Halo Wars Becomes Best Selling Console RTS, DLC on the Way

Dan Webb

Microsoft today announced that their recent real time strategy title Halo Wars has sold 1 million copies already and now becomes the best selling console RTS title on current generation platforms.

Set in the year 2525, “Halo Wars” takes players on a perilous journey through the famed “Halo” universe. As players take the command seat in the early, epic battles between the UNSC and Covenant, they will begin to unravel events 20 years before “Halo: Combat Evolved” that shaped the franchise into what it is today. If you've not yet picked it up, check out our review on the title now.

Microsoft also released a few stats on the multiplayer aspect of the title as well which are as follows. To date:

• There have been more than 2.6 million multiplayer matches played
• More than 118 years of time has been spent in multiplayer matches on Xbox LIVE
• On average, more than 200,000 “Halo Wars” fans have taken up arms in battles between the UNSC and Covenant each day
• For more statistics and game information, fans can visit the official stats page at: http://www.halowars.com/stats/globalstats.aspx

The title, created from the ground up for consoles, was developed by Ensemble Studios as the company under that name has now closed its doors but that doesn't mean the end of Ensemble or even Halo Wars.

Microsoft also announced that they are working closely with partner and newly formed studio Robot Entertainment, which is comprised of “Halo Wars” and “Age of Empires” veterans from Ensemble Studios and more Halo Wars content is being prepared, so stay tuned.

Who'd have thought that a game with Halo on the box would sell so well? *raises hand*

