Titanfall 2 - Grappling Hooks, Bigger Maps and October Release Rumoured

Titanfall 2 - Grappling Hooks, Bigger Maps and October Release Rumoured

Lee Bradley

It’s not just mechs with swords that have been added to Titanfall 2. According to a new leak, the upcoming shooter sequel will also feature a grappling hook.

According to gameplay details shared by a Reddit user last night, the grappling hook will be used to aid free-running, to quickly get into your Titan and pull enemies while they’re in midair.

Backing up the user’s claims was a new bit of artwork from the game, which expands on an image previously released on the Titanfall website. The image shows a Titan kinda, sorta wall-running-ish?

The report also claims that Titanfall 2’s maps will be bigger than the original game, and that the sequel will launch in October. Currently, EA’s official word is that Titanfall 2 will launch during Q3 (between October and December this year).

The post has since been deleted.

Titanfall 2 was formally announced earlier this month with a teaser trailer showing a mech with a sword. A sword! Give it a watch below.

  • They should avoid going up against Gears of War 4. March 2017 would be better for them.
  • @1 That's a joke, right? Please tell me that's a joke.
  • Grappling hooks eh.. Reckon they'll make it to this years CoD or next years???
  • Really excited for this one, the first was awesome and refreshing at launch. I would like if they held off till early 2017 (same launch window as TF1) as it's gonna be tough for me and my friends to split shooter time with this and the other huge fall launches: BF1, GoW4, MW Remaster. Would love to get as much time out of each of these as possible!
  • @3, Cod has already had grappling hooks.
  • My one and only hope for this game is customizable titans.
  • I just cant fucking wait man.....
  • @1: you must be kidding.. not everyone is sold on Gears after that Judgment thing :P loved Titanfall and this will have a higher chance of being purchased at launch than Gears 4 does :P
  • there hardly going up against gears 4... theyre 2 different games and gears isnt even on ps4 so its not really competition.
  • @8 titanfall is great amazing game loved the first but your deluded if you think titanfall 2 will outsell gears 4. Gears is a much more established franchise with a much bigger fan base. also when I say outsell I purely mean on xbox one tf2 overall will probz sell more since its on more platforms but it wont outsell gears on xbox one.
  • @2 & @8 I think what #1 actually meant was Battlefield 1...just a little misspelling.
  • Very awesome. This and Battlefield 1 will own my life
  • This will be my highest priority purchase over Battlefield 1, Infinite Warfare or Gears of Wars 4. I still play Titanfall long after getting all the achievements out of it as the core gameplay is incredibly well balanced. I'd like the addition of being able to hack A.I controlled Titans instead of only being able to destroy them when you rodeo them. Bigger maps sound ok but some of the bigger maps on Titanfall were (in my opinion) pretty bad, I'd much prefer maps in a similar vein to War Games as it looked great and played really well. I also think that Titans should only be able to be customized aesthetically, if they start adding parts you can only unlock by being a high level (or even worse, if you can only acquire them in a supply drop style setting) it could leave the possibility of unbalanced Titan set-ups.
  • I love playing titanfall and gears but let's be honest, the gears ultimate community is slowly fading but titanfall normally always has 500+ people playing, thousands in peak times. Launching gears and titanfall at the same time as cod and battlefield is a silly move. I'll still play them all :)
  • It's an interesting move on ea's part to compete with...uhm...themselves by releasing this and battlefield at the same time, although some might say it's dumber than shit!
  • @11 Thats because nobody plays Gears Ultimate. The real Gears MP is still Gears 3.
  • @16 correct...
  • Titanfall to date, is still the best reason for buying my One. Can't wait for the sequel. Although also great shooters, I just find Titanfall more fun than COD, Battlefield or Battlefront.
  • According to the numbers at VG Chartz: http://www.vgchartz.com/gamedb/?name=gears+of+war http://www.vgchartz.com/gamedb/?name=titanfall Titanfall sold 4.5 million copies across all platforms, and every Gears title has sold over 6 million except Judgment and the GoW UE of GoW 1. I guess the next GoW will show if series fatigue has set in, but for now it's a safe bet that GoW will perform better on the X1 but cross-platform availability will possibly push Titanfall 2 over the 10M mark with the PS4's larger install base. I loved the locomotion on Titanfall and grappling hooks will only make it better. Time to get an Elite controller.
  • If the maps are bigger than we can have more players in the same game right? I say NO WAY they launch until December. That's still 4 months earlier than originally predicted and if they are to launch that early, or especially October, you can bet on a lot more DLC cause they cut 4-6 of programming out to make a holiday season launch and the most obvious one is... it's EA!!! Day one buy regardless!
  • I thought the maps were already pretty big.
  • well Dunkey will be happy!
  • NO Single player campaign=Not worth the time or money. I want a full game not some half-assed recycled MP shit. Oooh add swords and a grappling hook now we can charge $80 for a special One map only version. Titanfail is nothing without a true 8-12 hour story. Tell me why I want to get into a mech? who am I fighting? why are we fighting? I may sniff at it during a free to play or an open Beta, but saving my money for something with content and a story.
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