"Multiple Buyers" Were Vying to Buy Lionhead, Say Sources

"Multiple Buyers" Were Vying to Buy Lionhead, Say Sources

Richard Walker

Following the closure of Lionhead Studios last month after 20 years of making games, a number of sources have claimed that there were several potential buyers lined up to acquire the studio during its consultation period. These buyers apparently included some of video game publishing's big names, but due to the confidential nature of the discussions surrounding Lionhead, said publishers have not confirmed their involvement.

However, letters of intent to purchase Lionhead were reportedly filed, but the transaction didn't go through as Microsoft had no desire to sell the Fable IP alongside the studio according to once source close to Xbox, despite offers in the hundreds of millions range.

"90% of the people interested just walked away at that point," the source told Kotaku UK. And without the Fable IP, any potential buyer of Lionhead Studios would have to publish Fable Legends or any new Fable games under a licensing agreement with Microsoft.

Had Microsoft been willing to let go of the Fable IP with Lionhead Studios, it seems that the outcome for the ill-fated developer could have been completely different. As it stands, Lionhead Studios has shut down and Fable Legends remains in the bin. As for the Fable series itself? Your guess is as good as ours.

  • I don't blame them for not wanting to sell the Fable IP along with Lionhead; I just hope that they do something with it instead of shelving it.
  • @1 Something better than what they're doing with Conker, hopefully
  • @2 there's not much they CAN do with Conker nowadays. If they kept it "true" you can be sure there would be a shit storm of morons saying it's "too offensive" or Microsoft are "evil" for making an adult game look like a kids game. The only thing they really COULD do is HD L&R but make it uncensored.
  • Yeah because selling one of your IP's to a competitor is a good idea.
  • @3 GTA looks like a kids game to people who have not seen any violent parts. Making a new Conker can be done without censors make it look gritty and not too bright and if morons still complain fight back there is a rating system for a reason that no one reads if ur kid plays/owns a Mature game its not Microsoft's fault nor is it Sony's.
  • How exactly does GTA look like a kids game? Unless you're referring to the earlier top-down games. Conker looks like a kids game because of the general presentation, it's pretty central to whole appeal of the game by subverting that expectation.
  • I wish that Rare developed Fable.. I blame Peter Molyneux!
  • @6 u have racing sky diving bmxing diving exploration etc. Like I said if u dont see any violence or hookers it looks like any other kid friendly Sims.
  • While I was not much of a fan of Fable I did love the Black & White games BITD and it would be nice to have a reboot for consoles. Who doesn't want to play as god? seriously.
  • @3 I don't see the point of making a HD L&R when we have the port of the n64 game in the Rare Collection, fully uncensored.
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