Turok and Turok 2 Remastered Coming to Xbox One

Turok and Turok 2 Remastered Coming to Xbox One

Richard Walker

Night Dive Studios has announced that it'll be bringing Turok Remastered and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Remastered to Xbox One, bringing the 1997 dinosaur blasting classic up to date with overhauled visuals and such. Turok Remastered launched on Steam back in December 2015, but is also now in the offing for Xbox One.

The developer, also hard at work on System Shock Remastered, broke the news via Twitter, confirming that both Turok Remastered and its sequel are in the pipeline.

However, it seems like Xbox One will be the only console platform that Turok and Turok 2 appear on, with PS4 and others currently being evaluated. "We're evaluating other platforms but can't confirm at this time," Night Dive confirmed in a follow-up tweet.

There's no date for Turok and Turok 2 on Xbox One as yet, but you can watch a trailer for the Steam version below. Enjoy!

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  • I was waiting for it to flick over to the new remastered version as a comparison, then I realised that's what I was looking at. Gotta do better than that in 2016.
  • Sweet a remaster i want also FYI it seems like Left 4 Dead 2 is available for BC you readers might wanna check it out i seen a couple of post on it on facebook not really sure if its true or not.
  • @2 I own L4D2 digitally and am in the preview program. It does not appear in my list of installable games on the Xbox One. Hope they add it soon though.
  • Hmm ok disregard @#3 i got my hopes up only to be crushed
  • Not sure how I feel about this, is this THE turok from the n64? I remember the good old days of cartridges and this was £65 when it was first released.
  • This is some great news to wake up to. I've been debating on whether to buy the HD version on Steam, and T2: Seeds of Evil is my favorite game on the N64(still own it and play it occasionally,but my controller doesn't work very well). Can't wait to hear more news on this!
  • Re releasing a he version with n64 graphics?!?!
  • #7 It is remastered. Not remakes which is why graphics stay the same in remastered. It would be so hard to change the graphics ground up in remastered because of N64's graphics (old graphics of old days lol) and cost so much money if they doing remakes of it.
  • Played the 360 game but never tried this. That video of the remaster above looks awful. Certainly not going to get new players with that.
  • #9 Yeah or maybe they just care about fans to bringing back. Lol
  • Definitely great news for anyone who had these on N64. I only played the first but I loved it when I was a kid. Played the reboot in 2008 and while it had some cool ideas, it was very average and disappointing to all fans of the original games.
  • Awesome! this is like when Perfect Dark got a remaster on 360! N64 port with clean fluid graphics, can't wait
  • Microsoft must have played a lot of N64 back in the day. Banjo, KI and now Turok! :P
  • My nostalgia senses are tingling!
  • Umm...is this an April Fool's joke?
  • It's real. I think this is the same studio looking to remaster no one lives forever but they hot shut down trying to find the rights. I'd be way more interested in that. It would be fun to use the cerebral bore again though.
  • Would really like Turok Evolution to be remastered, honestly. @2 I was able to download Left 4 Dead 2 last night, but haven't had the chance to check if it starts.
  • They do the System Shock 2 Remastered Version? Then I guess it won't be a big overhaul as I expected :(
  • @1 That already looks significantly better... There's not much you can do to "update" N64 graphics but trust me it looks as smooth and clean as its gonna get. @13 Well Banjo and Killer Instinct are Rare franchises which Microsoft owns... same reason we got Perfect Dark on 360... This however is being handled by a completely different studio as Acclaim closed down a long time ago.
  • While its an improvement over the old n64 titles, they should of replaced the textures and models with new ones (fan mods for PC games do this) as n64 graphics (even if they are tided up) still look rough. The word "Remaster" is throw around too often with games. (It mat not not even be the n64 version they are porting, its probably the old PC ver as it would be hell of a lot easier)
  • I was excited until I watched the video, those graphics have not aged well. I'd appreciate some updated textures as others have said.
  • @5 yes it is - I loved Turok 2 on the N64. In my opinion, the best Turok game there is. And Oooooooooh that Cerebral Bore!!!!