  • Woot!
  • Nice. Can't wait to get this (though I have to).
  • sounds impressive
  • glad to hear that ensemble will still have a part in this, even though they're technically not ensemble anymore...i'm looking forward to this dlc
  • hopefully they will make more 3v3 maps, i dont think they will make flood race dlc, it would take to much time to make all the structures and units balanced with the others
  • I need to buy this game as soon as I stop playing RE5
  • Halo Wars is awesome. IF YOU USE HAWKS, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED. YOU'RE HORRIBLE! Anyways, yeah, good game :)
  • YES! DLC!
  • Command and Conquer will always be the best
  • I will be buying the dlc for this game!
  • Great game,they should make more console rts's.
  • Na its a good game and not cause they added halo to the name but maybe cause mythic was included with the limited edtion
  • I agree with #11 I can has Age of Empires on 360?
  • More maps and the option to play as either the flood or sentinels would go down a treat.
  • love this game, but hate rushers in MP. I think a Flood race would only boost sales and game play, plus they will look amense! army of the little eggs lol. I recomend buying a HD tv if you dont have 1 just for the cut sceens, for the first couple of seconds i thought the starting was was real it was that good, why didnt they use them in Halo 3?
  • I got Resident Evil 5 over this, I'll have to pick it up for those pre-rendered cutscenes alone. And who honestly thought it wasnt going to sell like hotcakes? :P
  • At #15 . I hear you, the story was well done unlike Halo 3. Cutscenes didn't bore you and they kept the story going. If Halo(3) would have done half of what Halo Wars did i would still be all over Halo 3 single player. Then again if you want a deep Sci-Fi story/universe Mass Effect is a excellent alternative.
  • 'More than 118 years of time has been spent in multiplayer matches on Xbox LIVE' - Lol :D I was tempted to get this, but it was mainly for the Halo 3 maps, but Who wants to spend 45pounds on 3 maps? RTS's ain't my cup of tea anyway. It seems to be selling very nicely though.
  • Great game, been switching between this and RE 5
  • #9 - totally agree! Red alert3 is better than halo wars (not to knock halo wars btw. its still a good game) the only reason its sold so well is because its got halo on the box. Hopefully though its popularity will mean more people picking up other rts's as well :D looking forward to DLC
  • I hardly ever buy DLC but i am really looking forward to some more Halo Wars stuff.
  • Ensemble Studios.. RIP. Your legacy lives on.
  • i rent this game and i respect ppl who like it but this game is just not for me, the story is really Great, but the game is a piece of Sh1t
  • I wonder how many of those sales are from people who only wanted the Halo 3 maps?
  • The dlc should have: Covenant campaign More achievements Flood race as a third option for fighting. And those cutscenes were fricking amazing (especially the one near the end wit the spartans, sorry if people think ive spoiled it), if they had had those in halo 3 then there would be no comlaining about the storyline. Bungie should team up with Ensemble/Robot for Halo 4(If there is one) ;)
  • Hmm well it may be the fastest selling but it is definately not the best, all 3 command and conquers are better, civilisation revolution too. I bet this game rode it's name more than gameplay to high sales, and I'm guess more than a few people thought it was another FPS, or just want new maps. And people who say RTS are only for PC then they should really play C&C on 360 because the controls are done brilliantly imo, Halo Wars is far too simplistic, it's my first RTS if you will, as Halo is my first FPS - lacks depth
  • im hoping for a covenant campaign and some new game types. maybe a king of the hill mode? oddball?
  • I sold this game the same day i bought it it was that bad. They should really stop making RTS games unless they start including voice recognition more often like End War or add keyboard + mouse support for them. Kinda wish I kept the Mythic Map code though but oh well :(
  • I'm getting the game in a few hours I loved the demo.
  • I don't want them to add the flood. The game is balanced right now and there is no reason to add the flood. It is a great game and I hope they come out with more 3v3 maps.
  • halo is the worst game i have ever played and wouldnt disgrace myself with even trying the demo for this crap
  • This has happened for two reasons: A) People will buy anything tagged with "Halo". B) Consoles are lacking quality RTS games.
  • i really like this game and command and conquer but imo i dont think u can put civilization revolution in the same category as halo wars. that game was not at all like halo wars. i had alot of friends that like both of those and i also have friends, like me, who agree civilizations is not our type of game.
  • #34 is 100% correct
  • Agree with#9 and #20. C&C is easily the best RTS on 360. Halo Wars lacks depth and in my experience is slow and boring to play.
  • Sounds great, cant wait for it ;)
  • That's the thing that came with my Mythic maps, right?
  • What a fucking awsome game. love it =D
  • One of the most epic games out there. I sure hope for a solid DLC, perhaps a Covenant Campaign? That would be slick. Naturally new Skirmish maps and whatnot, new units or something would be neat as well. I really didn´t think it would be as amazing as it was.
  • Everyone here is saying c&c is better than halo wars go away. If you don't like this as much why are you posting? Its for the people who care about the game's news.
  • Covenant campaign DLC... please...
  • got it a great game even thought it gests boring after a while
  • *shocked* how could anyone see a halo game selling so many copies, its just not comprehensible *grins* but on a serious note, this game is actually a well balanced game so props to ensemble.
  • I agree with comment #43, among others. A Covenant campaign, even if it's just a handful of missions long, would be freakin' sweet. And everyone else wants the Flood playable, though I don't quite see how that would work...
  • Something everyone should note, It was heavily rumored on the official Halo Wars forums that Ensemble created some DLC before closing its doors. If this is the case, I would think that Ensemble wouldn't have wasted valuable time on new maps, but on balancing a new race. Flood anyone? Again, this isn't for sure, just repeating what i've read on the other forum. Could be B.S. but might not be.
