The Long Dark Story Mode Delayed Will Now Launch With 2 Episodes

The Long Dark Story Mode Delayed, Will Now Launch With 2 Episodes

Lee Bradley

The Long Dark’s Story Mode has been delayed again. Originally intended to launch on PC in 2014 and most recently rescheduled for spring 2016, the survival game’s story-focused mode will now arrive at a later, as-yet unannounced date.

The Long Dark is a survival game in which players must alive by foraging, exploring, crafting and protecting themselves from the environment and wildlife. The game’s Sandbox Mode is currently available via Xbox One Game Preview (and Steam Early Access), but fans are going to  have to wait a bit longer for Story Mode.

In a long post on developer Hinterland’s website, the tone of which speaks to fans’ frustration at the wait, studio’s Creative Director Raphael van Lierop explained that the delay is in part due to Story Mode’s increased scope and production values.

Most notably, the first season of The Long Dark’s Story Mode will now launch with two episodes totalling four to six hours of gameplay, with another three episodes to follow later. The first season was originally intended to launch with just one episode.

The reason for this change? Van Lierop believes that “you can’t launch a 2-hour game in this competitive, Steam-refund, Youtube-orientated marketplace.”

In addition to this, extra time is being taken to improve the quality of The Long Dark’s story delivery. The developer has transitioned from 2D animated cutscenes to full, in-game, 3D, motion captured animation.

Story Mode’s cast of playable characters has increased too, growing from one to two; Will Mackenzie and Dr. Astrid Greenwood.

Furthermore, the majority of Episodes One and Two will take place in brand new regions, not included in the currently available Sandbox Mode. The devs thought it would be “cheap” to ask early access players to retread ground they’d spent hundreds of hours in.

“But it’s not ready,” said van Lierop. “ And I won’t ship it until it’s ready. So, I’m sorry but you will just have to wait. And I believe, with all my heart I believe, once you get it, you will agree that the wait was worth it.”

You can watch a new Story Mode content preview below and read the original, super interesting, delay post here.

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  • So they're pulling a Destiny with the story?
  • Enjoying the preview. With a good story mode, this game could really turn into something special.
  • Don't know about anyone else but i had NO idea where to go in the preview, it felt clunky and the inventory was a load of bull. They really need to work on how this game plays before even thinking of releasing it fully.
  • @1 no I think they're doing the opposite of Destiny they're giving us a story eventually
  • @3 I kind of agree. Playing it was a mixed bag. It was exciting finding an old dark building and abit scary wandering inside, but once in, nothing really happened and I didn't even fin many resources. I just seemed to wander around, but this may just be me being poor at this kind of game. Felt it needed something extra to add to the nervousness and scare factor. (I know its not a horror game though)
  • The reason for this change? Van Lierop believes that “you can’t launch a 2-hour game in this competitive, Steam-refund, Youtube-orientated marketplace.” Haha i smell the fear.
  • @3 I felt the same way. After I had started it and played for about 15 mins or so, I literally asked myself out loud "what the hell am I supposed to be doing?"
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