Take a Look at This Sexy Civil War Iron Man Xbox One

Take a Look at This Sexy Civil War Iron Man Xbox One

Richard Walker

Microsoft has unveiled a rather fetching custom Xbox One design to tie in with the new Captain America: Civil War movie, as designed by Tony Stark, complete with Iron Man-style arc reactor on the top of the console and on the controller in place of the usual Xbox guide button.

As well as the glowing blue arc reactor at its centre, there's also the Stark Industries logo and some Iron Man-esque armour plating woven into the design, while the matching white controller also has the Stark logo alongside its aforementioned mini arc reactor guide button.

But before you get excited about potentially owning one of these sexy Marvel Civil War Xbox One consoles, they're currently only being offered as prizes in an Xbox France promotion. There are three consoles being given away, with one apiece to be won through Xbox FR's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Very nice, but I'm #TeamCap
  • WANT!
  • #TeamIronMan all the way! I would love one of these, especially if it said "Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth!" On shutdown!
  • #TeamCap #TeamFreedom
  • Had to log in to say #Teamironman
  • Only if they made Regular Xbox Ones this badass looking. Just imagine the middle being a Xbox logo bright neon green with black matte instead of white. Also have the controller light be neon green instead of white.
  • #Teamironman and that's a really nice looking Xbox.
  • When they squared off in the comic books Captain America kicked Iron Mans ass. I don't see them changing the outcome in the movie.
  • Love the white control. Hopefully it sells separately.
  • @8 a lot happened in the comics. Who knows what might happen. Gotta want Cap to win though if it's the story line from the novel though.
  • Love this Xbox, wish I had it... But I'm team Cap!
  • Nice console, would be great of they did a MCU custom console for retail release. I also can't wait to see Cap beat the ever loving sh*t out of Tony.
  • If you think a game console is sexy. You need to get laid BADLY
  • This is bullshit.... they need to make these for retail. I WOULD buy one. Microsoft wtf are you doing this is a money maker for you. Gimme gimme gimme gimme
  • Correction I'd buy two. One for me and one for my wife
  • @13: So is it equally "wrong" to say a car looks sexy?
  • Looks nice, but really should be red and gold
  • I think what people are forgetting about this movie is that its called Captain America Civil War its not Avengers 3! This is a CAPTAIN AMERICA movie.
  • i'm worried if the reactor blocks the fan. if so, it'll be a pointless bake oven.
  • Im #TeamSpiderman Seriously so glad he's finally in the MCU.
  • I guess us here in America will have to wait for a "Captain France" movie to win a console...
  • I know this is a long shot but here is hoping MS at E3 reveal's XBOX ONE Point Five and this is what it looks like and comes with 2tb HDD standard. Imagine the money they would make from this. I would but in a heartbeat, I would buy this in a heartbeat even if it was standard console. #MS make it happen @19, they may have moved the fan or put 2 in there as per the vents on top either side.
  • I agree with #17. This console - as cool as it looks - looks like a "paint-by-numbers" Xbox! Maybe when you open up the box, there's two cans of spray paint (red and gold) and a masking kit with painting instructions. Just you wait... some Chinese company will be selling an Xbox One replacement shell, and it will already be painted red and gold (there will also, probably, be a War Machine colored shell - hopefully with a mini-gun on one corner)! If nothing else... some Xbox One fan who likes to do mods will probably do one very much like this. There might already even be one posted on YouTube!!
  • Had to log in to say hashtags are gay
  • why in the hell is it white?! IM is red with gold.... would've been better if the console what that color too.. only thing cool now is the old arc reactor
  • Make it red and gold. Then send it to me that looks fucking sick
  • @16: It's wrong to use words incorrectly regardless of the context. Unless that console and a car and anything else turns you on, it's not sexy.
  • @27 said: "Unless that console and a car and anything else turns you on, it's not sexy." That's not the sole definition of sexy. They are using the word correctly. http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/sexy 1.2 informal Exciting; appealing: 'I’ve climbed most of the really sexy west coast mountains'
  • Team Iron Man = Inbred Trump Supporters
  • #TeamCap
  • The power on sound is he's my friend and the power off is so was i
  • That's actually pretty godlike
  • Its a really beautiful system!
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