The Maw Updated to 230; DLC Tomorrow

Alan Pettit

Available tomorrow will be the next DLC for The Maw, titled "River Redirect" which will cost a mere 100 MSP. It will add one new achievement for 15 points.

River Redirect  15

Get 100% Eaten and Eat the Snuffle in River Redirect


  • Wow, I'm glas I still have 120MS points so I can get this :)
  • glad*
  • It's always good to have a mindless game to play.
  • is this the 2nd dlc for this game?
  • Yep it is, but the first DLC was worth 100points :P
  • i love the maw, when i pick up some points i'll be sure to download these levels!
  • i hope it doesnt have the same probs as the first dlc
  • nice I'll buy it
  • I might pick this up. Although right now, I only have enough points for the Fallout 3 and WaW dlc.
  • The Maw is pretty sick, just hating the constant flow of DLC atm!
  • nice ut after the last dlc for this seems like these levels were cut from the full game and then sold on for more money ?
  • @11 no they weren't. They could not be in the game due to the XLBA file size limit (Twisted Pixel wasn't given an exception to the rule), and the levels weren't even in development until the game was undergoing certification for the marketplace. For $1.25 (100msp), you are absolutely getting your money's worth here.
  • I heard this DLC level was 160 points?
  • Maaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww!Balls! This game is actually quit fun. Balls!
  • but the limit is a lot more then maw's file size watcher is over 1 gb and streetfighter remix was 600-700
  • Have yet to play it, but I might look into it. ;)
  • I think I'll wait until I get the red 360 this weekend before getting this.
  • there is no way it could be 160 for this game. the highest is 250.
  • @17 /golfclap everyone is so happy your getting a red xbox........
  • sweet
  • yay more maw
  • Finally some good XBLA titles and the Maw DLC. I haven't gotten anything since R type. @ 19 it does seem funny to mention buying a new $300 console, but waiting to buy $1.25 DLC.
  • Yey I have 100 MS points left so hope it cost 100 cause I like it :D
  • hey how i can get my gamertag on this website?
  • O_o Whattttttttttt . . .
  • @#11: Due to the nature of the story in The Maw, they had to add these levels in between other levels in the main game. If you play the first DLC level, it becomes clear that it is too advanced within the context of gameplay to have been placed at that point in the story originally. These levels are being made as they go, and are long enough and of high enough quality to be more than worth the cost. I've been waiting for this DLC since I bought the game and first DLC last week. How long until the third, I wonder...
  • Hmm, only 230 points now? There's gonna be a third pack, isn't there? Well, as long as it's still only 100 points, I'll grab that too.
  • Sweet .... cant wait to get this DLC. The last level was really good - hope they keep up the high standard.
  • Sounds good. Can't wait to get it.
  • NOOOOOO! I literally only just spent my last 100 points on curry man for TNA iMPACT!
  • Count me in.. better clear that achievement for 100% tonight in the original levels as preperation :-)
  • I might just need to get this just to 100% it again
  • Finally DLC came out only have 180MP left
  • ** "Hmm, only 230 points now? There's gonna be a third pack, isn't there?" ** Hopefully, but who knows? SMALL ARMS has been 230 for.. I don't know.. over a year now.
  • Yes there will be a 3rd DLC level, at which point the game will then be updated to 245. I'm glad they kept the price at 100 points, despite early mistaken reports that it was going to be 160. And the new achievement is already showing up now on, so it looks like Microsoft learned their lesson and there shouldn't be any problems with the achievement for this level like there was for the first one!
  • omg Lol i haven't even got beaten the first DLC and gotten the achievement yet ill more then likely buy this as well and not end up completing it though xD Ill have to get around to it
  • When did Arcade games start getting DLC? I think they are starting to get overboard, like literally EVERY new game has had DLC now. I mean Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead is fine, but this? REDICK!
  • Arcades have been getting DLC just as long as retails game have on the 360...
  • Hmm...what's this game like?
  • @39 100% Pure Anal Discharge
  • I'm on right now and I see they have Crystal Defenders and Peggle but no Maw. ):
  • Nothing wrong with this... Feel a bit ripped off that they KNEW they'd be releasing it straight away... But hey, another 15 points for a well-made game? Good show.
  • I am happy with the updates for this game, they put a lot of effort into a fun game that is sheer enjoyment, nothing really tedious. Even eating 100% in a level takes no time at all. Time to DL this an 100% it a third time :D
  • @17 Why are you bragging about getting a red 360 this weekend when most of the people here have already got it (maybe)
  • im quite happy with my black one =P
  • I just got the Achievement, but I can't update my Achievement checklist on this site! Figures, when the game doesn't bug out, the site does. :P
  • Awww maw you just keep coming through with more DLC Arcade game of the year :D
  • It's still not working... Sorry, not really sure where else to complain about this. :(
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