Is this Red Dead Redemption 2’s Map?

Is this Red Dead Redemption 2’s Map?

Lee Bradley

An image purporting to show off Red Dead Redemption 2’s map has popped up online, its legitimacy verified by a TechRadar source.

The map, which suggests that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be set east of the first game, represents a “very recent” art direction map by developers Rockstar, says TechRadar. The map isn’t completely separate from that of Red Dead Redemption, however. There are some overlaps, most notably Tall Trees and Great Plains.

TechRadar also suggests that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be a prequel, thanks to the frontier being further east and Blackwater not featuring a railroad. It makes a degree of sense for other reasons too. The first Red Dead Redemption did document the death of the wild west.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has not been officially announced by Rockstar. We will of course bring the announcement as soon as possible. In the meantime, give the map a look.

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  • shit if rdr 2 is true then count me in, red dead retro?
  • How can I look at the map when everything about it is too small to read? Can I not click the image for a larger version? Guess it's off to TechRadar for a high-res image.
  • Sweet!! Only fitting it be a next Gen exclusive. Please announce that soon!
  • What year do you reckon it will be set it, because basically the pretense of the previous games was all about the near conclusion of the original Wild West?
  • Please be true!
  • And there's the reason why RDR haven't been released on BC. Bet it will be bundled with RDR 2!
  • I'm calling it as being a Revenant sort of vibe, trapping and hunting in the Louisiana pocket-more frontiersmen than outlaws and lawmen.
  • Red Dead Revengeance
  • Red Dead: Rebellion Renegades Revolution Retribution
  • @8 It's [insert protagonist name here]'s revenge... WITH A VENGEANCE!!!!!
  • Take us back to when John was in Dutch's Gang, let us play him again (with Rob Weithoff voicing, naturally) and put in train/bank robbery and the like. Call it Red Dead Recidivism. License to print money, right there.
  • There could still be a rail road, and it just hasn't been mapped out yet. That map clearly doesn't look finished. As far as game title, we had Revolver, and Redemption. I'm pulling for this to not be a sequel and you carry on as Jack Marston in Red Dead Revenge.
  • Seems pretty obvious this will have some relationship to the US Civil War, question is pre/post/during.
  • Why does everyone keep calling it "Red Dead Redemption 2"? When they finally decide to release a new one, it's gonna be the third entry in the series, so it'll be a "Red Dead 3", not 2, and it'll most likely not use "Redemption" again, but another word starting with "R" instead. On topic: The map looks fake, but I hope it isn't, I just want some concrete news soon.
  • Red dead rolling my eyes..... Sorry never got into it. And seen as they willy nilly kill off the protagonist without a chance to allow me to earn my own happy ending I would never purchase the game without full on spoilers beforehand. If this was more in the vein of Darkwatch tho I might consider it
  • @#12 - No one wants to play as that little bitch. @#15 - If you wanna miss out on what can arguably be considered one of the best games ever made, that's cool.
  • @14 Jesus dude, it's just a temporary name until the game is revealed. If they do decide to name it "Red Dead Redemption 2", I don't see anything wrong with it (even if it ends up being a prequel). It's the second game in the Redemption series and the developers can really benefit from it. The "Red Dead Redemption" name is worth GOLD and everyone who played it pretty much loved it. Many fans probably haven't even heard of/played the first game. Here's another fun example: - Demon Souls - Dark Souls - Dark Souls 2 Maybe not a perfect example, but you get the point.
  • @12 - There is a railroad, just not in the territory you played in in RDR. If you look at the legend, the railroad is a tan/light yellow line and on the map it circulates throughout the new territories. It's as clear as day.
  • @16 Sure, the game is fun and all, but I wouldn't call it one of the "best games ever", imho
  • @15 Don't post spoilers, even for old games. Somebody will read this article who hasn't played it yet and the game is actually amazing, best 360 game IMO.
  • @16 If the game's ending pisses me off and prevents me from replaying it (same as lack of ng+ in this case) it is not worth my time. Also, the setting is a total turn off for me No amount of awesome mechanics and production value can erase that for me. Hence why I'd take TW over this any day.
  • Bigger
  • Gonna wait to see if it's legit before getting excited, although the sequel is inevitable. Also if the MP has awful achievements that will curb my excitement drastically, will still play it though.
