Being Inside of Microsoft Makes it a Little Hard to Rebel Says Gears of War 4s Fergusson - Video Interview

"Being Inside of Microsoft Makes it a Little Hard to Rebel," Says Gears of War 4's Fergusson - Video Interview

Richard Walker

With its multiplayer beta drawing to a close soon, Gears of War 4's October release date seems like some far off time in the future, which it sort of is. OK, it totally is, but we've got enough coverage to hopefully keep you occupied until then.

Not only have we got a whole stack of Gears of War 4 gameplay and information for you to digest here, but we've also got this new interview with The Coalition's studio head, Rod Fergusson. In the video, we ask Fergusson what brought him back to Gears of War following his time working on BioShock Infinite with the now defunct Irrational, and what it's like to be a first-party Microsoft studio.

Fergusson also gives us some details on the game's new Escalation multiplayer mode, alongside additional insights into what it's like working on one of Xbox's biggest and most defining franchises. Get it all in the video interview below, then look forward to getting into Gears of War 4 in its entirety on Xbox One from 11th October 2016.

  • Very excited for this to come out!
  • Loved the Dodge ball mode
  • As someone on mobile at work who can't watch the video, what does he mean by the title? Is he saying Microsoft is the reason GoW4 is basically the same as the games?
  • the other games*
  • @TopsiKrett The interviewer sort of asks Ferguson if there is any difference working for Microsoft compared to being an independent studio (he refers to Epic Games, where Ferguson worked before). He says there are benefits working for Microsoft, but he also said they can't "rebel". He does not mention any negatives or conflicts. If the studio and Microsoft would not agree on let's say putting in microtransactions in the game they don't have the same freedom or say about it. Putting it in these word makes it sound harsh, but it isn't I might just be bad at explaining. lol. Hope it helped a little.
  • I feel so sorry for the millionaires not being able to express themselves. SMFH.
  • I would never give up execution for any other game type! So if pro players are saying that its because they suck at this gears plain and simple
  • @3 have you played the campaign for GoW4? Then shut it! Talking like you know anything beyond the beta, your a real jackass!!
  • @#8 your a tool and I don't think you even read his comment
  • I hope this is good. I hope this is good. I sincerely hope the microtransactions are as out of the way as possible. I'll gladly throw them some bucks for the maps and skins. I do that for pretty much every game I'm really into. But, please please, be good. Judgement was such a sad title.
  • @8&9 you guys own jackasses and tools?! Oh wait, you ARE, you're. Got it. Thought people finally figured out the difference. OT: played the beta, after getting 3 matches of TDM, thought they'd learn their lesson about having gnasher as a starter weapon. Guess not. If campaign isn't good, definitely avoiding this one.
  • DAMN!! Someone was getting RAPED! in the beta lol.
  • @8 You should learn to read before talking, The sad thing is his post isn't even confusing. FN dumbass. On Topic, He say's rebel, he knew he gave up all independence when he sold out for a cash grab and went to work for MS.
  • I see it as the game hasnt changed at all, the MP is nothing neew. SP looks like its following the last 3 games, but we shall see at e3
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