Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project and Sonic the Fighters Go Backward Compatible

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project and Sonic the Fighters Go Backward Compatible

Richard Walker

You can add yet another three games to the liast of backward compatible Xbox 360 titles currently playable on Xbox One, with side-scrolling Duke Nukem spin-off Manhattan Project, SEGA beat 'em up Sonic the Fighters and Fatal Fury game Garou: Mark of the Wolves all now available.

As ever, owning each game will automatically add them to your download list, so simply head into My Games & Apps on your Xbox One to get 'em downloading. Or you can buy them and add them to your queue via the links below:

Microsoft continues to add Xbox 360 titles to the backward compatible list on Xbox One, with Gunstar Heroes and Outland among the latest additions. You can consult the full list of backward compatible Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox One right here.

  • wow the games nobody wants on bc is coming to xb1..
  • Cool for those who like these games, but I'm still holding out for Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and Mark of the Ninja. Those are the two I REALLY want to see added! :)
  • @1 keep moaning please I don't read it enough from guys like you.
  • @2 Im thinking they might do a splinter cell hd remake/remaster of the first 3 and hold off till then to release them BC (well hoping).........
  • @2 at this time blacklist cannot go bc due to multidisc
  • I wonder why it's taking so long to get Red Dead Redemption backwards compatible.
  • @4, pretty sure that's already a thing...
  • @5, Witcher 2 is 3 disc and that's BC
  • I am still waiting for Sonic Generations / Sonic Unleashed. But maybe these games will come after the "big game announcement" in july.
  • Garou is one of my favorite fighting games!
  • While I certainly love the BC titles coming at a good clip, my games section is looking really cluttered. It'd be nice if they could patch in a 360 tab on the left instead of putting all titles together on one page.
  • @5 Why would it matter if it's a multi-disc?
  • Sonic is a very fast and easy 400 G. Recommended for boosting your gamerscore.
  • Seeing these 3 random ass games gives me hope that I will see "BF1943" and "Gotham City Imposters" hit the BC list at some point. Hope it's soon, I am missing 'GCI'... Should have kept my 360, I'm dumb.
  • @12 the x1 has no way of doing a true multi disc game on the x1 for emulation reasons @8 its using the god file which was able to be squeezed into just a single file, so no disc swap is needed. while things like splinter cell, mass effect 3, lost odyssey have no way to do this, its why there is no god version of these titles and most likely will not be able to join the bc list unless ms finds a way
  • Wow all the big hitters are going bc! Just remember ms have to have the publishers permission so its not all ms' fault if the game you want hasn't or isn't gona be bc at some point
  • Come on all I need is ninja gaiden 2 and Metal gear R.
  • Sonic the fighters along with other fighting game titles compared to that are total fucking easy 400G each. I remember buying Sonic the fighters, Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers and got 1200g in less than 2 hours. Some achievements were like: Get to the 5th level, beat the boss, toss someone out of the ring. Very easy stuff.
  • @18 ha yeah that christmas sale 3 or 4 years ago right :D
  • i was hoping for Duke Nukem 3d instead of Manhattan Project but better than nothing at least.
  • I was hoping for Sonic Generations when I saw Sonic. Nope. Played that Sonic and what a waste.
  • I want Lost Odyssey and RDR ;_;
  • @15 I'd take an HD remake of Lost Odyssey on Blu-ray. Untouched $40, a full on HD remake $60+. LO needs to be remade in any capacity. I love that game!
  • @11 two words: Folders
  • Kingdoms of Amular or GTFO.
  • fifa 2006 hd
  • CoD 4 and Blops pls
  • @25, 27 There IS a forum on xbox.com where you can "vote" for those games. Ranting here isn't doing any good (I am behind you on those choices, though)! @26 Nobody, I mean NOBODY is going to "remake" a sports game for a specific, "outdated" season. Asking for an HD remake of FIFA 2006 is one of the dumbest requests I've ever heard of!!! What's next... are you going to request an HD remake of "Avatar - The Last Airbender: The Burning Earth" for Xbox One? 3 minutes for 1000gs... I wouldn't play that game (again) for 2000gs (unless it was free)!
  • Someone's sarcasm detector appears to be on the fritz.......
  • I swear kids don't know what HD means.....EVERYTHING ON 360 WAS IN HD! when something comes from ps2 or the original xbox then yes that is a HD re-release/remake as HD did not exist then but something from 360 or ps3...just no.
  • Hope DNF comes backwards compatible
  • @30 PS2 and especially Xbox were capable of HD, just not to the level of the next generation.
  • @30 I swear you don't know what HD means. Each new console is HD in comparison to the last and that also means that 4k tv's are HD compared to the 1080p we started the 'HD' generation with. Idiot.
  • Found these choices to be piss poor, sonic fighters gets recommended because the 400gs takes about 15minutes. I havent seen anyone EVER going "Oh that Sonic fighting game is great, i really want that on xbox one" It got atleast 80% of its sales because it was considered super easy GS
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