x360a Reviews: Matt Hazard & Race Pro

Dan Webb

Whilst I've been busy catching rays in the beautifully sunny Nevada desert, our resident reviewer Lee (AKA jackanape) has been locked in the site's broom cupboard with nothing but a mug of Bovril, a pack of smokes and a smoked haddock to munch on.

Of course, we're not that harsh, so we gave him a 360 with Matt Hazard and Race Pro to review by the time I returned and a promise that if he failed, we'd feed him to the crazed buffalo in the yard. Thankfully for Lee, he passed the challenge and he now lives to tell the tale, albeit a fishy one. As part of the deal, we present to you ... the Matt Hazard and Race Pro reviews. Enjoy!

Read the Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard review here.

Read the Race Pro review here.

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