What's Next For Hitman? Disc Release Due in January 2017

What's Next For Hitman? Disc Release Due in January 2017

Richard Walker

After stalking the corridors of Paris's Palais de Walewska in Hitman's first episode and rinsing everything that Hitman's Intro Pack has to offer, what's next for Agent 47? Well, the next five sandbox locations, of course. IO will be whisking players away on a globetrotting killing spree, heading to Italy next month, before taking you to the streets of Marrakesh and then to Japan, USA and finally Thailand.

We've recently seen and played the game's second Sapienza mission, and the location couldn't be more of a departure from the bustling crowds of the Sanguine fashion show in Paris. A sleepy coastal town, Sapienza is a sun-drenched environ in which citizens slowly go about their business, while you formulate a plan to enter the mansion house, where one of your targets awaits.

A celebrated scientist, Silvio Caruso is your primary target, as the mastermind behind the synthesis of a deadly virus, which you also have to track down and destroy. Naturally, a number of opportunities and approaches are open to 47, some of which you might find tucked away down the serpentine alleyways and side streets of the town, or perhaps in one of the shops, by the piazza or in the confines of the rustic church nestled by the idyllic sandy beach. As you progress, you can also visit an observatory, a network of catacombs and a secret biohazard lab where the virus is being stored. It's a pretty expansive level.

From the sunny climes of Sapienza, Hitman will then be journeying to Marrakesh, Morocco where unrest on the streets is indicative of a military coup about to erupt into chaos. Buzzing with people roaming to and fro between the Moroccan market stalls, Marrakesh brings about a wholly different kind of energy and atmosphere to the Prologue, Paris and Sapienza contracts, demonstrating that IO is taking steps to ensure that each location looks and feels like something fresh and new.

Marrakesh also presents a range of interesting challenges to tackle with a location that's larger in scale than anything else revealed so far. Factor in some of the high security facilities you'll have to infiltrate, like the consulate where a Swedish banker convicted of fraud that you need to bump off resides, and Marrakesh is going to be a potentially tough contract that Hitman purists should relish. Just wait until you have to take down the Army General too. That almost definitely won't be a cakewalk.

While we're unable to talk specifics regarding any of what we've seen or played thus far until next month, you can rest assured that Hitman is heading in the right direction. The episodic structure may be an annoyance for some, but it looks like it's all going to be well worth the wait. And if you want the full Hitman experience on a disc, you'll be waiting until January 2017.

The Sapienza contract will be coming to Hitman in April. You can read our review impressions on the Hitman Intro Pack here.

