Rocket League - Xbox One and PC Cross-Platform Play Goes Live Today

Rocket League - Xbox One and PC Cross-Platform Play Goes Live Today

Lee Bradley

Psyonix is adding cross-platform play to Rocket League later today, allowing Xbox One players to play alongside and against PC players online.

The feature goes live today at 3pm PT/ 6pm ET/ 10pm UTC, and will apply to both public and private matches. Rocket League is the first Xbox One game to allow cross-platform play.

There’s been no recent word about cross-network play, however. Earlier this year, Microsoft and Psyonix expressed their eagerness to allow players to compete across PS4 and Xbox One.

Sony, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to share the enthusiasm.

  • Interesting times..... Really have to pick up this game
  • @1 It's one of my favorites on the console at the moment. Lots of fun. This is a nice surprise. Hopefully the start of something awesome for games to come.
  • Glad to finally be able to get my ass kicked by all my PC friends. Killer Instinct was the 1st Xbox One game with cross-platform play.
  • is there anyway to opt out of playing with those weirdo elitists.
  • #4 GamePlayUK there is an option currently in the PC version which I am sure will come to Xbox which says "Disable cross play" enabling it ensures you only play with your consoles version.
  • Will there be a way to send specific invites to people on PC to party up? Or is this strictly just a bigger pool for random matchmaking?
  • Keyboard and Mouse improve the aiming but not the thinking. Waiting to get this on the One when it hits retail. Have it on the PS4 already. Reminds me of Shadowrun. Ahh Shadowrun...
  • 11pm for people in Britain since xba are to lazy to put it.
  • Ps4 players have had it for a while cross platform, and all the pc players seem to do is moan that their "playing the game wrong" or the console players are lagging... Why are pc gamers so butt hurt when a game becomes cross platform, just because you use a keyboard and mouse doesn't mean your a better gamer.
  • @9 Everything about PC gaming is better in their eyes, they are by far and away the most elitist of all gamers. as for moaning about "playing the game wrong", as long as you don't stand still and let your opponent annihilate you(and they moan when you they beat you too), you will be "playing the game wrong" to them. That, however, applies to all online multiplayer games
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