  • HD remasters have spoiled us all. I'll buy this and probably love the hell out of it, but if I may let my "entitlement" show for just a bit, I would've liked the option to switch between N64 and higher res textures even if I'd have to back out into the main menu. Or at the very least, remake the textures so that they're sharp but still have a retro feel (See Perfect Dark). I hope this game does well for them, and that we see more games from the N64/PS1 era join the Xbox marketplace.
  • What a shame. I was really excited to look into this when I read that headline, but I'm sorry, that trailer looked like absolute shit. Gutted, cuz I was really quite up for this before I watched that trailer.
  • Ehhh I'll wait for a new Turok game. This remaster looks like it belongs as an early Xbox Arcade game back in 2007, not today in 2016.
  • still could be fun
  • I like how everyone is complaining that Turok remastered is just Turok remastered. It's a remastering of a 20 year old game, not a remake. What do you guys expect them to do with that source material?
  • Wow, memories
  • never liked it on n64 pass
  • Sweet fancy Moses!! Nostalgia overload. Day 1 for me :)
  • Wow N64 remakes? I loved Turok 2 but Turok 1 was too much jumping lol. I gotta say I hope to see a re-release of the Vigilante 8 games soon too V8 Second offence prolly got the most playtime other than Goldeneye on my 64 BITD. Split screen MP FTW!
  • horrendous graphics please no. they need to redo the graphics!
  • cant wait to type in bewareoblivionisathand again
  • Just in case anyone was wondering, it is $19.99 on Steam so expect a similar price point on Xbox.
  • Thats 10$ too much tbh. You get RESIDENT EVIL 6 for that money
  • Turok 2 has to be on top 10 list of games i wanted a remaster of
  • @21 That's funny! Is there actually anything solid on a remaster of TES:Oblivion for Xbox One? I love Oblivion. I didn't get the game until it had been out for a month, and after a week of playing it, I got bored and put it away. Three months later, I gave it another shot... figured-out what it was all about, and was hooked! I took my time with that game, taking "5 years" to complete all the achievements, playing it for a week or so at a time, and shelving it for a few months, rinse & repeat over 5 years. I wanted it to last! I started another character a few years ago, and have been playing it the same way (periodically). I'd love to play it again for achievements! I've heard Turok was boring, but in all honesty... I've not played it (I didn't even know there was a second one). I'm going to see if there's a demo for it (or the second one)! I may not be able to find it on disc for the 360, but if the game's alright... I can get it on X1. I'll bet both will be offered as a bundle!
  • @38 You're not even close. Hes saying "Beware Oblivion is at hand" which was a phrase as well as a cheat code for Turok 2. Love Turok 2! One of my favorite games of all time! So much so that's where I got my gamertag.
  • @8 @9 what is it with dickwads having an almost identical pic in their gamertag?
  • #1 Criticizes game for graphics gets 6 thumbs up. #9 Criticizes game for graphics gets 6 thumbs down.
  • @39 You're right - not even in the same universe. I did find out that there was only Turok for the 360... so it's pretty cool they're bringing 1 & 2 to the Xbox One. It sounds like I should just wait for this version, instead of looking for the 360 version (I'm still going to look for a demo on my 360, though... I'm eager to check out this game)!
  • @41: It's personal. There's at least one person who has three accounts so I go from "0" to "-3" in a matter of seconds, and then you factor in people who jump on the bandwagon…
  • Its amazing how many people dont know the difference between a remake and a remaster.
  • Wow! What an unexpected surprise! Cannot wait!
  • @43 If it's personal it's only because you are an arrogant pompous know it all asshole and people tend to not like that. Especially because you are wrong 99% of the time. Quit trying to run the forum.
  • Hay :)) Amazing
  • Just an update for anyone who finds this comment from an article a year old. Turok 2 Remastered is coming out on PC March 16, 2017. No word yet on if it's still coming to Xbox, or the first game. I'm hoping it releases on PC and then comes to consoles a couple months later, as is the case with alot of games. I'm a huge fan of these games on the N64, so I will be heartbroken if the Xbox versions were canceled. As of last October, Nightdive still said the xbox one versions were coming, so there's still hope.
  • August of 2017 and still no news.
  • They just released a rating for the Xbox pegi trailer. It isn't much, but we're taking a step closer to it happening
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