Altered Beast, Comix Zone Among the Latest Backward Compatible Games on Xbox One

Altered Beast, Comix Zone Among the Latest Backward Compatible Games on Xbox One

Richard Walker

It's time to rise from your grave, as Altered Beast is now among the range of backward compatible Xbox 360 titles, alongside a couple of other SEGA games, including colourful comic book inspired brawler Comix Zone, and side-scrolling adventure game, The Cave.

Also now playable on your Xbox One are XBLA titles like Majesco's Double Dragon Neon, offering more retro side-scrolling face punching, as well as Atari's spectre-busting Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime. You can purchase them all via the Xbox Store links below.

There are hundreds of Xbox 360 games currently playable on Xbox One, and you can consult the constantly updated list of every last one right here.

  • This is awesome news! Never got the chance to finish Ghostbusters and The Cave before my 360 HDD bit the dust.
  • Is Atari still going lol? Not my personal picks, but it is nice to see MS resurrecting some of the more niche games. I am sure we will get our favourites soon.
  • At least they're releasing them more frequently now. It may not be the best games but we'll get there.
  • I'm honestly starting to think they will never have Skate 3 as backwards compatible even though they stated it would be supposedly by the end of April. ...not sure if they know it or not but it's the end of April.
  • Great to see more games added to BC
  • I completely forgot the cave existed. Maybe I'll get around to beating it this time. Looking forward to playing ghostbusters some more as well.
  • Keep hoping to see Dungeon Defenders on this list.. Always a moment of excitement followed by disappointment.
  • @2, yep, haven't you seen one of their latest games, together in the light?
  • @8 Yeah, I also wish they would rather just go bust. All they seem to do these days is spit out pisspoor sequels to once beloved franchises, most recently with Rollercoaster Tycoon.
  • @4: When did they say that? (Legit question, I don't remember them giving a time frame for any of the games they announced were in the works - COD, BioShock, etc)
  • still waiting for skyrim
  • @11.. There's a rumour floating around that skyrim & oblivion are being ported/re-released as a double pack for the xbox one and PS4
  • @12 I'd actually prefer that to just making it bc. Then again, I'd probably never actually have the time to go through oblivion and skyrim for achievements again. I've still barely put a dent in fallout 4. Having responsibility sucks...
  • Yay!!!! More arcade games...zzzzzzz
  • waiting for alice: madness returns, batman arkham series, red dead redemption, and elder scrolls
  • So happy to see Double Dragon Neon on the list, such a great game.
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