  • Fuck this episodic bullshit. I dont care if its the best game in the world. Why the hell do devs think this is a way to relese a game. We now live in an era where gaming devs think its ok to release games with no campaigns and now not full release games. Its a joke... we was promised so much more with the xbox one...
  • I'll wait till 2017 then
  • @1 its not the xbox ones fault idiot. Its the devs.
  • @3 he is having a go at the devs. Idiot.
  • January 2017 is not far away as it's just under a year. Plentiful games coming this month throughout to end of year. So Hitman can wait. I don't like Square Enix and IO decided for episodic in Hitman. It is not rights and it is not what past Hitman series is. Stupid bastards from SE and IO. Anyway they will have wait for January 2017 to have my money for Hitman. :P
  • OK, I'll be picking this up in January 2017 then. Excellent news.
  • Cool, guess I'll get it next year.
  • Something to look forward to next year, not going to buy it separate.
  • Here's hoping that when we all buy the full version on disc next January that it outsells this episodic bullshit so they dump that idea as a way to release games.
  • It was originally coming out on December 8th, 2015: http://www.xboxachievements.com/news/news-21425-E3-2015--New-Hitman-Announced-----%EF%BF%BDThe-Most-Ambitious-Hitman-Ever-Created--%EF%BF%BD.html Then it was delayed to March 2016: http://www.xboxachievements.com/news/news-22211-Hitman-Delayed-Until-March-2016.html Then they announced that only three missions would ship in March: http://www.xboxachievements.com/news/news-22270-Hitman-Launches-With-Three-Sandbox-Locations-This-March.html Then cut down to one mission (which is when many of us got fed up): http://www.xboxachievements.com/news/news-23004-Hitman-s-Release-Schedule-Shifts--Launch-to-Come-With-Just-Prologue-and-Paris.html Does anyone believe they will be holding a disc with a complete game 10 months from now?
  • I'm okay with episodic on this one. I usually hate it and will just say "screw that game" and never play it. But with seige and the division taking all my limited time. Having a massive backlog and still wanting to play some AAA titles I've put off since last year. I don't have time for a full hitman game (I'll play it 100 different ways for months). So I'm okay with spending a weekend every month or two massacring in the most inventive ways I can muster. Would I prefer a disc? Hell yes. But I think it'll be okay for this one.
  • Yet when Telltale does it everyone's okay with it.
  • It's the exact same way Telltale does their games. It's not a new concept, but because it's for a AAA title, everyone is shitting on them? Boo on them for trying something different. Entitled much?
  • @12 and 13. Wasn't this originally going to be just a regular release? I would assume that's why so many people are mad is because it's was supposed to have been out already as a full disc, then they changed their mind and now it's not going to be complete for the better part of a year.
  • Complete as in the disc release
  • @14 - It was announced at E3 2015 as digital first and disc later. There was no mention at first of it being *episodic*, but they've always maintained that "With Hitman, Io-Interactive is taking the novel approach of launching the base game digitally, expanding it with post-release content, then bringing the full package to retail once it’s all out." They never said that the "full game" would be released then side content would be available throughout the year. And they always maintained, since the game was revealed at E3 2015, that the disc would be released once all that content was out. Whether or not they said when they first announced this game at E3 in June 2015 that the game would be *episodic* is moot. That is how they've always intended the game to be whether they informed us or not. They're not entitled to inform us of anything actually, although it would have been nice of them to tell us straight away. Only when they announced in September that the game was delayed until March 2016, they officially revealed the content would be released sporadically. There's no pleasing everyone. I understand that people can have their opinions, but it's not going to change anything. While I personally am not taking advantage of the episodes (because I have too many games to play as it is), I actually prefer them doing this. It's no different than if any game is delayed 4 or 5 months to polish it off. Why would someone be mad if a game is delayed, but if by doing that it makes the game even better? How could you possibly be mad about that? Would people not be mad now if they decided to scrap the whole episode idea and release this as a full game in 10 months? Of course they would, but by doing it this way at least they are getting some content every couple of months instead of nothing for 10 months. If it means that they can concentrate on a specific mission by making it as detailed as possible and then release it instead of dealing with the game as a whole with only details sprinkled in, I'm all for that. In the end, it will make it the best game possible. Whether or not I think this is a good idea for a AAA title, I really have no opinion. I'm just glad that we're getting another Hitman game. It could be the best Hitman game ever, but by releasing it sporadically, would people forget as time went on that this game even exists, making future episodes not sell well? And would anyone care if future episodes are released at all? It could possibly come back and bite them in the ass, but at least they're trying.
  • Well I love hitman but I do not want to play it in parts and Wait a few months between areas. I will wait for the disc. No way I'm paying £50 for an incomplete product or £10-£15 per location/episode
  • Looks like I'm waiting until 2017 then. I don't do digital download shit, nor am I into this episodic bull shit. Does the game even have a story line or campaign?
  • I thought I would be able to pick up the disc in June. Now next Jan? I'll probably be dead by then
  • The geebaggin' in here .
  • it's £45 for the whole game, where are people getting £15 per episode from??
  • I don't mind the episodic releases. Thus far the game is great and it suits me for the fact I don;t always get time to play a lot due to work. I can focus on getting everything on one mission and when I'm done a new episode will be around the corner so it is perfect for people like myself who just don't get time to play like I used to.
  • 15 bucks for what we get with the intro pack is pretty amazing actually. Haven't played a lot yet or even seen paris but achievement design is great and it appears that each "episode" offers a huge amount of playtime and variety. I'd say well done IO Interactive.
  • guess i will be getting the full hitman game in january, but no biggie more to play till then and by the time the full game releases all the beta testers will have all the bugs out of the game. pretty bad how they basically want people to pay to beta test games now a day instead of paying people to beta test them, unlike years ago when the game actually beta tested by payed people and then released completed and bug free.
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