Overwatch Wont Have Competitive Play at Launch

Overwatch Won't Have Competitive Play at Launch

Richard Walker

Overwatch's latest beta won't include ranked Competitive Play, and won't be active in the game until "sometime after" the full game launches on 24th May. Competitive Play had been planned for the beta, but has been temporarily disabled until Blizzard manages to work out the balance.

"We worked extremely hard to get Competitive Play in the game for closed beta," says Game Director Jeff Kaplan on the Overwatch forums. "We've been reading feedback from the community and taking it all to heart. As a result, we've temporarily disabled Competitive Play for Open Beta so that we can rework the system and make it better."

Since Overwatch's Competitive Play is unbalanced in the state it was when added to the closed beta in April, Blizzard plans to reactivate it in the game shortly after release. "Our plan is to bring back a newly re-designed version of Competitive Play sometime after Overwatch launches," said Kaplan.

"Thanks for all of the feedback, and thank you for being patient with us while we work to improve the game," he concludes.

The Overwatch open beta is live now for anyone who pre-ordered the game before 29th April, while it'll go All Access for everyone on 5th May until 9th May. If you have an early access code, you need to activate it using a Battle,net account in order to connect to the servers.

  • So what other options are there? Unranked play? Private matches?
  • @1 there is unranked play private matches and battles vs AI. There is also practice modes I think there are 3 of those maybe 4
  • Pass!
  • Are they gona charge less for the game seeing as its not all there for launch?! Didnt think so. If its not ready why not push it back until it is?! Or are they worried no one will buy it if its released among loads of other games?!
  • @#4 - Did R* lower the price of GTAV when it didn't ship with GTAO?
  • So cause it doesn't launch with Ranked play you're not gonna geet it lmfao that's too funny
  • Soooo no proper campaign and no competitive play? Wtf is this game then? I mean no campaign was enough for me to pass in it but this is just laughable
  • Is ranked play really THAT important? I find that less people play in the ranked matches in the mp games that I play anyway.
  • @8 I do not play online at all so to me it does not matter but....this is just idiotic
  • I could of sworn this was Battleborn by looking at the pics.
  • You "offline campaign single player ONLY" guys are annoying as fuck. Fucks sake. If you weren't gonna play this game, then why bother commenting? Nobody gives a shit if you weren't gona buy this because "it has no campaign". I don't go into threads about
  • You "offline campaign single player ONLY" guys are annoying as fuck. Fucks sake. If you weren't gonna play this game, then why bother commenting? Nobody gives a shit if you weren't gonna buy this because "it has no campaign". I don't go into threads about Quantum Break and bitch that it doesn't have MP. Jeez.
  • This really seems like something they should just delay the release for.
  • WTF. Why bother releasing the game at all then? Agreed @#7
  • Devs probably need a little bit longer to unfapulate Tracer's ass, so the SJW lunatics will get off Blizzard's ass. Because ass.
  • @11 yeah no, sorry. I will gladly and often and vocally remind developers that no campaign = no purchase, period. A MP only game is pretty much lazy as fuck in my book and it is what a dev studio does when they either are too lazy OR lack the resources to make a proper FULL game. Want proof? If it was so unimportant then WHY are Evolve 2 and Titan fall 2 featuring campaigns rather than just be, again, incomplete MP only abortions as their predecessors were? I just had to laugh when SWBF was called out on that shit publicly and the only thing they could muster was "but but...have you tried the missions??".
  • I'm enjoying the beta in its current state, without ranked play. What I'm more interested in would be matchmaking that pairs teammates of similar party sizes, so if I join by myself I'm grouped with--and against--people who joined by themselves as well. You REALLY need a good team to compete here. This isn't COD where you can go lone wolf and rack up kill streaks while your team caps objectives--if one team is communicating and working together they will absolutely mop the floor with with unorganized opponents.
  • LOLLLL @ Titanfall being an abortion. Spoken like a true casual who is terrified of playing against other human beings. I can't even dignify that comment with a long-winded response. Evolve wasn't all that great, whatever, but Titanfall was probably this gens definitive MP only game. Titanfall and Evolve sequels will have campaigns but you can bet your ass they will be 5, 6 hours long, tops, just to satisfy the "campaign only!" noobs who want to beat up on the computer all day. That's the only reason.
