Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Image Reveals Modern Warfare Remaster Will Include Campaign and 10 MP Maps - Rumour

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Image Reveals Modern Warfare Remaster Will Include Campaign and 10 MP Maps - Rumour

Richard Walker

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is looking increasingly likely it seems, with this latest leaked promotional image revealing that should the Legacy Edition indeed come with a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered as previously rumoured, it'll include the full campaign and 10 multiplayer maps. The original game had 16 maps.

The high-resolution image, unearthed on Reddit, is presumably an advertisement for the Canadian version of the game, given the ESRB rating box and the pricing. The standard edition of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare without CoD MW Remastered is priced at $79.99, while the Legacy Edition with the CoD 4 remaster is $109.99.

This latest image appears to indicate that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare might be legitimate after all, but until the purported reveal on 4th May, we'll keep this one chalked up as a rumour for the time being. Should the leaks, rumours and reports prove true, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be out on 11th November 2016.

  • i'll be honest modern warfare didn't need remastering yet, looked good enough as it was just needed backwards compatibility, personally thing it should wait 2 generations before we get a remaster of anything.
  • If you're going to remaster a game, remaster it completely. Especially if you are only going to include it in the special edition of your game.
  • Most likely the Legacy Edition is just a bundle and MW Remastered will be sold individually.
  • Anyone else confused as to why the standard edition is $80 and not $60?
  • $80.00 for the standard? Let me guess--they're automatically bundling in the first two map packs, and if you want to pay $30 more you'll get the last two map packs as well. They're going to force season passes on consumers. I don't see any other way they can justify a 25% price hike.
  • @4,5: If I'm not mistaken, this is the Canadian pricing. Guessing they usually pay slightly higher prices? @3: More like "obviously". Why anyone would think this is bundle-only is beyond me. I highly doubt Activision would pass up the chance to make more money off the nostalgia. I'll probably play it at some point. I hope they include [Mile High Club] again. I'd love to do it a second time to prove how easy it is. lol
  • I'm guessing it will be like Halo CEA and the 10 maps will be for use in Infinite Warfare. I don't see Activision splitting their userbase across 2 separate multiplayers
  • Its a Canadian listing. Expect it to be $60 and $90 US dollars. Also, why only 10 of the 16 maps? Can you ask then if they are going to fix the terrible infinite respawning from the original game?
  • @4&5 "presumably an advertisement for the Canadian version of the game, given the ESRB rating box and the pricing" Sometimes, reading the article helps As for the game, pass. CoD hasn't had a genuinely good title since Blops 2, and they've only gotten worse every year. If the rumors about this one being in space prove true, it'll be the worst one yet.
  • So it's safe to assume the COD4 remake will be released separately at $29.99? Nah, who am I kidding, this is Activison after all. They will make it so that the only way to get COD4 is by buying the Legacy bundle. $$$
  • knew they would mess up the remaster somehow, hopefully this isnt true. and why does the ship in the background for infinite warfare look exactly like a halo pelican? lmao
  • @6: Good point on the Canadian prices. Re-read the article and it was right there. I wasn't surprised, though, after they removed the campaign from the 360 version of Black Ops 3 and still charged $50 for it. Mile High Club was easy once you watched a YouTube tutorial. I wasn't using YouTube regularly when I first tried it and died MANY times on that plane through trail and error. I gave up on it and only beat it a year-and-a-half later after I watched a video guide and saw what I was doing wrong.
  • @10 Nah, knowing them, they'll charge you $50 for it by itself, or $30 when bundled with the other game. Let's be realistic, it IS Activision.
  • Bloc, Countdown, and Wetworks were pretty meh. Hopefully Overgrown, Pipeline, Crash, Strike, Crossfire, & Shipment are in the 10 remastered lot.
  • Welcome to Canada everyone, where it's $80 for a new game :/
  • @1. Yes, yes it did. Out of all the shit tier CoDs being released yearly, CoD4 was the best CoD 4 yet. And at it being 9 years old, I'd say its passed its remaster time. Also, fuck off Hacktivision, just sell me CoD4 separately. I dont want your new garbage.
  • nope...
  • Yes yessss! Let me pre-order already! I can't wait! All I care is for the campaign right now! So many memories with this game! I played the campaign for more than 5 months again and again! I'm really crazy for this franchise and can;t wait to see what Infinity Ward bring on the table! :)
  • So does this mean it will have the Cod 4 mp as well as the mp for the new game, or is it 10 remastered maps from CoD4 to play on the new game. I hope it will be 2 complete mp games that would be great.
  • @12: Haha, yeah, it really wasn't that bad. I watched one run-through of the level and then managed to complete it in about 40 minutes. =D
  • I think im gonna pass out with excitement... (for cod4, couldnt care less about infinite warfare)
  • Nowadays, people have so many issues with other people who enjoy nice franchises. This should stop someday.
  • @22: When you end every sentence in a post with an exclamation point and name drop the developer it comes across as blatant fanboyism. We're also an environment where many of us are opposed to pre-ordering because we realize it's awful for consumers and the industry as a whole, so it's not that people "have so many issues with other people who enjoy nice franchises."
  • @23 I see where you are coming from! It's just me that I'm mad about this franchise and I really like it.
  • I bet this "remaster" looks just like the old CoD4, they put no effort in their remastered games that were released for the One (just look at Prototype and Deadpool). And they probably won't let you buy the game standalone, just in combination with the new one.
  • 4-11-16 Is actually November 4th, 2016.
  • Ones came out before on the 4th I belive ghosts?
  • Considering they held Black Ops off of backwards comp as to not distract BLOPS3 players from DLC with a six year old game, I could see Modern Warfare Remastered being exclusive to the $89.99US version though 2016. Probably go on marketplace for $30 after Advanced Warfare 2 is announced. Along with MW2 Remaster for that games "Legacy Edition".
  • I guess all the early hype about getting CoD4 remastered bundled with the new Call of Duty for free was all just bs speculation. I'm disappointed that they are charging almost 30$ for a 10 year old game when they make billions of dollars PER game release. This is nuts.
  • I haven't played a Call of Duty game since Black Ops 2. Is there anyway to just get the remaster?
  • To anyone that have all was wanted to play MW or remastered can now be happy that no sweats hardcores that like to dominate in their way I do like futuristic but will get nowhere So come on infinity ward bring home Modern Warfare &2
  • One of the maps better be SHIPMENT!
  • @1 I get what you mean, but the last time I played MW, it was a train wreck. Modded lobbies were rampant, and enforcement was non-existent. A full remaster opens the game up to the most up-to-date security protocols, and new emphases on bug fixes and server quality maintenance. A full remaster is capable of breathing new life into the game by keeping the engine but overhauling all its problems. Yay!
  • Well, the link in the ad is broken. Not sure if that's a good sign.
  • So does the "remastered" version constitute a new achievement list or is it basically just backwards compatible with some upgrades and improvements?
  • Still don't think this will happen... it'll be suicide for the DLC sales of call of duty infinite warfare.. people will only buy it to get the re-mastered MW and play that, surely the way people comment online it seems not many will be interested in infinite warfare only MW... like myself... now all they gotta do is CoD2 :D
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