Left 4 Dead 2 Added to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List

Left 4 Dead 2 Added to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List

Lee Bradley

The Xbox 360 version of Valve’s co-op zombie shooter, Left 4 Dead, 2 is now playable on Xbox One. Microsoft’s Major Nelson made the announcement. If you own Left 4 Dead 2 on Xbox 360, you can now get stuck in on Xbox One thanks to the console’s backwards compatibility functionality.

The announcements have been coming thick and fast from Microsoft recently. Halo Wars, SoulCalibur II HD Online, The King of Fighters ‘98, Assassin’s Creed, Dark Void, Dark Souls and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 have all been announced for Backwards Compatibility in the last week or so.

You can find an up-to-date list of all the Xbox One backwards compatibility games through this link.

  • HELL YEAH!!! I was waiting for them to announce this game for BC!
  • YES ! YES ! YES ! And this makes what 13 games announced this month damn microsoft is on a roll. INB4WEWANTXGAMEINSTEAD
  • This is nothing short of tremendous news.
  • FINALLY!... Now everyone will shut up about it...
  • I'm just waiting for the first game since it's the only one I have a digital copy of...
  • I don't understand why console users keep supporting valve. That fat POS of newell has been trying to destroy the console market for years and, with each public appearance, he get more aggressive about it. Come one people, wake up! Stop supporting that maggot. Do you want to end up gaming on steam giving your money to valve? I don't think so or you wouldn't be gaming on the Xbox One/PS4 to begin with. There's also the matter of hypocrisy typical of newell: "consoles suck, you need steam. But let's make money off them anyway."
  • Just realised the picture is a cricket joke
  • Wish the 1st one was BC aswell.
  • This and skate 3 are the only games that make me regret throwing my 360 in a bonfire stoked right now
  • And for your next trick Nelson: First Left4Dead.
  • @6 The same reason people buy EA games or Activision dlc rip-offs, they make great games. Personally, i find Steam to be a good service with prices i would kill for on console.
  • @5 you can put the disc of the physical version in and it'll install
  • About time
  • @6: You mistake "hypocrisy" and "business sense".
  • @6 you sound like the trump of xbox gaming.
  • I like BC but one way to make it even better as we have to download the games onto the harddrive is if we didnt have to put the disc in. Be nice to see that you enter the disc, it registers, you download and then you don't need to change disc. That way with the speed of going from one game to another, isn't slowed down by finding the disc and putting it in. Yes it can be lazy but it can also help with space
  • @4 haha yes you are right. This is great news! Now I will ask for nothing...except black ops 2
  • I'm playing the fuck outta this tomorrow! Glad I got a day off.
  • @16: That just lends itself to people renting games off Gamefly/borrowing them from friends/selling them immediately after and still being able to own them forever digitally. Sure it would be nice, but the disc check is necessary for Microsoft to know that you should still own the game and should be allowed to play it. P.S. Digital master race. :D
  • Huzzah! :D
  • Add me if you got a mic gamer tags stealthy Tinman
  • can someone explain the full procedure for moving game saves, records, DLC etc over to ONE? I installed Battleblock and everything was already in the cloud, is it the same here?
  • So excited to get back into this game. Put way too many hours the first round, time to see if I can do that again.
  • @22: I bought borderlands once it became BC on the One. Few months after I picked up a 360 and wanted to play borderlands on the 360 with my game save that I had from the One. All I did was turn on the cloud and BAM there was my game save. I'm guessing its the same for all games and dlc as long as the dlc was digitally download.
  • @22 you need to copy the save to the cloud, on the Xbox 360. It will then be accessible from the Xbox One. https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-one/console/move-from-xbox-360-to-xbox-one
  • It's such bull that you have to purchase the game all over again if you no longer have the physical copy. You should be entitled to a free digital copy and all DLC.
  • @26 you're joking, right?
  • OH' YEAH! i like it
  • @26 that's the second time I've seen that comment. Do you even think before posting?
  • @27 and @29 - I agree with @26. I sold my house last year and moved into a new one. But I should definitely be able to go back to my old house, eat food from the fridge, use the toilet, sleep in the bed, etc... The police don't agree though.
  • -insert excited comment, yet, secretly I won't even play this on my Xbox One, just like no one else who's commented will-
  • Wolfenstein 3D was also added. It showed up on my install list. I'm sure everyone is stoked for that one, too... right?
  • @29 - How do you figure? Anyone who had a digital copy gets to re-download it for free. And yet people who had an actual PHYSICAL COPY of the game have to buy it all over again? That's complete crap.
  • @33 Your key word is "had." You no longer own it so I don't know why you feel entitled to a free digital copy. Like I asked you before in another post, how would Microsoft know if you ever owned it, or just rented it, or borrowed it from a friend? Your logic is complete crap.
  • @ 32 Wolfenstein 3D has been backwards compatible from the beginning.
  • @33: They own a digital LICENSE which entitles you to have a digital copy of that game on any console you like. Similar to how a physical copy can be played on any console you like, assuming you still own it. People who bought digital still own the game. People who sold physical (like you) do not. It's really not a hard concept. You're either being blindly entitled or very, very naive.
  • Dead Space is also available now too!
  • #31 First, what a weird comment to even make. Second, I commented yesterday and already played it.
  • Neither Left 4 Dead nor Dead Space is in the backwards-compatible store yet, so I'm assuming ONLY those who still have physical copies are able to play them?
  • I searched for L4D2, found it, and attempted to purchase. "Try buying on XBox 360. At the moment, this can't be purchased on XBox One."
  • Come on everybody!!! Let's all run out and buy Xbox Ones so we can play Xbox 360 games!!! NUFF SAID.
  • L4D2 was my favorite game on the 360.....This is great news. This does make me want to upgrade to a XBOX One but are the servers provided any good? The 360 version is almost unplayable online at this point as the lag is awful. Thanks in advance for the replies.....:)
  • @42 it would be exactly the same servers.
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