DOOM Live Streams Set to Showcase SnapMap and Single-Player Next Week

DOOM Live Streams Set to Showcase SnapMap and Single-Player Next Week

Richard Walker

Bethesda has pencilled in a couple of DOOM live streams for next week, showcasing the game's SnapMap content creation tool, with id Software designer Tom Mustaine, followed by a look at the single-player campaign. During the first live stream, scheduled for 2pm EDT on Monday, 25th April, Mustaine will take you through SnapMap, revealing the wide range of co-op, single-player and multiplayer content you'll be able to build.

id Software will also offer a walkthrough on how to create your own mode using SnapMap, and demonstrate just how far you can go using SnapMap's suite of tools. You'll also be able to ask questions that Tom Mustaine will be answering throughout the live stream.

Monday's SnapMap live stream will be followed up by a look at DOOM's single-player campaign on Wednesday, 27th April at 2pm EDT, hosted by Executive Producer Marty Stratton and Creative Director Hugo Martin. It'll be the first time some single-player levels have ever been shown, and it promises to be every bit as intense as a DOOM game should be.

You'll be able to watch both DOOM live streams over on Bethesda's official Twitch channel here.

  • Single player should be epic.
  • About damn time. The beta was fun, but I'm all about some SP.
  • @1 I think you might be confused? Single player HAD BETTER be epic. There is no should to be had here. Taken from a fan of the original series. Doom 3 was shit.
  • Don't care about snap map, no interest in multi-player, I'm buying this purely for the single player.
  • That's all fine and all but I'm not spoiling any thing for myself. I never watch "first x minutes of x game" because I want to go in fresh. As for multiplayer, I doubt I'll give that much of my time, I'm in it for the single player. Doom 3 was one of my favourite games of OG Xbox gen.
  • I enjoy map editors like Forge and Far Cry 2's, but unless you're recreating a map from a different title or come up with a trendy theme, the map's not going to get visibility. That means it's only useful for playing private games with friends, so the SP and co-op is what's going to make this title.
  • this Doom not like the slower, horror-vibe Doom 3? It's constant moving, combo-y stuff? The player is constantly running and jumping and doing 'stuff'. I don't know... I think I'm going to have to read some reviews first.
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