  • @#19 - Yeah, the key word in my statement was "arguably". You argue that you don't consider it as one of the best games ever made, but nevertheless there still exists the argument that it is. Funny how stuff works like that, eh? ;) @#21 - You can still play the game all you want after the end of the story. I also was not a fan of R* nor western-themed anything before playing this game. ;)
  • ....uhh @24 And then what? Once you have become an utter badass, killed everything killablet and so on...what are you left with?? The most interesting part of the game up until the ending is its story....which I would not want to replay because of the shitty ending and the fact that the game would force me to start from scratch (lack of NG+ is ALWAYS a dumb choice, ask TW3 and Deus Ex HR) keep playing the game as someone else after the ending so, yeah no, not the same thing at all.
  • @25 - Whether or not there's a lack of replayability or despite your feelings about the ending, this game is in my top 5 of all time greatest games. Excellent and compelling story, good game mechanics, just the right amount of extra stuff to do without being grindy. And this coming from someone who dislikes GTA and open-world games in general. Best 50 hours I ever spent on a video game. And even if there's a NG+ (which 95% of games don't have), I don't think at all that the game's ending was "shitty" as you put it, but yes, that's your opinion. He ultimately paid for his crimes. No matter how good or noble he was during the game, he still committed horrific crimes in his past and for that he paid. Who says that all games have to end on a good note?
  • Hey, here's a jpeg that a guy named MrTibbs did putting together the old map with this new one... @#25 - If you actually experience the ending in context, you'll see that it was more than fitting. But whatever, miss out on a great game if you want. And if TW3 is The Witcher 3, they added an NG+ to that game, so you might wanna check that one out after all. ;)
  • @26: 95% of games do not need it, GOW or halo OBVIOUSLY have no need for it. Games with progression and character skill unlocks do. I am OK with you liking the ending, but to me it makes the game unreplayable...actually unplayable at all. So yes, I will gladly praise the game for everything it does right but the setting itself and the ending make it not worth my while, playing it because someone tells me "it is so awesome" and "one of the top 5 games ever made" is quite laughable because, you know, I ACTUALLY know what I like and what pissues me off. @27: fitting and pleasant to me are completely different things. Spoiler alert....I quite do not care about the former. I do not spend 50 hours playing a game to watch the protagonist die.
  • Also...yeah I know TW3 has it so does DEHR....I was for both games petitioning to get the feature added. And they were because people wanted them....which was kinda my point
  • @29 - Taking a look at your card, you rarely finish anything, so I'm really not sure why the ending on this one game bothers you so much. Seems like you're coming up with reasons not to play, which I totally can understand. You just need to come up with something better than that since its easily verifiable that you don't complete many games anyway rendering your point sort of invalid... :/
  • @30 by finishing you mean getting all the achievements? Lol I really care VERY little about them. I care about being entertained by the game. Hence why I finished each mass effect about 12 times from beginning to end (minus the 3d...that was only like 6 times) Also opinion is less valid because I do no achievement the hunt? about a strawman
  • I meant "I do not achievement hunt"....
  • @32 - So you played Mass Effect 3 six times? Doesn't Shepard die in that? You must've spent more than 50 hours doing that, right? At any rate, I concede to your open hostility for a game you've never played based on sketchy reasoning. By all means, never play Red Dead Redemption.
  • No...finish ME 3 picking Destroy ending with over 2500 EMF and he survives Also he survives ( a cybergod) in the blue ending.
  • Also...I am also hostile to it entertaining me successfully, I know it is a good game Like I know Bioahock is a good game but the whole setting is just Meh to me so I never played it...
  • @12 I thought that would actually be a decent sequel as soon as I finished RDR with John, but considering what Jack does (and who he does it to) in the epilogue, who will he be pursuing for revenge?
  • Awesome Red Dead is such a great game it's in my top 10 favorite games of all time. Will be interesting to see what the name and setting is. Will be eagerly awaiting the official launch until then the game's I will be waiting to play will be Doom and Gears of War 4...
  • Sorry I meant official announcement...
  • No, I think "I do no achievement the hunt" was the proper phrasing.
  • I have just Pre-Preordered this ... in my mind! Release date 2020, to be confirmed lols
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