  • o yea....here come the flood as a playable race!
  • No matter what the DLC is, its guaranteed to be epic.
  • is it me or are games being released and we are hearing about dlc for them less than a month of them being in stores?
  • May have more sales but I don't care, Age Of Empires = Best RTS Game ever made. I liked the Halo Wars demo tho and will eventually buy it
  • @32 U must not have played very many games
  • ok
  • not surprised it is the highest selling RTS game. Just the Halo name will attract people and most RTS games on consoles are kinda meh..
  • This game just proves that if you slap the name Halo on anything it will sell. Halo bubblegum anyone?
  • Halo Wars is a legitimate good game, if you don't like Halo then maybe you shouldn't be posting here...
  • Halo Wars... FTW.
  • Fuck YEA!!! DLC! After hearing Ensemble was shut down so where my hopes of any DLC. Hopefully some nice campaign DLC will be on the way.
  • Halo Wars FTW. 1 Mil. already so pro!
  • Rumour has it they're introducing the Flood into the choice of commanders for Multiplayer. I personally say go for it! More variety of choice is good. More people will be checking out the Flood and ignoring Anders, who's supposedly the noob of choices according to my friends. None the less I'm personally surprised that the RTS has been such a hit, although I shouldnt be. Congrats to those in the Production of the game, and looking forward to that DLC.
  • Maybe DLC will be a covenant compaign. Better late than never!
  • #32 why even read this if you don't like halo. what's the point in commenting to say you hate it. who cares!!!
  • @32 Exactly. I don't know how long I've been telling people that make negative comments that. By the way, I'm jacked beyond belief for the DLC!!!
  • *@41 Don't know how I got those mixed up.
  • we should be able to play as the flood in the online games that would be fun!!
  • N64 Command and conquer will always be the best rts period.
  • should have called the game guyblow whores to be honest.
  • The more add-ons for this game the better,More Achievments! More Levels! The Flood! Let's see it!
  • the ONLY reason its so popular is because it has HALO in the title. I played it, I don't like it. Why? because its no god dang different then the rest of the RTS console games.(You don't have to agree with me I just think the sole reason its so popular is because of Halo, maybe I need to give it another chance, who knows? but for now, I'll continue to avoid it)
  • In opinoin lotr bfme2 was the best rts on 360. Halo wars is a great game to play with a friend but even then its still too short and easy.
  • ok they kept the mythic map pack in halo wars limited edition to make halo wars sells well so they did and now get out the fuckin mythic map pack on xbox live by microsoft points...........
  • #32 I can tell you there is proof that Halo is not the worst game ever. It may be to you and others, but the number of people who like/love Halo far surpasses the amount that don't. Halo has stayed in the top 2 most played since it's release and always ends up in the first spot one time or another. Halo FTW ...... always...
  • Halo Wars, the game I thought I would hate... then I played the demo and loved it... then got the Retail Copy and can't stop playing the MP! Now I am just waiting to see how much I am going to have to spend on DLC!
  • Halo Wars was horribly boring. Especially the base building. One second, I'm going to go make some coffee. Maybe my turret will be done buy the time I get back.
  • @32: I must say, sir, your logic does not resonate with me. You say it is the worst game you have ever played yet you also say that you wouldn't even play the demo. So have you played it or not? If you have, fine, you are entitled to your opinion, if not, however, I suggest you play the game before attempting to bash it. On another note, to those of you who are convinced this game only sold well because it contains the name "Halo," I say not necessarily. While I know I am only one person, I have historically not particularly cared for the Halo series, but Halo Wars got me excited, and I thoroughly enjoy the game. There must be more out there like me, so just know that the fact that Halo Wars has "Halo" in the title doesn't necessarily mean that's why it sold well. Maybe it sold
  • great game.. great cut scenes.. great campaign.. hopefully great dlc?
  • This is a response to MS not x360a. No one gives a shit, just release the map packs already and make people happy. We know you wanted people to buy halo wars and it's such a shit game you add to deceive it as a regular title but for god sake release them already.
  • How Am I gonna buy both DLC for this AND Halo 3 Mythic... Guess I am buying the 2800 point card -.- Anyway great game :D
  • @ 51...only 54 and loads of other pc, ps2 and ps1 games all better than this crap @ 62... i can comment if i want i was just surprised at how many sad little people bought this game because its "halo" wars...if it was the exact same game different title no1 would have bought it @75 you make no sense m8...i said halo is the worst game iv ever played (halo 3) so i wouldnt disgrace myself of even playing the demo of this crap (halo wars) makes sense to me i think you may need to put down halo and go to school
  • I wouldn't really mind maps, but a map editor would be awesome. So would a new campaign addition, I'd love it.
  • Wow this games was amazing, very good graphics and etc. i never buy RTS this was my first one, so mabye i will try other ones. =]
  • Thank you God.
  • 118 years in halo wars in nothing compared to the 65,000 years in halo 3
  • It was an alright game. It's fun at first but it can get really boring. Still an excellent job on the campaign and multiplayer.
  • This is just a horrible, horrible version of Command and Conquer with Halo characters and the Halo name. The only reason people THINK it's good is because of the Halo name.
  • Ya Dlc
  • yes cant wait for dlc
  • @75 you aren't the only one that hates the halo fps franchise but loves halo wars. while it may be true that it sold cause of the name halo, mythic maps(which only come in the more expensive limited edition)go past the name of the game and see that it is a pretty damn good game. not the best xbox 360 game *original gears 1 is in my "opinion" but still pretty great.
  • this game is awesome, only on level 7 (super scarab)
  • being a fan of halo 1 and 2, and HATING Halo 3 I tend to agree with "Demon" Halo Wars is alright, but Command and Conquer is better...btw I'm a COD fan now.
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