  • No ranked play initially doesn't bother me. Gives me time to get used to the play styles for each character. There is still standard MP so it's good enough for me. I loved Titanfall, it was and still is a fantastic MP only game. I'd much rather a MP only game than MP with a shoddy tacked on campaign.
  • I pre ordered it. Played for 5-6 hours or so. My question is "where is the other half?" This game will cost me $90 canadian and it just doesn't feel like more than a budget title. Small confined maps with so many bottlenecks. Matches that last 5 minutes tops. The fact that enemies get a full minute headstart before you can leave your base and set up their Bastions and turrets before the game even starts. Oh and the fact it has 2 whole modes (hybrid does not count). It has alot of problems and given how long it took them to get Diablo 3 up to the same standards as the PC version I really worry that this game might just get binned by them in favor of the PC version after they scoop up all the hype money they are generating.
  • LOL @ 18 The definitive online only game that got slaughtered by reviews compared to what it was meant to score, sold quite poorly (enough that MS would not pay for exclusivity again) and fell on its face on the way to the goal of being a killer app? Hell halo 5 has a FAR better MP than titanfall including full forge (now) and a satisfying (albeit not very focused) campaign. Fact remains, ALL those games will be shipping with campaign as opposed to be proud MP only games for the proud hardcore competitive MP only crowd like you because WITHOUT it they will be singled out AGAIN for being as lazy as they predecessors...even tho the result will likely NOT be up to par because, surprise surprise, those studios are still lazy and could not put a decent campaign together if their lives depended on it. Oh and nice try, attempting to use insults and the word "casual" to describe non competitive gamer in an effort to divert the attention from the truth. Might have to try harder next time.
  • Have literally none of you ever hear of this great multiplayer only game called team fortress 2? Sure the game is free now, but that's not the point
  • @21 The choice to be an MP only game is the choice of the company making the game. They don't HAVE to include a campaign if they don't want to. It's not like they will be releasing a single player campaign as DLC. They put a lot of time and effort into making this. You gotta remember Blizzard isn't a studio that pumps out 3 games a year. Sure diablo 3 had its problems in the beginning but thats a completely different game from years ago. I have yet to encounter any problems in this game. They take their time and really do well in making an enjoyable experience. Just because it isn't for you and doesn't meet your needs. It's almost as if you're commenting on this thread as to say that you wanna play the game but can't because you don't play MP. It's a fun game regardless, they really delved into this, providing the fanbase with animated backstories for each of the characters. Each character has their own, unique skill set and weapons, they all play differently. Why comment on this article, why bother even reading it? The only thing I can think of is that you think the game looks amazing but feel like it would be unenjoyable to you as it doesn't have a single player campaign. Your meager opinion pales in comparison to the massive fanbase this game has already acquired. The beta is even free so you can play it and see if it's for you, and if its not, well then you don't have to spend your money on it. Every game has replay value in its own way.
  • I don't understand how devs don't pick up on imbalance when they're play testing, why does it take Alpha players to tell you? Classic Blizzard though, they're going to try and rebalance it but something else will be just as OP lol
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Blizzard?!!! You try to rip off your customers who bought your fucking game. There million players not knowing about it and they would trade-ins on day of game release. Blizzard, you hurting gamers now as I see now. You should fucking release it on other day not 24th May. Look like Blizzard going into huge trouble after it from receive so many complaints over launch releases. Blizzard waste their time now. Blizzard now is not true developer anymore and they show all of us they rip-off gamers and only care about money also follow the Activision's devil path. I feel Blizzard listen to Activision. God shits. :P
  • @16 & 21: Titanfall has a fuckin campaign you goon! They incorporated a campaign as online missions which followed a linear storyline. Yeah it wasnt the best storyline but the game in general was the most balanced and brilliant online shooter the XB1 & 360 has had. Evolve NEEDS a storyline because that game in general was a fuckin abomination but calling Titanfall an abortion shows you are clueless in your opinion.
  • Why is everyone tearing lumps out of each other about whether they want multiplayer or single player campaigns or not and completely ignoring the real issue here which is, could devs/publishers please ffs FINISH a game before releasing it, you know like every other product in every other industry!!! The lack of respect towards consumers being shown here is why we shouldn't buy the game otherwise it will never stop...
