Gears of War 4's Lead Characters and Voice Talent Revealed

Gears of War 4's Lead Characters and Voice Talent Revealed

Richard Walker

The Coalition has revealed the lead trio that will be at the heart of Gears of War 4 when it launches for Xbox One, revealing that original protagonist Marcus Fenix's son, JD Fenix, will be the game's main hero. Gears 4 takes place 25 years after the events of Gears of War 3, meaning a largely new cast.

Main protagonist JD Fenix will be played by Spartacus and The Flash star Liam McIntyre, with the character described as an idealist who ran away from home to join COG's military ranks at a young age. Fenix subsequently goes AWOL after a classified incident that will be revealed as you progress through the game.

Fenix will be joined by Kait Diaz, an Outsider raised outside the walled city-states that protect humanity. Kait, played by prolific voice actor Laura Bailey, joins the COG as a survivalist able to look after herself, forming a friendship with JD. "She's a great entry point into this world, because she doesn't know everything about it either," says Bailey of her character.

Finally, Delmont 'Del' Walker is an ex-COG soldier and orphan who forged a friendship with JD at boarding school. Played by Eugene Byrd, who also played Marcus 'Boomer' Boone in Battlefield Hardline and has had roles in Arrow and Bones, Delmont followed JD into the Army and was also involved in the same classified incident. Both JD and Delmont seeked refuge with the Outsiders amid the wilds of Sera, and Del still remains loyal to his buddy.

You can find out more about Gears of War 4's new cast of characters and voice actors over at Game Informer, where you'll also find more Gears 4 news and info that will all be part of an upcoming 14-page cover feature in the magazine's next issue.

Gears of War 4 will be coming to Xbox One, hopefully later this year.

