game first.
  • Too bad the beta was trash. Quite literally the worst thing I've ever played.
  • A year of single player content support?! Yeah right I've heard that before (payday 2) springs to mind. Was gona get this day 1 but a season pass (as per nearly every retail game released nowadays!) ill wait till I drops in price a bit
  • Thumbs up 2 and 3. The beta was a complete piece of shit. Not a redeemable quality in the game.
  • Man, the Goliath was my favorite part and the only thing I remember from the first game. I'd just buy that and toss the rest
  • I honestly don't understand why people are bashing the beta. I had no issues at all & had a good time. I was very skeptical about this game, cause I didn't like the first one, but after playing the beta it got me to pre-order.
  • Yeah, certainly my biggest disappointment of the year so far. I LOVED the original. Still do. But this game is so bad. And no MP hit the nail in the coffin.
  • When this game was first shown, it looked promising. Then after the whole selling off and delay thing, it seems like it's just took a nosedive. Shame the new team couldn't keep it up or even make it half the game it looked to be. As already stated, the Beta was trash. It was like playing a PS2 game all over again. And not the great ones that make you nostalgic. What a shame.
  • @3 and @5 - How was it bad? Framerate? Graphics? AI? I haven't heard anything about the beta and I am curious because this game caught my eye...
  • This certainly entices me, but the beta was so so bad, that my instincts are telling me to steer clear of this game.
  • @11: Barren, ugly and boring world with poor graphics and little to do. Sluggish controls on the vehicles. Weapons without weight, accuracy or power. Poor enemy AI. Boring objectives. Awful design choices, such as when you're DBNO, you can't bleed out or surrender--you're stuck waiting for someone to revive you. A teammate ran me over and I was stuck watching their perspectives for 3 or 4 minutes. I could go on but others may want to vent.
  • You guys do realize that the beta was a server stress test. Hence the PS2 graphics, broken controls etc..
  • I'll still be playing Doom when this comes out. I didn't like the first Homefront.
  • @14: In your experience, have you ever played a beta within 6 months of release which was drastically improved in the final version?
  • Lolllllll @ a season pass for THIS game. My god, no shame with these devs anymore.
  • @14 You do realize that's garbage spouted by the people who don't want you to cancel your pre-order?
  • Ugh the beta was fucking awful, played for 45mins and uninstalled.
  • Day 1 buy for me.
  • @14 Link? Where did you read that? Not disagreeing with you, genuinely interested. Is there an argument for us being rather spoilt with the standard of open betas on xbox one of recent? Maybe they should have called this an "open alpha" or been more transparent about this just being a stress test, if it was that at all. Im yet to see any redeeming features, yet open to hear of any that anyone has found. For me was a low frame rate, screen tearing, unresponsive, unfocused mess. The devs have along way to go if that is their current progress with the tittle.
  • @2 @3 very true
  • If I was wealthy I would buy this but donate the game to a local prison.
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