  • I think single player and multiplayer should be kept separate so the developer can just focus on that, I love online only shooters and this game is a blast especially if you have a team of mates with you, all the people saying no single player=no sale, just give the beta a try
  • Wait, so, overwatch is a competetive only MP game and it hasn't competeteretitive at launch? Or is this just one mode? I'm confused, anyway, back to Battleborn and The Witcher ... Oh and man, I hate to say this, but @11 is right, despite being salty as fuck. Is this a movement? Offline-For-The-World? Wait, the world is pretty online I think. so, Offline-Just-For-Me? Didn't understand the rant and the hate the Diablo3 guys got for ther "owlways-online-requirement-enforcement-law". It's a competitive online only multiplayer game, with ehm without competetive ... wait... what?
  • @30 It's just one mode (ranked) the game you paid for is still there. Terrible reporting by this site and a comments section made up of a bunch of idiots.
  • I've never had a problem with a game being MP only. I enjoyed Shadowrun and Titanfall and felt I got my money's worth from both those games. I'm enjoying the Overwatch beta (although not as much as I thought I would) and feel the production values of the game are top-notch. I certainly wouldn't feel ripped off paying $60 for this game. What I didn't like was tacked-on multiplayer to single player experiences, such as Assassin's Creed or Bioshock, and I wouldn't have even minded that if they didn't have achievements tied to it. If the developers want to try and make their game versatile and appeal to a larger client base by adding multiplayer, go for it. Likewise if they want to make MP-only or single player-only games.
  • Today I learned that apparently an 86 Metacritic means a game was "slaughtered by reviews." LOL
  • Jesus, is everyone retarded, calm the fuck down. So not having the ability to have a little number/icon displaying how leet your think you are is shipping an incomplete game? Give me a break, If 'competitive' play is disabled in the beta then it is literally only ranked play because I am playing competitively against people right now. Making a MP only game is lazy??? Shut up idiot, the game has 21 completely unique characters, each with their own weapons, abilities, mobility and balancing. How is that lazy? Compared to most single player games these days its far more work to put in and infinitely more post release work.
  • @21: You're making a lot of assumptions in your post. You said: "{Titanfall} sold quite poorly (enough that MS would not pay for exclusivity again) and fell on its face on the way to the goal of being a killer app?" Actually, Respawn elected to not be exclusive because the PS4 has a larger install base than the X1. They want to get their product into the hands of as many consumers as possible to build their brand and exclusivity isn't going to help them with that. Pachter predicted it back when he had his Gametrailers show. "MP only games for the proud hardcore competitive MP only crowd like you because WITHOUT it they will be singled out AGAIN for being as lazy as they predecessors...even tho the result will likely NOT be up to par because, surprise surprise, those studios are still lazy and could not put a decent campaign together if their lives depended on it." Well, first off, are they omitting a campaign because they're lazy or because they're couldn't put a decent campaign together if their lives depended on it? Those are two very different exclusionary reasons. You can't accuse them of both. Second, you mention laziness twice in that statement, so I think that's where you're mind is at. The resource investment to create a single player campaign is significant. From writers to voice talent to level designers and playtesters, from animators and motion capturing to model designs and level layouts, from loading time optimization and memory management to art design and AI programming, it is a HUGE commitment for YEARS to design a campaign. Blizzard has the time and money to do that, but the CHOSE to spend their time and resources differently, not due to laziness, but rather due to Return On Investment. If studios know that 80% of gamers don't even play the single player campaign, and of those who play it, 98% don't finish the campaign (I'm making these numbers up because I'M lazy), it makes sense that they'd rather spend their resources where they'll get the most ROI.
  • This was already a no-buy because it's Activision, but not even having the game complete and needing a major rebalance three weeks before release puts it into the "fuck it" category.
  • You'll all be moaning if they put a ton of ranked only achs In straight off the bat!
  • Most of you whiners haven't even tried the beta yet have you.
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