  • wtf where's their armour? thay're all gonna get bodied
  • No Cliffy B, No Gears for me. This is another franchise that will have way outstayed it's welcome in a couple years. I wish they would make this game, but call it something else. I know it's about marketing (money) and brand recognition, but they are going to bury GoWs good name by keeping it running like this. It's already happening to Halo.
  • Does this mean that there's only 3 playable characters? I hope it has 4 player co-op, would be more fun than just 2
  • @2 Anything is better than judgement >__>. Gears 4 is a day 1 purchase by default. I cant wait for it! @1 Even with tons of armour.. I'd still get bodied regardless :P I'm sure the characters will be dressed properly for the game. It's gears after all.
  • I like the look of the new characters. They look very charismatic.
  • Safe money says his name is Jonathon Dom Fenix
  • @4 I'm hoping for 4 player co-op as well! Figured that the 4th would be Son of Carmine! If I had to guess...
  • @4 There's no way this will only have 3 playable characters. More will be revealed later I'm sure. Also, there's no reason it shouldn't have 4P(minimum) co-op.
  • @3. Nobody cares. And FYI, CliffyBitch helped make and promote Judgment. Keep that in mind.
  • wierd setting for gears characters. these look like pretty high school students or something. wheres the gears of war grit. if its anything like gears of war judgement then im out lol
  • Carmine Jr, please.
  • Nice, Spartan Vale is Kait. She's quite talented, always nice to see her getting prominent roles.
  • Judgement was probably the best looking Gears game and the campaign was ok, but my god the MP was a huge SHITFEST. Pure trash. Gears 4 has nowhere to go but up in terms of MP. Day fucking one regardless.
  • It's already been confirmed this is 2 player co-op, not 4. They want to return the series to its roots of Gears 1. They said this a year ago.
  • These characters don't look like they belong in Gears at all... If you just showed me them and didn't say it was Gears I'd guess "are they from generic action game number 5?".
  • Not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, we'll have some grizzled cameos from the original trilogy. On the other hand, these kids look way out of place. On the other other hand, we could see a nice progression from fresh-faced kids to grizzled vets through the games. Definitely need to know more.
  • For those complaining where is the armor. This looks just like artwork anyways, and when they revealed the gameplay trailer, JD and Kait were wearing Gears armor so....
  • Is that Daniel Sturridge on the left?
  • Ugh So Fenix Junior has similar story to previous Fenix JR... Odd choice of narrative IMO. But let's just ask what is on all our minds. Will the 4th character be of Baird bloodline?=) I am catiously optimistic about this. Return horde to it's finest from gears 3, give us amazing online (I sure hope it will play nothing like gears rematered piece of trash MP...) and decent story to follow and you've got a sale here!
  • It sounds like the game begins out in the wilds with them both out of the COG so it makes sense they wouldn't be wearing COG armor in the beginning. I am sure we will see some progression that leads into the E3 demo where they had armor on. I'm really looking forward to this.
  • Did you hear that loud crash? That was my expectations dropping through the floor.
  • There look ... stupid.
  • ^ Apparently I'm stupid because I made a typo of "There" when I meant "They." :P
  • More than happy to play some new Gears as Marcus' son, would fully expect to see an elderly Marcus make an appearance somewhere along the line too.
  • They look like hippie, college-drop outs with guns. In fact, the girl looks like something straight out of Far Cry 4.
  • The eyebrow ring for the black dude makes him look like a real douchebag. Why couldn't they just have him look like a normal tough guy like Cole? Really not liking the designs here, hopefully this is just early concept art and not the final look.
  • Idc WTF the characters are or look like. ITS GEARS OF WAR! enough said.
  • "Since your Black and I'm White, that's make more a-special for the audience." *turns toward camera* Very disappointing and has killed some hype.
  • @10 No he didn't. Cliffy left Epic as soon as Gears 3 had launched, even Rod had left prior to Judgment.
  • Also another point, why do the weapons look so out of scale? Look at the size of that pistol in the black guys hand - reminds me of the pound shop action figures with the weapons clearly from a different line of figures.
  • "I am SPARTACUS" can't wait for Gears to come back.
  • if i don't see a D. Carmine get his head blown off in this game, i am going to be pissed
  • Looks cheesy and wrong - like some sick High School Gears of Musical bullshit
  • @20 - They had better not put anything Baird related into this game. He is the absolute worst character of the franchise and is one of the few video game characters that I would happily put their head through a wall if they were real. Of course he would kick my arse first but I'd still try :) They had better put Horde and Beast back in. Without those modes Gears 3 was a distinctly average game, it was only them two modes that made the game amazing.
  • How can Marcus have a son? Anya Stroud was barren.
  • #36 BOO THIS MAN Baird saved those meatheaded, roided up freaks more times than I can count.
  • My one question (at least from the books). Who did Marcus have JD with? Since Anya could not have children. :/
  • No one knows what the cure did to the world...maybe Anya was sterile because of the imulsion parasite??
  • I loved Baird. His cynical outlook and approach to the whole locust problem was hilarious. If I met someone like that in real life, I'd either really like them, or really hate them though.
  • Can't get more predictable than that. SPOILER ALERT... the black guy dies in one of them in a very heart wrenching moment
  • Don't mind the character visual design. Will JD talk in Australian accent (and if so, why)? Her mother is presumably Anya, but Marcus didn't seem like a romantic type, or someone who would want to settle after all that has happened. War, losing father, prison, finding his father, losing Dom, losing his father again. Damn, he was already scarred (psychologically) when Gears 1 begins, and by the end of trilogy, that man has seen some tough shit. Does it really make sense he would want to have kids in a fucked up world like that? I dunno, about this. I was hoping for a proper prequel, and Pendulum wars and stuff, but way, way before Judgment. And who are they fighting with now? Locust are no more, and now it turns out, all of a sudden, there another major enemy on Sera?
  • I bet these images are just from a short section in the game, short after these guys fell out with the COG (I guess that "incident" is that small section of gameplay we say in the reveal-video, an attack of an unknown alien race, in which JD's partner dies-that girl above is not the girl from the gameplay trailer, right?) And after some time as freelancers or guns-for-hire (maybe the tutorial missions) they return to the COG, get full heavy armour and kick some alien ass. Oh, and I find it pretty smart for them to be young and skinny, this way we can see them change, get older and heavier in the inevitable sequels.
  • This has me more interested in getting this game, I was expecting it to just be more of the same, or worse yet more of Judgement. New characters, more distant setting, they're pushing the right buttons instead of walking all over their cannon like i expected them to.
  • Ugh so much complaining in these posts as always. It's a new Gears game, enjoy it. Let's hope for a nice 10+ hour campaign and a really cool villain. I'm sure they learned lessons from people's reactions to judgement, so I know this will be great!
  • @ The first half of these posts, why the fuck are you all worried about the goddamn armour? This is a picture, settle the fuck down. Look, Judgement was subpar, but to be honest I kind of liked the campaign. It was a unique gameplay scenario, albeit quite short. But quite challenging on its toughest mode while playing single player. The graphics were quite good as well. I anticipate Gears 4 will refine the graphics further, but I am hoping for a good story. Why is there another threat on Sera? Why does that planet have shit luck? Still lots of questions to be answered, I know I want to find out more sooner rather than later.
  • They look like rejects from the SSX tricky roster. Bluerghhhh. Hopefully it will be Gears 1 quality, the other 3 were trash.
  • This news is exciting! I honestly believe the game will be made with care and love. I cannot wait for the GI article to drop. Gotta see whats up with it.
  • @30 what are you talking about? Do your research cliffy gave the ok to do the cog vs cog only just so everyone knows.
  • @49 each their own but judgement was just terrible. campaign was boring and arcadey. the multiplayer was just outright awful. they removed horde mode. i cant think of anything good that judgement did
  • Might be just me but I only really played these for the story missions. SP and Co Op.. Did like the horde as well. Loved the books loved the game but this story albeit only limited info seems very similar to the first just 25 years on! Would have preferred IF they weren't bringing Marcus and the gang back to then be more of a Father and Son role in the next fight against humanity or Marcus and Carlos in the early days! I have always bought day 1 but reserve judgement until further info is available.. Pun not intended
  • Cliffy B is a total asshole. Gears 1 was inventive and fresh. The other games were pathetic lame and generic pieces of crap with the worst story ever, except for Dom and his radishes. Online was a joke, especially the dedicated servers bullshit that was Gears 3 - dedicated servers for a couple of weeks then back to massive host advantage.
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